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Re-organization of Agricultural Market Committees in Andhra Pradesh

In exercise of the powers conferred under clauses (a), (b) and (c) of sub-section (4) read with subsections (1) and (2) of section 3 of the Andhra Pradesh (Agricultural Produce and Live Stock) Markets Act, 1966 and in partial modification of the notification issued in G.O.Ms.No.2095, Food and Agriculture [Agrl.IV] Department, dated:29th day of October 1968 and published in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette dated 7th November 1968, Part II Miscellaneous Notification at pages 1035 to 1039. Re-organization of Agricultural Market Committees in Andhra Pradesh

The Government of Andhra Pradesh hereby declare its intention for Inclusion / Exclusion of Mandals / Villages for the purpose of regulating the purchase and sale of Agricultural Produce, Livestock and products of live stock as specified in Schedule-II of the aforesaid notification and other commodities included to the said list from time to time read with G.O.Ms.No.286, A&C [Mktg.I] Department, Dated.5.7.1994, as mentioned in the Annexure (page No.1 to page 42) and vide G.O. 3rd cited, called for objections and suffesstion if a for consideration after expiry of 7 days from the date of publication of the notification.

The following objections / Corrections / suggessions were received from Asst. Directors of Marketing and from the public representatives, accordingly the objections / Corrections / suggessions were considered as detailed below:

The Asst. Directors of Marketing, East Godavari has submitted his Objection / Suggestions pertains to AMC, Sampara, Allavaram, Thallarevu and Karapa.
a. Objection on Sampara HQ Nadakuduru :- Change of Nomenclature of AMC, Sampara HQ Nadakuduru as AMC, Kakinada Rural. Reply: The Nomenclature of the AMC, Sampara is changed as AMC, Kakinada Rural from hereafter, the AMC, Sampara shall be called as AMC, Kakinada Rural.
b. Objection on Allavaram :- Change of Nomenclature of AMC, Sampara HQ Nadakuduru as AMC, Amalapuram. Reply: The Nomenclature of the AMC, Allavaram changed as AMC, Amalapuram from hereafter, the AMC, Allavaram shall be called as AMC, AMC, Amalapuram.
c. Objection on AMC, Thallarevu HQ Karapa :- The notified area of AMC, Thallarevu HQ Karapa is consist with Thallarevu, Kajuluru and Karapa Mandal. In reorganization of the AMC’s notified area delimitation with Assembly Constituency, the notified area of AMC, Thallarevu i.e Kajuluru is merged into Ramachandrapuram Assembly Constitutiency Karapa merged into Kakinada Rural Assembly Constitutiency and Thallarevu is merged into Mummadivaram Assembly Constitutiency.

The ADM and Secretary, AMC, Thallarevu has recommended to merge the Thallarevu, AMC, in to Mummadivaram AMC and change the nomenclature of AMC, Thallarevu as AMC, Karapa as proposed by the Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture. Reply:

The AMC, Thallarevu is exists with only One mandal i.e. Thallarevu after reorganizing the notified area of AMC, Thallarevu, delimitation coterminous with Assembly constituency, hence, the Thallarevu Mandal is merged into AMC, Mummadivaram and the nomenclature of the AMC, Thallarevu HQ Karapa is changed as AMC, Karapa as per tster for Agricultural and as recommended by the ADM, Kakinada and Secretary of AMC, Thallarevu.

II. The Asst. Directors of Marketing, Vijayawada has submitted his Objection / Suggestions pertain to AMC, Gannavaram, Jaggaiahpeta.
a. Objection on Gannavaram :- In the preliminary notification, final proposed notified area of AMC, Gannavaram, the name of one village i.e. Prasadampadu was not incorporated, it may be incorporated.
Reply : In the Notified area of AMC, Gannavaram, the Prasadampadu village is incorporated.
b. Objection on Jaggaiahpeta :- In the preliminary notification, the name of Vatsavai Mandal is not included in the final notified area of AMC, Jaggaiahpeta, but the same was shown in attachments, Vatsavai Mandal may be incorporated in the final notified area of AMC, Jaggaiahpeta.
Reply: In the Notified area of AMC, Jaggaiahpeta, the Vatsavai Mandal is incorporated.

