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Jangareddygudem Municipality

The Commissioner, Jangareddygudem Municipality is directed to place the following Notification before the Municipal Council of Jangareddygudem for its views/ suggestions besides giving wide publicity to the Notification as contemplated in rule 11 of the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities (Division of Nagara Panchayats and Municipalities into wards) Rules, 1994.

The Collector and District Magistrate, West Godavari District is directed to affix the appended Notification on the notice board of his office to give an opportunity to make suggestions about the division of the Municipality into wards.

Jangareddygudem Municipality NOTIFICATION

Under clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 10 of the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1965 (Andhra Pradesh Act, 6 of 1965) read with rule 11 of the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities (Division of Nagar Panchayats and Municipalities into wards) Rules, 1994 issued in G.O.Ms.No.31, Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department, dated 03.02.1995 and after due consideration of the proposals submitted by the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Andhra Pradesh, Guntur, the Government hereby notify the draft delimitation of Twenty Nine (29) wards of Jangareddygudem Municipality as specified in the schedule appended to this Notification.

The Municipal Council, Jangareddygudem is informed that it shall submit its views / suggestions, if any, on the proposed draft delimitation of wards notified, within 7 days of the publication of this Notification in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette, to the Commissioner, Jangareddygudem Municipality.

The people of Jangareddygudem Municipality are informed that they may submit their views/suggestions, if any, on the proposed draft delimitation of wards notified, within 7 days of the publication of this Notification in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette, to the Commissioner, Jangareddygudem Municipality.

A copy of the Notification is also sent to the Collector and District Magistrate, West Godavari District and he/she is requested to affix the same on the Notice Board of his office and he/she is requested to give his / her suggestions about the division of the aforesaid Municipality into Twenty Nine (29) wards to the Government immediately.

The Municipal Commissioner, Jangareddygudem Municipality and the Collector and District Magistrate, West Godavari District may follow the procedure as stipulated under rule 12 of A.P. Municipalities (Division of Nagar Panchayats and Municipalities into wards) Rules 1994 and send their report to the Government through the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration immediately.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO :1
NORTH Marlagudem Grama Panchayat , R.S.No 64
EAST Narasanna Palem, R.S. No.218,227,247
SOUTH Bypass Road Starting from NTR Circle up to Baineru vagu.
WEST NTR Nagar 12th Street

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:2
NORTH:-Bypass road from buttaigudem road NTR Circle up to Baineru vagu.
EAST :- 4th ward Kovvur Road to srirama Distilleries Road
SOUTH:- 3rd ward Virodula vari street – From buttaigudem road NTR statue up to srirama Distilleries Road .
WEST:- Buttaigudem Road, from NTR Statue Near Saw Mill up to Bypass road NTR Circle

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:3
NORTH:- 2nd ward, from NTR statue near Saw mill up to HP Gas company road EAST :- 4th ward, from HP Gas company road PARD swachanda seva kendram up to virodula vari street D.No.4-5-500
SOUTH:- From opposite street of Veera brahmendra swamy temple towards Nimmala vari street up to PARD swachanda seva kendram.
WEST :- From NTR Statue near Buttaigudem Road Saw Mill towards Gandhi Statue up to Dhube vari street

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:4 NORTH:- Gangireddy cheruvu saw mill towards PARD swachanda seva kendram, Virodula vari street Srirama Distilleries Road Passess Bypass road up to Baineru Vagu.
EAST :- Baineru vagu – From Bypass road culvert to Kovvur road old bridge
SOUTH:- From meera vari street D.No:4-5-321, Old Bus stand kovvur road up to Baineru vagu
WEST :- From lakshmi saw mill towards mallabattula muneswararao house D.No.4-5-206 to Kurru vari street D.No.4-5-214 towards south side up to meera vari street

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:5
NORTH:- From Buttaigudem Road Gandhi Statue up to Veera brahmendra swamy temple Opposite street D.No.3-5-219 to D.No.3-5-215
EAST :- From Buttaigudem Road Gandhi Statue towards Dhube vari street Subrahmanyeswara Swami temple, Kurru vari street D.No.4-5-215 towards south side Meera vari street D.No.4-5-274 up to old bus stand
SOUTH:- From Kovvur Road Ganganamma temple up to Old bus stand
WEST :- Buttaigudem Road – From Ganganamma temple up to Gandhi Statue

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:6
NORTH:- Kovvur Road – From Ganganamma Temple up to Layola Public school street
EAST :- Layola Public school street – From Kovvur Road up to Harijana peta Main road
SOUTH:- Harijana peta Main road – From Eluru road, Pangidigudem Road Junction up to Layaola Public school street
WEST :-Eluru Road – From Pangidigudem Road Junction up to Ganganamma Temple

