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Yadagirigutta Municipality into 12 wards

Yadagirigutta Municipality into 12 wards

Yadagirigutta Municipality, Yadadri-Bhongir District – Division of Yadagirigutta Municipality into (12) wards Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that the Commissioner, Yadagirigutta Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Yadagirigutta Municipality into (12) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in G.O. I St read above and requested to issue final notification.

Yadagirigutta Municipality and District election reservation list:-

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference, the Government hereby decide to issue final notification of division of Yadagirigutta Municipality into (12) wards.The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette:

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1 ) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 1 1 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Yadagirigutta Municipality into (12 ) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.


NORTH It Start from beside Peddagutta and moves all along the Municipal Boundary and ends at 147 of Yadagiripally.(v).
EAST Starts from above point at of Yadagiripally(v) moves South direction and ends at Urakunta.
SOUTH Starts from above point At Urakunta moves Towards West Direction passes through : 12-213/6 Main road Rajapeta to Yadagirigutta and moves all along the way up to Ghandi Statue and turn left and moves all along the lane and ends at Yadagirigutta Main road.
WEST Starts from above point Main road :6-36 passes through Yadagirigutta to up hills road and Passing through at
Simhadvaram of yadagirigutta moves all long the ZPHS High School pass through 81 to 83, 118, 115, 114, 122, 111, 110, 109, 108, and 107 of Yadagiripally (v) and ends at Beside PeddaGutta.

It starts from Sy No. 147 of Yadagiripally(v) and moves in
NORTH Eastern direction all along the municipal boundary up to north east corner of Sy No. 7 of Yadagiripalli(v).
It Starts from Sy No. 7 of Yadagiripally(v) and moves in south direction all along the Municipal boundary i.eSy EAST
No.90f Yadagiripally(v) and ends at sy no 1 1 of Yadagiripally(v) all along the municipal boundary.
It Starts from Sy no. 1 1 of Yadagiripally (v) and moves west direction all along the Sy No. 12,15,16,17,2, of SOUTH Yadagiripally (v) through along the old Yadagiripally area and moves all alaong the YadagiripallyChowrasta and ends at Masjid
It Starts from Masjid and moves north west direction along
WEST the Sy no.65,UraKunta passing through 63, and ends at 147 of Yadagiripally (v).

NORTH It Starts from Yadagiripally junction at 13-120and passing through 13-12 and moves all along the 45/2, 45/1 , 18, 22,23, yadagiripally(v) and ends at 24 of yadagiripally(v).
It Starts from above point Sy. No 24 and moves all along
EAST the Municipal Boundary and at Sy. No 25 of Yadagiripally(v).
It Starts from Sy.No 25 of yadagiripally and passes through Sy.No 30, 33, 32, 40 of Yadagiripally(v) passing SOUTH through SC colony and ends at Yadagirigutta to rajapeta main road at H.No 12-1
It start at above point Yadagirigutta to rajapeta main WEST road at H.No.12-1 and move all along the Yadagirigutta to Vangapally road north west direction passes through Sy no 65 urakunta and ends at Yadagiripally Junction at

It Starts from Yadagirigutta to rajapeta main road at H.No.12-1 and passes through Sy.No.59 moves towards SC colony road and ends at Sy.No.36 of Yadagiripally(v).
It Starts from above point at Sy no. 36 of Yadagiripally(v) and moves south ends at Sy.No.36 of Yadagiripally(v) along
EAST with Municpal Boundary. It Starts from Sy.No.36 of Yadagiripally(v) pass through Sy.No.37,38,39,52,53 along with cattle Market at H.No: SOUTH
12-26. And moves towards West Direction ends at H.No:12-135 of Gandhi nagar ,yadagirigutta.
It Start from Above point Gandhi : 12-135 and Passes through simhadvaram to Raja peta Main road And WEST moves Towards North East direction And ends atH.N0.12-1.

It Starts from H.No : 8-26, 8-44 pass throughGowtham play school,aangadi bazar Moves towards North east Direction and passes through Back side of Cattle Market and Passing
NORTH through Sy. No 90 to 96 and 98 of Yadagiripally
It starts from Sy. no 98 of Yadagiripally (v) move all along
EAST the Municipal Boundary passing through 99 to 100 and ends at Sy. n0101 of Yadagiripally (v).
It Starts fromSy. no 101 of Yadagiripally (v) and pssing through Sy, no 97,95,93,92,91 , 90 of Yadagiripally (v) and SOUTH turn left at 8-70 and moves Towards East west Direction passes through B.C colony canal ends at Yogananda Nilyam Main road.
WEST It Starts from YoganandaNilyamMain roadmoves Towards
North Direction passes through : 16 at : 8128,8-126,Meet Market, : 8-18 and ends at : 8128 of yadagirigutta.

NORTH It Starts from Bhongir To Yadagirigutta Main road Moves Towards North East Direction Passes through Prashanth Nursingh home Along with 3-1 54,3-126/3, Community hall And ends at Yadagiripally to vadaigudem
Road and passes through 89,88,104,103 and ends at 2 of Gundlapally (V) all along the Municipal boundary.
EAST It Starts from of Gundlapally(V) passes through 102/1 and ends at 107 of Gundlapally(V) all along the Municipal boundary.
SOUTH It Starts from 107 of Gundlapally(V) and passes through 106,105 , 72, 73, 85, 84 of Gundlapally(V) passing through Yadagiripally to vadaigudem Road at 3-89, 3-98 and ends at Yadagirigutta to Bhongir main road.
WEST It Starts from Yadagirigutta to Bhongir main road at 3-1 and ends at 3-10/3 Chenetha Sakara Sangam .