III. a) The Asst. Directors of Marketing, Ongole has submitted his Objection pertains to AMC, Santhamaguluru head quarters Martur, the name of the AMC, Santhamaguluru shown as AMC, Martur. The ADM, Ongole has requested to continue the AMC, Santhamaguluru with the notified area Santhamaguluru and Ballikuruva Mandals.
Reply: The AMC, Santhamaguluru, with the notified area of Santhamaguluru (M) and Ballikuruva (M) is incorporated in the final notification since the AMC, Santhamaguluru is established on 28-12-1991.
b. The ADM, Ongole is proposed for formation of new AMC at Martur with the notified area of Martur (M) & Yeddanapudi (M) as published at Sl.No.70 in the preliminary notification.
Reply: The objection of ADM, Ongole for creation of New AMC Martur with the notified area of Martur (M) and Yeddanapudi (M) is not considered, since, existing AMC, Santhamaguluru with HQ Martur, but, there is no separate AMC for Martur. The Martur and Yeddanapudi Mandals are merged with AMC, Parchur of Parchur Assembly Constituency. In the preliminary notification published Martur with the notified area of Martur and Yeddanapudi Mandals instead of Santhamagulu with the notified area of Santhamaguluru and Ballikuruva Mandals.

IV. a. The Asst. Director of Marketing, Anantapuramu and Secretary, AMC, Anantapuramu has submitted their Objections regardiung changing the final notified area of AMC, Anantapuramu.
Reply : The final notified area of AMC, Anantapuramu is changed as requested by the Secretary, AMC, Anantapuramu and ADM, Anantpauramu.
b. The Asst. Director of Marketing, Anantapuramu and Secretary, AMC, Anantapuramu has submitted their Objection regardiung adding the name of Krishnamreddi palli in the final notified area of newly proposed AMC, Rapthadu.
Reply : Krishnamreddipalli village is incorporated in the final notified area of newly proposed AMC, Rapthadu.

Now, Government have declared the Mandals and Villages shown in the Annexure as notified area of the Agril. Market Committees and decided to issue the final notification and the same will be published in the Extra Ordinary issue of the Andhra Pradesh Gazette.

Re-organization of Agricultural Market Committees in the State – Inclusion / Exclusion of Mandals / Villages – Declaration of notified area under Clauses (a), (b) and (c) of sub-section (4) read with sub sections 1 and (2) of section 3 of the Andhra Pradesh (Agricultural Produce and Live Stock) Markets Act, 1966 – Final Notification

  1. From the Commissioner and Director of Agricultural Marketing, Andhra Pradesh, Guntur, CF.No.AGC05-11022/14/2019.
  2. From the Commissioner and Director of Agricultural Marketing, Andhra Pradesh, Guntur, CF.No.AGC05-11022/15/2019.
  3. G.O.No.118, dated:13-12-2019 of Agriculture and Cooperation (AM.I) Department.
  4. Objections and suggestions of the ADM’s and Public representatives.
    ANNEXURE (to G.O.Ms.No._, Agriculture & Cooperation (Mktg-I) Department dated:28-12-2019)

Sl.No. District Name of the A.M.C Final notified area of the A.M.C
1 Vizianagaram Vizianagaram Vizianagaram (M)
2 Vizianagaram Parvathipuram Parvathipuram (M), Seetanagaram (M), Balijipeta (M)
3 Vizianagaram GajapathiNagaram Gajapathinagaram (M), Bondapalli (M), Dattirajeru (M),Gantyada (M), Jami (M – Part Vlgs) :- VillagesThandrangi 2. Jannivalasa 3. Venne 4. Sasanapalli 5. Attada 6. Bheemasingi 7. Somayajulapalem 8. Lotlapalle 9. Mokhasa Kothavalasa 10. Kumaram 11. Vizinigiri 12. Annamrajupeta

4 Vizianagaram Bobbili Bobbili (M) Ramabadrapuram (M),Badangi (M), Terlam (M)
5 Vizianagaram Saluru Saluru (M), Makkuva (M) Pachipenta (M), Mentada (M)
6 Vizinagaram Cheepurupalli Cheepurupalli (M), Garividi (M)
7 Vizinagaram Merakamudidam(NEW AMC) Merakamudidam (M), Gurla (M)
8 Vizianagaram Kothavalasa Kothavalasa (M), L.Kota (M), S.Kota (M), Vepada (M), Jami (M – Part Villages)Villages 1. Chintada 2. Pavada 3. Gunapadu Jagaram 4. Thanavaram 5. Jami 6. Lakshmipuram 7. Rambadrapuram 8. Kalagada 9. Mamidipalli