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:7
NORTH:-Kovvur Road – From Layaola Public school street up to Baineru vagu
EAST :-Baineru vagu, Tirumalapuram Village R.S.No.661
SOUTH:-Harijana peta Main road – From Layaola Public school street up to paidipaka Colony
WEST :-Layaola Public school street – From Harijana peta Main road up to kovvur road

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:8
NORTH:-Harijana peta Main road – From Pangidigudem road Eseva Center to paidipaka Colony south side.
EAST :-South East corner of paidipaka Colony, Western boundary of 7th wad.
SOUTH:-From Pangidigudem Road Gavavayya Rice Mill Drain up to Sai balaji township park North Boundary
WEST:- Pangidigudem Road – From Harijanapeta Main road to Gavavayya Rice Mill Drain

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:9
NORTH: From Pangidigudem Road Gavavayya Rice Mill Drain towards Sai balaji township park North Boundary up to town limits
EAST :- Bataganganamma Lay out colony water tank road, Tirumalapuram village boundary
SOUTH:- Pangidigudem Road – From Electrical sub station, Ayyappa township North boundary up to Bataganganamma Lay out colony
WEST:- Pangidigudem Road – From Gavarayya Rice Mill Drain to Electrical sub station

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:10
NORTH:- From Eluru road,Pangidigudem Road junction,Surayya sweet shop to E seva,Community hall
EAST :- Pangidigudem Road – from Community hall, Head Post office upto Electrical Sub station
SOUTH:- Rotary community hall road – from door no.8-2-229, 8-4-468 Gummadi Sundararamayya building, 8-3-378, 8-3-400 to 390 upto Karuna complex.
WEST : Eluru road – from Pangidigudem Road junction, Lakshmi theater, Nirmala hospital upto Rotary community hall road

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:11
NORTH:- Rotary community hall road , 8-2-228, 8-4-468, 8-3-381, 389, Karuna complex, Pangidigudem road, Ayyappa Town ship upto Vijaya lakshmi Cashew nut Factory.
EAST :- Pangidigudem Road, Vijaya lakshmi Cashew nut Factory upto Nagulagudem village boundary.
SOUTH :- RDO Office South side road, Lakshmi Ganapathi town ship road, RS.No.554, Door No.9-1-645 to 9-1-627, Ramudukunta Road.
WEST :- Eluru road – From Rotary community hall road up to RDO Office.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:12
NORTH:-RDO Office South side road, Lakshmi Ganapathi town ship road
EAST :- Ramudukunta cheruvu road
SOUTH:- Guravaigudem village Boundary
WEST :-Eluru road – From Court, Mahendra Tractors upto Gurvaigudem Village boundary.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:13

NORTH:-From Eluru road Ramachandrapuram Water Tank, towards Ramalayam , Vidya vikas East road to Vidya vikas North road, Alluri Sitarama raju park East side, Leela Gardens road.
EAST :-Eluru road – From Ramachandrapuram water tank upto Annapurna nagar Road
SOUTH :- Guravaigudem village Boundary, Annapurna nagar, RS.No.485, Madhuri Poultries.
WEST :- From Madhuri Poultries, Juice factory, Ramacharla gudem village boundary upto leela gardens road.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:14

NORTH:-From Ramachandra kids school north side road, Ramachadra College, Surya College, RTC Bus stand South side compound (Surya College Road) upto Eluru road..
EAST :-Eluru road – From Surya College road junction to Ramachandrapuram water tank .
SOUTH:- Ramachandrapuram water tank road, From Ramalayam opposite road to Vidya vikas North road.
WEST :-From Ramachandrapuram Ramalayam opposite street, Vidya vikas East road upto Seshadri Towers street.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:15
NORTH :- Aswaraopetea road-From Indian oil petrol bunk upto Masjid center.
EAST:- Eluru road – From Masjid center towards RTC bus stand upto Surya College road.
SOUTH:- Surya College road – From RTC Bus Stand upto Punnamaraju street.
WEST:- From Punnamaraju street towards Narayana school North street, upto Indian oil petrol bunk.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:16

NORTH:- Aswaraopetea road-From NTR statue upto Indian oil petrol bunk.
EAST:-Jabilli General Hospital street towards Narayana school Northern street upto Punnamaraju street.
SOUTH:-Surya College road – From Punnamaraju street to Viswanadha raju street.
WEST :-Viswanadha raju street.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:17
NORTH:- Aswaraopeta road-From Vinayaka temple upto NTR statue.
EAST :- Viswanadha street.
SOUTH :- Surya College road – From Viswanadha raju street upto Ramachandra Junior college.
WEST:- From sri Ramachandra Talent school street towards Ramachandra Residency (12-3-447 to 493), Ramachandrapuram road North side upto Vinayaka temple (Aswaraopeta road)

