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Telangana Apathbandhu Scheme Release of funds

Collectors & District Magistrates in the State have furnished the Three hundred thirty two (332) eligible Apathbandhu scheme proposals to the Government and they have requested the Government to release funds worth of Rs.1.66 Crores towards meeting expenditure to settle eligible Apathbandhu Cases in various Districts in the State for 2011-2012 to 2018-2019.

Government has issued orders to continue the “Apathbandhu” scheme for the Policy year 02.11.2018 to 01.11.2019.

Finance (EBS.VII) Dept., have issued Budget Release Orders for an amount of Rs. 97.63 lakhs and for an amount of Rs.68.37 lakhs (97.38 lakhs +68.37 lakhs =1.66 Crores) in respect of Apathbandhu Scheme from the BE provision 2019-20 towards meeting the expenditure to settle eligible Apathbandhu Cases for 2011-2012 to 2018-2019 respectively.

After careful examination of the matter, Government hereby release an amount of 1.66 crores (Rupees One Crore Sixty six Lakhs Only) to various District Collectors in the State as shown below towards meeting the expenditure to settle Three hundred Thirty two eligible Apathbandhu Cases pertaining to various policy years i.e., 2011-2012 to 2018-2019 for payment of Rs.50,000/- for each death as ex-gratia as per Apathbandhu Scheme guidelines.

S.No. Name of the District Amount Released (in Rs.)
1 Adilabad 19,50,000
2 Hyderabad 26,00,000
3 Jagtial 10,00,000
4 Kamareddy 14,50,000
5 Karimnagar 16,00,000
6 Mahabubabad 1,50,000
7 Nirmal 8,00,000
8 Nizamabad 53,00,000
9 Rajanna – Siricilla 5,00,000
10 Wanaparthy 1,00,000
11 Warangal –Rural 2,00,000
12 Yadadri Bhuvanagiri 9,50,000
TOTAL 1,66,00,000 The expenditure accorded in para (4) above shall be debited to the following Head of Account:-

2235 – Social Security and Welfare 60 – Other Social Security and Welfare Programmes
MH – 200 – Other Programmes GH – 25 – State Sector Schemes
SH – 20 – Assistance to Below Poverty Line families under Accident Insurance Scheme (Apathbandhu) 310 – Grants – in – aid 312 – Other Grants – in – aid.

  1. The Collectors concerned are authorized to draw the amount sanctioned in para (4) above and arrange for disbursement of the same to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families, in case of accidental death in the family through transfer to bank account of the concerned by way of RTGS/ EFT (Real Time Gross Settlement/ Electronic Funds Transfer) and utilize the funds for the purpose for which it is sanctioned, as per Apathbandhu Scheme guidelines.
  2. The District Collectors in the State are directed to furnish the distribution particulars to the Government as well as the Director of State Audit, Hyderabad urgently.
  3. The District Collectors in the State are also directed to furnish the Consolidated Utilization Certificates for the amounts sanctioned now duly verified by the State Audit Authorities. The District Collectors in the State shall remit the unspent balances, if any, forthwith to Government Account.
  4. This order issued with the concurrence of the Finance (EBS.VII) Department vide their U.O. No.2798/121/EBS.VII/Rev/2019, dt:27.06.2019.

Implementation of Apathbandhu Scheme – Release of funds for an amount of Rs.1.66 crores to the District Collectors in the State for settling eligible 332 Apathabndhu proposals in various Districts in the State – Orders – Issued.


1.From the District Collector Adilabad, Rc.No.C5/211/2019, dt:01.05.2019.

  1. From the District Collector Hyderabad,Lr.No.RevB30APNB (HYD)/ 2/2017,dt.22.03.2019.
  2. From the District Collector Jagtial, Lr No.C5/685/2018, dt:01.05.2019.
  3. From the District Collector Karimnagar, Lr No.C5/2137/2018,dt:23.04.2019& 07.05.2019
  4. From the District Collector Kamareddy,Lr.No.D1/72/2016,dt:04.04.2019,Lr No.D1/72/2016,dt:04.04.2019.
  5. From the District Collector Mahabubabad, 02.02.2019, Rc.No.D/3064/2018,dt:11.10.2018.
  6. From the District Collector NIrmal, Lr No.C5/98/2017, dt:03.04.2019.8. From the District Collector NIzamabad, Lr No.H2/1477/2018, Dt:17.05.2019.
  7. From the District Collector Rajanna Siricilla, Lr No.C5/434/2019, Dt:19.03.2019,Lr.No.C5/133/2019,dt:08.03.2019,Lr No. No.C5/435/ 2019, dt:19.03.2019, Lr.No.C5/2067/2018, dt: 07.11.2018, Lr.No. C5/ 2093/2018,dt:09.11.2018, Lr No.C5/2068/2018,dt:09.11.2018, Lr. No. C5/2095/2018,dt:09.11.2018, Lr No.C5/2094/ 2018, dt:
  8. 11.2018, Lr No.C5/2096/2018,dt:29.04.2019.
  9. From the District Collector Wanaparthy, Lr.No.D/350/2016, dt:02.02.2019.
  10. From the District Collector Warangal Rural, Rc.No.D1/296/2018, dt:08.03.2019.
  11. From the District Collector Yadadri Bhuvanagiri, Lr.No.D/39/2019, dt:14.03.2019.
  12. G.O.Rt.No.1 Revenue(Disaster Management)Department Dated:25.05.2019.
  13. G.O.Rt.No.665 Finance (EBS-VII)Department Dated:30.04.2019.
  14. G.O.Rt.No.948 Finance (EBS-VII)Department Dated:27.06.2019.

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