  1. sirikipalem 11. Alamanda 12. Kirla 13. Jeedivalasa 14. Goddukommu 15. G.Singuvaram 16. Jami Agraharam
    9 Vizianagaram Kurupam Kurupam (M), Gummalakshmipuram (M), Komarada (M), Garugubilli (M), Jiyyammavalasa (M)
    10 Vizianagaram Pusapatirega Pusapatirega (M), Denkada (M), Bhogapuram (M), Nelliamrla (M)
    11 Visakhapatnam Bheemunipatnam Bheemunipatnam (M), Anandapuram (M), Padmanabhapatnam (M), Visakhapatnam (Rural M)
    12 Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam (urban) Mandal (Part) Ward no. 1 to 11 and 53 to 55 Visakhapatnam (urban) Mandal (Part) Ward no.12 to 34,42 to 43 and 46 to 48 Visakhapatnam (urban) Mandal (Part) Ward no.36 to 41,44 to 45 and 49 to 52 Visakhapatnam (urban) Mandal (Part) Ward no.35 and 56 to 71 Gajuwaka Mandal (including Gajuwaka Municipality) Pedagantyada (excluding areas included in Gajuwaka Municipality)
    13nVisakhapatnam Pendurthi (NEW AMC) Pedagantyada (M) (excluding areas included in Gajuwaka Municipality), Pendurthi (M), Paravada (M), Sabbavaram (M)
    14 Visakhapatnam Chodavaram Chodavaram (M), Butchayyapeta (M), Ravikamatham (M), Rolugunta (M)
    15 Visakhapatnam Madugula (NEW AMC) V.Madugula (M), Cheedikada (M), Devarapalli (M), K.Kotpadu (M)
    16 Visakhapatnam Paderu Paderu (M) G. Madugula (M)
    17 Visakhapatnam Arakuvalley (NEW AMC) Araku valley (M), Munchigput (M), Pedabayalu (M), Hukumpeta (M), Dumbriguda (M), Ananthagiri (M)
    18 Visakhapatnam Anakapalli Anakapalli (M), Kasimkota (M)
    19 Visakhapatnam Yelamanchili Yelamanchili (M), Rambilli (M), Atchuthapuram (M), Munagapaka (M)
    20 Visakhapatnam Payakaraopeta(NEW AMC) Payakaraopeta (M), S.Rayavaram (M), Nakkapalli (M), Kotavuratla (M)
    21 Visakhapatnam Narsipatnam Narsipatnam (M), Natavaram (M) Golugonda (M), Makavarapalem (M)
    22 East Godavari Alamuru Alamuru (M)
    23 East Godavari Kothapeta Kothapeta (M), Ravulapalem (M), Atreyapuram (M)
    24 East Godavari Samalkot Samalkota (M)
    25 East Godavari Thallarevu HQ Karapa Nomenclature changed as AMC, Karapa Karapa (M)
    26 East Godavari Sampara (H.Q) Nadakuduru Nominclature changed as Kakinada Rural Kakinada Rural (M). Kakinada Urban Mandal (Part) (Ward No. 66 to 70 Presently Converted to Municipal Corporation Divisions 1,2,3 and 47,49,50)
    27 East Godavari Ambajipeta Ainavalli (M), Ambajipeta (M)
    28 East Godavari Nagaram P.Gannavaram (M), Mamidikuduru (M Part villages) Villages : 1. Nagaram, 2. Pedapatnam, 3. Mogalikuduru, 4. Pasarlapudi, 5. Appanapalli, 6. B.Doddavaram, 7. Pedapatnam Lanka , 8. Pasarlapudi Lanka, 9. Makanapalem, 10. Lutukurru, 11. Adurru,
    29 East Godavari Anaparthy Pedapudi (M), Biccavolu (M), Rangampeta (M), Anaparthy (M) Sl.No. District Name of the A.M.C Final notified area of the A.M.C
    30 East Godavari Mandapeta Mandapeta (M), Rayavaram (M), Kapileswrapuram (M)
    31 East Godavari Kakinada Kakinada Urban all fifty Divisions expect 1,2,3, and 47,49,50