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:18
NORTH:- From Bypass road Electrical sub station, Kakarla Junction towards Aswaraopeta road Vinayaka Temple
EAST:- Ramachandrapuram road – From Aswaraopeta road Vinayaka Temple to (12-3-493 to 12-3-447) towards Ramachandra residency street upto Surya college road.
SOUTH :-Surya College road – From Ramachandra Residency street towards Seshadri nagar road, Leela garden, Juice factory, upto Ramacharlagudem punta road.
WEST :- Ramacharlagudem village boundary.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:19
NORTH:-Srinivasapuram road – From Venkateswara sawmill upto Bypass road junction.
EAST :-Old MDO Office building road – From Srinivasapuram road towards Uppalametta road, Mandavalli chelaka, Chintha ginjala factory, Parimi towers, Saibaba Temple, Chitturi vari street upto Aswaraopeta road.
SOUTH:-Aswaraopeta road- From Chitturi vari street upto Kakarla Y-Junction.
WEST :-Bypass road, Electrical Substation, Srinivasapuram Village boundary,RS.No.366,365,364,362,31

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:20
NORTH:- From Uppalametta Vinayaka Temple, Triveni College road upto Ravuri junction.
EAST College road – From Ravuri junction to Aswaraopeta road.
SOUTH Aswaraopeta road – From College road towards Boys high school upto Chitturi vari street.
WEST Chitturi vari street –From Aswaraopeta road towards Parimi towers, Saibaba Temple, Chinthaginjala Factory upto Uppalametta Vinayaka Temple.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:21
NORTH :-Salipeta main road- From Ravuri junction upto BTC.
EAST BTC road towards DCC Bank, LIC office upto Aswaraopeta road.
SOUTH Aswaraopeta road – From Raghava café upto college road.
WEST College road – From Aswaraopeta road upto Ravuri junction.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:22
NORTH :-Salipeta main road- From BTC towards J.P.Center Srinivasapuiram road upto Potti Sriramulu statue.
EAST :- Buttayagudem road – From Potti Sriramulu statue upto Masjid center
SOUTH :- Aswaraopeta road- From Masjid cener upto Raghava café.
WEST:- From LIC office East road towards DCC Bank, BTC East road.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:23
NORTH:-Srinivasapuram road – From Tanda\rapaparayudu Statue to New Municipal office.
EAST :- Srinivasapuram road – From New Municipal office towards upto Salipeta main road.
SOUTH :- Salipeta main road – From J.P.Center to Salipeta junction (Tandrapaparayudu street)
WEST :- Tandrapaparayudu statue street- From Salipeta junction to Srinivasapuram road.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:24
NORTH: – Srinivasapuram road – From Old MDO office building road uptoTandrapaparayudu Statue
EAST Tandrapaparayudu statue street- From Tandrapaparayudu statue upto Salipeta main road
SOUTH :-Salipeta main road – From Salipeta junction towards Ravuri junction upto old MDO office road.
WEST :- Old MDO office road – From Uppalametta road upto Srinivasapuram road

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:25
NORTH :- Bypass road – From NTR Statue upto ESSAR Petrol bunk
EAST :- Buttayagudem road – From Market yard upto Potti Sriramulu statue.
SOUTH :- Srinivasapuram road – From Potti Sriramulu statue towards J.P.Center, New Municipal office upto Subbampeta road.
WEST :- Subbampeta road – From Srinivasapuram road towards Saibaba Temple street, Soujanya road, Bharath Gas godown road, Dangey nagar road upto Bypass road.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:26
NORTH :- Subbampeta Saibaba Temple North street upto Soujanya road.
EAST :- Subbampeta road – From Subbampeta Saibaba Temple upto Srinivasapuram road.
SOUTH :- Srinivasapuram road – From Subbampeta raod upto RTO Office
WEST:- RTO Office East road – From Srinivasapuram road upto Subbampeta Saibaba Temle street.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:27
NORTH:- From Dangey Nagar water tank Vaddilapeta upto Soujanya estate Bharath Gas godown road.
EAST:-RTO Office East road – From Bharath Gas godown road upto RTO office.
SOUTH :- Srinivasapuram road-From RTO office upto Bypass road
WEST Bypass road – From Srinivasapuram road junction upto Dangey nagar water tank road.

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:28

NORTH:- Marlagudem Gramapanchayathi, R.S.No.2,5,6
EAST Door no.20-8-1195, Kwari Mutyalamma Temple street,Door No.20-7- 1305
SOUTH Bypass road – From Kwari Mutyalamma Temple street upto Srinivasapuram Road junction.
WEST Srinivasapuram road, Gramapanchayathi RS.No.80,81

Jangareddygudem Municipality WARD NO:29

NORTH:- Marlagudem Gramapanchayathi, R.S.No.15,16,17
EAST NTR Nagar 12th street, 20-12, 1677
SOUTH :- Dangey Nagar Vaddila peta, Door No.20-1-240, 20-1-87 towards Kwari road, Ramalayam street upto Bypass road and Bypass road NTR statue to Indrajith nagar 12th street
WEST :- Bypass road 20-8-1194, Mutyalamma temple street, Door No.20-10-1305.

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