NORTH It starts from H No 3-20/2 and moves to words north east direction along with pathagundlapally road H No 3-31, 3-35 to words turns at north direction Wadaigudem to Yadagiripally road and passing through Sy No 83,78,77,76,74,72 of Gundlapally (v) passing through Vagu of ThupaganiCheruvu and ends at Sy No 107 of Gundlapally
EAST It starts from Sy No 107 of Gundlapally (v) moves all along the Municipal boundary passing through of of Gundlapally (v) and ends at Sy N0109 of Gundlapally (v).
SOUTH It starts from Sy.N0109 of Gundlapally (v)and moves to words west direction at Sy No. 110, 111, 114, 115, 116, 117, 119 of Gundlapally (v) move all along the Municipal boundary ends at Sy N0120 at Bhongir to Yadagirigutta main road .
WEST It starts from Above point of Sy No. 120 and moves towards south to north direction from Bhongir to yadagirigutta main road and Passes through Sy.No.2,61/1 Passes through H No 2-98, 2-86 turns at south west direction at H No 2-20,2-12 sy No and ends at Main road.

NO 8
to Yadagirigutta Main road east direction passes through (v) and Turns to South Direction Gundlapally (v),Along With H.No:
H.No:2-119/1 point H.No 2-119/1 moves towards through Yadagirigutta to Bhongir Sy.No.122/1, and ends at Sy.121/1 of
Point Sy.No.121/1 of Gundlapally (v) Direction Passes through Gundlapally (v) at Thopaganicheruvu West Direction along With Sy.No.136,
Gangasanipally to Yadagirigutta all along the Municipal Boundary.
pointof 147 Gundlapally (v) and Direction and passes through to Yadagirigutta Main 181 Gundlapally (V).

150 of Pathagutta moves towards passes Through : 169,162,161 passing through
Direction Towards PHC Coloncy along And ends at : 4-128/3.point of H.No : 4-128/3 And moves passes through Yadagirigutta To
Along With : 4-123,4-126 And ends Point of : 4-1 18 moves Towards through : 4-121 point of 214 of Peddireddigudem direction passes through 213, of gundlapally (v) and ends gundlapally (v) Pathagutta all along the
WARD It starts from Gangasanipally Moves towards North NORTH 186,4,3,2 of Gundlapally at,188/1 of 2-13 and ends at It starts from above South direction passes EAST Main Road along with Gundlapally (v). It starts from above 129,130,134,135 of and turns to North 137, 147 of Main road And ends
It Starts From Above moves Towards North 1400f Gundlapally road And ends at Moves towards west
SOUTH at WEST It starts From south East Direction Pathagutta Temple NORTH and turns to North With H.No : 4-251/1 It Starts From Above towards South Direction EAST
Up hills Main Road at : 4-118 1 It Starts From Above West Direction Passes SOUTH Along With : ends at 214 Municipal Boundary. It starts from Above Moves towards north
WEST212,188,164,165,168,170,171 at 150 of Municipal Boundary.

NORTH It starts From : 139 of Yadagiripally (v) Moves
Towards North East Direction Passes Through : 140,142, 143 And ends At Temple Developement Area All along The Municiapal Boundary.
EAST It starts From Sy no. 146 of Yadagiripally(v) Moves Towards South East Direction Passes through 145, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115,118, 83, 82, of Yadagiripally (v) Along With ZPHS School ends At Simhadvaram.
SOUTH It Starts From Above Point of Simhadvaram Moves to wards South West direction Passes Yadagirigutta to Up hills MainRoad Along With : Prashanth Nagar And Turns to North Direction And Passes Through Lotus Temple Along With And ends At : 147 of Pathagutta
WEST It Starts From Above Point of : 147 Of Pathagutta Moves Towards North Direction Along With : 146,135,136,138 And ends At : 139 of Yadagiripally (v) All along The Municipal Boundary.

NORTH It Starts from : 7-21 i.e( shivajinagar) and Moves Towards North east Direction passes through : 7-18 and ends at : 7-1.
EAST Starts from above point at i.e (shivajinagar) moves towards south Direction passes through : 726 along with meet Market,MPP Primary school And ends at yoganandhanilayam,yadagirigutta.
SOUTH It Starts from Above point Back side of the yoga nandanilayam and moves Towards west direction and ends at Main Road i.e( Bhongir to yadagirigutta ).
WEST It Starts from above Point at Main Road i.e ( Bhongir to yadagirigutta ) moves Towards north direction passes through : 7-121,7-86, 7-79 And ends at : 7-20.

It Starts From : 4-197/6 moves Towards North East Direction Passes Through : 4-89/2/2 And Ends : 4-117 At Gundlapally (V)
EAST It Starts From Above Point of : 4-117 Yadagirigutta to up hills Main road And passes through the Municipal OfficeAlong With Police Station , Nursery and ends At : 2128/5.
SOUTH It starts From above point of : 2-128/5 of
Gundlapally (v) Moves Towards South West Direction Along with Syno : 26 of Gundlapally(v) Turns to Nallacheruvu Along With : 185, 184 ofgundlapally (v) And ends at : 181 of gundlapally (v).
WEST It starts From : 181 Gundlapally (v) Gangasanipally to Yadagirigutta Main Road Along with : 182,183 And ends at 4-197/6.

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