    32 East Godavari Razole Razole (M), Malikipuram (M), Sakhinetipalli (M), Mamidikuduru (M – Part Villages) – Villages : (1.Mamidikuduru, 2.Komarada, 3.Edarada, 4.Magatapalli, 5.Geddada, 6.Gogganamatam, 7.Karavaka)
    33 East Godavari Ramachandrapuram (H.Q.) Draksharama RC Puram (M), K.Gangavaram (M), Kajuluru (M)
    34 East Godavari Allavaram Nomenclature changed as AMC, Amalapuram Uppalaguptam (M), Allavaram (M), Amalapuram (M)
    35 East Godavari Mummidivaram I.Polavaram (M), Mummidivaram (M), Katrenikona (M), Tallarevu (M)
    36 East Godavari Prathipadu Sankhavaram (M), Prathipadu (M), Yeleswaram (M), Rowthulapudi (M)
    37 East Godavari Jaggampeta Gokavaram (M), Jaggampeta (M), Gandepalli (M), Kirlampudi (M)
    38 East Godavari Pithapuram Gollaprolu (M), Pithapuram (M), U.Kothapalli (M)
    39 East Godavari Rajamahendravaram Rajamundry Urband Mandal (Part), Rajahmundry (M.Corp.) (Part), Rajahmundry (M Corp.) – Ward No.7 to 35 and 42 to 89, Kadiam (M), Rajahmundry Rural (M), Rajahmundry Urban (M), Rajahmundry (M Corp.) (Part), Rajahmundry (M Cop.) – Ward No.1 to 6, 36 to 41 and 90
    40 East Godavari Rajanagaram(NEW AMC) Rajanagaram (M), Korukonda (M) Seethanagarm (M)
    41 East Godavari Rampachodavaram (NEW AMC) Maredumilli (M), Devipatnam (M), Y.Ramavaram (M), Addateegala (M), Gangavaram (M), Rampachodavaram (M), Rajavommangi (M), Yetapaka (M), Chinturu (M), Kunavaram (M), V.R.Puram (M)
    42 West Godavari Kovvur Kovvur (M), Chagallu (M), Tallapudi (M)
    43 West Godavari Nidadavole (NEW AMC) Nidadavole (M), Undrajavaram (M), Peravali (M)
    44 West Godavari Gopalapuram Dwaraka Tirumala (M), Nallajerla (M), Devarapalli (M), Gopalapuram (M).
    45 West Godavari Polavaram Polavaram (M), Buttayagudem (M), Jeelugumilli (M), Koyyalaguddem (M), T.Narsapuram (M), Kukunoor (M), Velerupadu (M) (During Bifurcation of A.P above Two Mandals i.e., Kukunoor & Velerupadu added to Polavaram (Assembly Segment) from Telangana State)
    46 West Godavari Chintalapudi Chintalapudi (M), Lingapalem (M), Kamavarapukota (M), Jangareddygudem (M).
    47 West Godavari Achanta Achanta (M) 2. Poduru (M – Part villages) Villages (1. Kavitam (V), 2. Jagannadhapuram (V), 3. Pandithavilluru (V), 4. Miniminchilipadu (V), 5. Poduru (V), 6. Pemmarajupolavaram(V), 7. Gummaluru (V))
    48 West Godavari Penugonda Penumantra (M- Part Villages) Villages (1. Penumantra 2. Oduru 3. Mallipudi 4. Juttiga 5. Natharameswaram 6. Munamarru 7. Polamuru 8. Nelamuru 9. Koyetipadu 10. Somaraju 11. Batlamaguturu 12. Alamuru 13. Marteru, 14. Neggipudi, 15. Satyavaram, 16. Velagaleru) 2. Penugonda (M)
    49 West Godavari Bhimavaram Veeravasaram (M) Bhimavaram (M)
    50 West Godavari Undi Palacoderu (M), Undi (M), Kalla (M-Part Villages) Villages (Jakkaram, Pedameram, Vempadu, Kopelle, Bondada, Bondada Peta, L.N.Puram, Malavani teppa, Anandapuram, S.C. Bosu Colony)
    51 West Godavari Tanuku Tanuku (M), Iragavaram (M – Part Villages) Villages (Iragavaram, Goteru, K.illamparru, Surampadu, East Vipparru, K.Kumudavalli, Arjunudupalem, Rapaka, Eletipadu, Yeraihchervu, Pekeru, Itampudi, Ogidi, Inaparru, Kothapadu, Kakileru, Kanteru)
    52 West Godavari Attili Attili (M), Iragavaram (M – Part villages) Villages (Ralangi, Katavapadu, Kavalipuram, Podalada)
    53 West Godavari Tadepalligudem Tadepalligudem (M), Pentapadu (M),
    54 West Godavari Unguturu Unguturu (M), Nidammaru (M), Ganapavaram (M).
    55 West Godavari Bhimadole Bhimadole (M)
    56 West Godavari Denduluru Pedavegi (M), Pedapadu (M), Denduluru (M),Eluru (M Part – Villages Malkapuram, Chataparru, Jalipudi, Katlampudi, Madepalli, Manuru, Sreeparru, Kalakurru, Komatilanka, Gudivakalanka), Kokkirailanka, Pydichintapadu, Prathikolla Lanka)
    57 West Godavari Eluru Eluru (Urban), Eluru (Rural – Part Villages) Villages (Komadavole , Sanivarapupeta, Tangillamudi, Chodimella, Gavaravaram, Venkatapuram, Ponangi, Mandikodu, Koteswaradurgapuram, Satrampadu)
    58 Guntur Emani (HQ) Duggirala Duggirala (M)
    59 Guntur Ponnuru Ponnuru (M), Chebrolu (M), Pedakakani (M)
    60 Guntur Tadikonda Tullur (M), Tadikonda (M)
    61 Guntur Tenali Tenali (M), Kollipera (M)
    62 Guntur Guntur Guntur Mandal (Part), Guntur (M.Corp) (Part) and Guntur (M.Corp) – Ward No.18 to 44 Guntur Mandal (Part), Guntur (M.Corp) (Part) and Guntur (M.Corp) – Ward No.1 to 17 and 45 to 52
    63 Guntur Prathipadu(NEW AMC) Guntur Rural Mandal (along with Wards from 53 to 62 of Guntur M. Corp) Vatticherukuru (M), Prathipadu (M), Pedanandipdu (M) and Kakumanu (M).
    64 Guntur Macherla Macherla (M) Veldurthi (M)
    65 Guntur Durgi(NEW AMC) Durgi (M), Rentachintala (M) Karempudi (M)
    66 Guntur Krosur Bellamkonda (M) Atchampet (M)Krosur (M) Amaravathi (M) Pedakurapadu (M)
    67 Guntur Piduguralla Piduguralla (M) Machavaram (M)
    68 Guntur Gurazala(NEW AMC) Gurazala (M) Dachepalle (M)
    69 Prakasham Parchur Inkollu (M), Karamchedu (M), Parchuru (M), Chinnaganjam (M), Marturu (M), Yeddanapudi (M)
    70 Prakasham Santhamaguluru Santhamaguluru (M), Ballikuruva (M)
    71 Prakasham Addanki Addanki (M), J.pangaluru (M), Korisapadu (M)
    72 Prakasham Chirala Chirala (M), Vetapalem (M)
    73 Prakasham Maddipadu HQ Santhanuthalapadu Santhanuthalapadu (M), Maddipadu (M), Cheemakurthi (M), Nagaluppalapadu (M)
    74 Prakasham Ongole Ongole (M), Kothapatnam (M)
    75 Prakasham Kondapi HQ Singarayakonda Kondapi (M), Ponnaluru (M), Singarayakonda (M), Zarugumalli (M), Marripudi (M), Tanguturu (M)
    76 Prakasham Podili Konakanamittla (M), Podili (M), Tallupadu (M)
    77 SPSR Nellore Kavali Kavali (M), Bhogolu (M), Alluru (M), Dagadarthy (M)
    78 SPSR Nellore Atmakur Atmakur (M), Marripadu (M), AS peta (M), Ananthasagaram (M), Chejerla (M), Sangam (M)
    79 SPSR Nellore Kovur Kovur (M), Buchireddypalem (M), Vidavalur (M), Kodavalur (M), Indukurupeta (M)
    80 SPSR Nellore Rapur Rapuru (M), Saidapuram (M), Kaluvoye (M)
    81 SPSR Nellore Nellore Nellore (M)
    82 SPSR Nellore Sarveplalli (NEW AMC) Podalakur (M), Manubolu (M), Thotapalli Guduru (M), Muthukur (M), Venkatachalam (M)
    83 SPSR Nellore Guduru Guduru (M), Chillakur (M)
    84 SPSR Nellore Naidupeta Naidupeta (M), Pellakur (M) Ozili (M)
    85 SPSR Nellore Udayagiri Udayagiri (M), Vinjamuru (M), Varikuntapadu (M) Duttaluru (M), Seetharampuram (M), Kondapuram (M), Jaladanki (M), Kaligiri (M)
    86 Chittoor Chittoor Chittoor (M), Gudipala (M)
    87 Chittoor Srikalahasti Yerpedu (M), Srikalahasti (M), Renigunta (M), Thottembedu (M)
    88 Chittoor Punganur Punganur (M), Chowdapalli (M)
    89 Chittoor Rompicherela Rompicherela (M), Pulicherla (M)
    90 Chittoor Madanapalle Madanapalle (M), Nimmanapalle (M), Ramasamudram (M)
    91 Chittoor Valmikipuram Valmikipuram (M), Gurramkonda (M)
    92 Chittoor Kalikiri (NEW AMC) Kalikiri (M), Kalakada (M)
    93 Chittoor ThambalapalliHQ (Mulakalcheruvu) Thambalapalli (M), Mulakalacheruvu (M), Peddamandyam (M), Peddathippasamudram (M), Kurabalakota (M), B.Kothakota (M)
    94 Chittoor Tiruchanur Tirupathi (Rural) (M), Ramachandrapuram (M)3) Tirupathi Urban (Part-3) Villages (Konkachennaiahgunta, Mangalam, Chennayyagunta) ‘Tirupathi (Urban Part) Tirupathi ( NMA) (CT) Akkarampalle (CT) Tirumala (CT) Tirupathi ( M+OG) (Part)
    95 Chittoor Pakala Pakala (M)
    96 Chittoor Chandragiri (NEW AMC) Chinnagottgallu (M), Chandragiri (M), Yaravarepalem (M)
    97 Chittoor Bangarupalyem Puthalapattu (M), Bangarupalyem (M), Yadamarri (M), Thavanampalli (M), Irala
    98 Chittoor Puttur Puttur (M), Vadamalapeta (M)
    99 Chittoor SatyaveduHq Nagalapuram Satyavedu (M), Nagalapuram (M), Pitchatur (M), Narayanavanam (M)
    100 Chittoor B.N.Kandariga B.N. Kandariga (M), K.V.B. Puram (M), Varadaiahpalem (M),
    101 Chittoor Vepanjeri Nominclature changed as Penumuru G.D.Nellore (M), Penumuru (M), Palasamudaram (M)
    102 Chittoor SR Puram(NEW AMC) Karivatinagaram (M), S.R.puram (M), Vedurukuppam (M)
    103 Kurnool Allagadda Allagadda (M), Sirivella (M), Rudravaram (M), Chagalamarri (M), Dornipadu (M), Uyyalawada (M)
    104 Kurnool Atmakur Srisailam (M), Atmakur (M), Velgodu (M), Bandi Atmakur (M), Mahanandi (M),
    105 Kurnool Nandikotkur Nandikotkur (M), Padigyala (M), J.Bungalow (M), Midthur (M), Kothapalli (M), Pamulapadu (M)
    106 Kurnool Kurnool Kurnool Mandal (Part i.e Kurnool, Roja & Johrapuram villages) Kurnool (M.Corp) Part i.e Old Ward No. 1 to 69
    107 Kurnool Panyam (NEW AMC) Kallur (M), Orvakal (M), Panyam (M), Gadivemula (M)
    108 Kurnool Kodumuru(NEW AMC) Kodumur (M), Gudur (M), C. Belagal (M), Kurnool (M Part- 22 villages, R.Kanthalapadu, Sunkesula, Remata, Ulchala, Basavapuram, Eduru, G.Singavaram, Nidzur, Munagalapadu, Mamidalapadu, Panchalingala, E.Thandrapadu, Gondiparla, Dinnedevarapadu, B.Thandrapadu, Pasupula, Rdravaram, Noothanapalle, Devamada, Pudur, Gargeyapuram and Diguvapadu Villages.
    109 Kurnool Nandyal Nandyal (M), Gospadu (M)
    110 Kurnool Koilkuntla Koilkuntla (M), Sanjamala (M), Kolimigundla (M)
    111 Kurnool Dhone Dhone (M), Peapully (M), Bethamcherla (M)
    112 Kurnool Pattikonda Pattikonda (M), Tuggali (M), Maddikera (M), Krishnagiri (M), Veldurthi (M)
    113 Kurnool Yemmiganur Yemmiganur (M), Nandavaram (M), Gonegandla (M)
    114 Kurnool Manthralayam (New AMC) Manthralayam (M), Pedakadubur (M), Kosigi (M), Kowthalam (M)
    115 Kurnool Adoni Adoni (M)
    116 Kurnool Alur Alur (M), Aspari (M), Holagunda (M), Halaharvi (M), Chippagiri (M), Devanakonda (M)
    117 Kadapa Kadapa Kadapa (M)
    118 Kadapa Kamalapuram Kamalapuram (M), Chintakommadinne (M), Pendlimarri (M), Vallur (M), Chennur (M), Veerapunayinipalle (M)
    119 Kadapa Jammalamadugu Jammalamadugu (M), Peddamudium (M), Mylavaram (M)
    120 Kadapa Yerraguntla (NEW AMC) Kondapuram (M), Mudddanur (M), Yerraguntla (M)
    121 Kadapa Pulivendula Pulivendula (M), Simhadripuram (M), Thonduru (M), Lingala (M), Vempalli (M), Vemula (M), Chekkrayapeta (M)
    122 Kadapa Rayachoti Rayachoti (M), Sambbepalle (M), Chinnamandem (M)
    123 Kadapa Lakkireddypalli Lakkireddypalli (M), Galiveedu (M), Ramapuram (M)
    124 Kadapa Railway Kodur Kodur (M), Penagalur (M), Chitvel (M), Pullampeta (M), Obulavaaripalle (M)
    125 Kadapa Rajampeta Rajampeta (M), Nandalur (M), Veeraballi (M), T.Sundupalli (M)
    126 Kadapa Siddavatam Siddavatam (M), Vontimitta (M)
    127 Kadapa Badvel Badvel (M), Gopavaram (M), Porumamilla (M), B.Kodur (M), S.A.Kasinayana (M), Kalasapadu (M), Atloor (M)
    128 Anantapur Anantapur Anantapur (M) Part Villages, A. Narayapuram (GP), Rajiv Colony (GP), Anantapuramu Rural (GP), Rudravampeta (GP), Anantapuramu Municipal Corporation
    129 Anantapur Dharmavaram Dharmavaram (M), Bathalapalli (M), Tadimarri (M), Mudigubba (M)
    130 Anantapur Gooty Gooty (M), Pamidi (M)
    131 Anantapur Hindupur Hindupur (M), Lepakshi (M), Chilamathur (M)
    132 Anantapur Kadiri Kadiri (M) N.P.Kunta (M), Talupula (M), Gandlapenta (M)
    133 Anantapur Tanakallu Tanakallu (M), Nallacheruvu (M)
    134 Anantapur Kalyandurg Kalyandurg (M), Kambadur (M), Kundurpi (M), Settur (M), Bramhasamudram (M)
    135 Anantapur Penukonda Penukonda (M), Roddam (M), Parigi (M)
    136 Anantapur Gorantla (NEW AMC) Somandepalli (M), Gorantla (M)
    137 Anantapur Tadipatri Tadipatri (M), Peddapappur (M), Yadiki (M), Peddavadugur (M)
    138 Anantapur Uravakonda Uravakonda (M), Vajrakarur (M), Vidapanakal (M), Kudair (M), Beluguppa (M)
    139 Anantapur Singanamala (NEW AMC) B.K.Samudram (M), Singanamala (M), Narpala (M), Garladinne (M), Yellanur (M), Putlur (M)
    140 Anantapur Rapthadu (NEW AMC) Anantapur (M – Part Villages – Kodimi, Thaticherla, Somaladoddi, Rachanapalle, Sajjalakalva, Kurugunta, Gollapalle, Kamarupalle, Alamuru, Katiganikalva, Kakkalapalle (Rural), Upparapalle, Itikalapalle, Jangalapalle, Kandukuru, Chiyyedu, Mannila, Papampet Krishnamreddi palli (CT) Villages). Rapthadu (M), Atmakur (M), Ramagiri (M) Kanaganapalli (M), Chennekothapalli (M)
    141 Anantapur Puttaparthy (NEW AMC) Puttaparthi (M), Kothacheruvu (M), Nallamada (M), Bukkapatnam (M), OD Cheruvu (M), Amadagur (M).
    142 Krishna Pedana Guduru (M), Pedana (M)
    143 Krishna Tiruvuru Tiruvuru (M), Gampalagudem (M), A.Konduru (M), Vissannapet (M)
    144 Krishna Machilipatnam Machilipatnam (M)
    145 Krishna Malleswaram (H.Q)Bantumilli Bantumilli (M), Kruthivennu (M)
    146 Krishna Penamaluru (H.Q) Kankipadu Penamaluru (M), Kakipadu (M – Part Villages Kankipadu, Punadhipadu, Uppuluru, Velpuru, Manthena, Tenneru, Maredumaka, Kandalampadu, Kunderu,Kolavennu, Neppalli, Konathanapadu, Maddhuru, Edupugallu, Godavarru, Prodhuturu, Jagannadhapuram)
    147 Krishna Vuyyuru Vuyyuru (M), Kankipadu (M – Part – (2) Villages) Chalivendrapalem, Davuluru
    148 Krishna Gudiwada Gudiwada (M), Nandiwada (M)
    149 Krishna Gudlavalleru (NEW AMC) Gudlavalleru (M)
    150 Krishna Kaikaluru Kaikaluru (M), Mandavalli (M), Mudinepalli (M- Part Villages – Dakaram, Chinnakamanapudi, Chigurukota, Peddakammanapudi, Bomminampadu, Koragantipalem, Aluru, Peruru, Madhavaram) Mudenepalli ( M- Part Villages- Mudinepalli, Guraja, Penumalli, Sangharshanapuram, Chinapalaparru, Koduru, Pedapalaparru, Peyyeru)
    151 Krishna Kalidindi Kalidindi (M), Mudinepalli (M – Part Villages – Produvaka, Vaivaka, Komarru, Vadavalli, Vanuduru, Peddagonnuru, Vutukuru, Gokinampadu, Chevuru, Kakarawada, Mulakalapalli, Vadali, Singarayapalem, Devapudi, Edepalli)
    152 Krishna Pamarru Pamarru (M) Pedaparapudi (M)
    153 Krishna Movva (H.Q) Kuchipudi Movva ( M), Pamidimukkala (M) Thotlavalluru (M)
    154 Krishna Divi (H.Q) Avanigadda Avanigadda (M), Nagayalanka (M), Koduru (M) Mopidevi (M)
    155 Krishna Ghantasala (HQ) Kodali (NEW AMC) Challapalli (M ) Ghantasala (M)
    156 Krishna Gannavaram Gannavaram (M), Unguturu (M), Bapulapadu (M), Vijayawada Rural (M – Part Villages – Nunna, Pathapadu, P.Nainavaram, Ramavarappadu, Ambapuram, Nidamanuru, Enikepadu, D.Atkuru, Gudavalli, Prasadampadu)
    157 Krishna Nuzvid Nuzvid (M), Musunuru (M), Agiripalli (M), Chatrai (M)
    158 Krishna Vijayawada (H.Q) Gollapudi Ibrahimpatnam (M), Vijayawada (Rural (M – Part Villages – Kothuru, Tadepalli, Vemavaram, Shabadh, Pydurupadu, Rayanapadu, Gollapudi, Jakkampudi Entire Vijayawada Muncipal Corporation )
    159 Krishna Mylavaram Mylavaram (M), G.Konduru (M), Reddygudem (M)
    160 Krishna Kanchikacherla Kanchikacherla (M), Veerulapadu (M)
    161 Krishna Nandigama Chandarlapadu (M), Nandigama (M – Part Villages – Adaviravulapadu, Chandapuram, Ithavaram, Kanchela, Kethaveerunipadu, Lingalapadu, Munagacherla, Nandigama, Peddavaram, Raghavapuram, Takkillapadu, Ambarupeta, Pallagiri, Lachapalem, Satyavaram, K.Kandrika)
    162 Krishna Jaggaiahpet Jaggaiahpet (M), Vatsavai (M), Penuganchiprolu (M) Nandigama (M – Part Villages – Magallu, Konduru, Ramireddypalli, Jonnalagadda, Konathamatmakuru, Torragudipadu, Damuluru, Somavaram, Rudravaram, Gollamudi)

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