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Thirmulagiri Municipality election

Thirmulagiri Municipality election

Thirmulagiri Municipality, Suryapet District – Division of Thirmulagiri Municipality into 15 wards – Final Notification Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Thirmulagiri Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Thirmulagiri Municipality into 15 wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in G.O. 1 st read above and requested to issue final notification.

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference 2nd read above, Government hereby decide to issue final notification of division of Thirmulagiri Municipality into 15 wards. The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette:

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1 ) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 11 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Thirmulagiri Municipality into 15 wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.

Annexure to G.O Ms. No. 386, MA & UD (MA) Department, Dated: 17.12.2019 THIRUMALAGIRI MUNICIPALITY Suryapet District

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 1
North: OHSR Tank of Mission bhagirada
East: NB Tanda MPP School and Government Hospital Authority Shadikana
South: Janagam – Suryapet Road west: Gilakathula Satyanarayana and Gugulothu Lak Pathi
Proposed ward starts from North side, from house of Googuloth Jogya H.NO 11-24 / A to Bhagirada Tank, Proposed Ward starts from East side, from house of Angothu Venkateswarlu H.NO 11-13 / 5 East NB Tanda Primary School from Nellibanda Tanda BT Road to Dakshtara o Kalluri
Venkatamma 10-102 to Janagam Road to West G. Satyanarayana House
No. 10-142 from West NB Thanda to Gugolothu Lakpathi House

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 2
North: Ramaram Bata, Gutta
East: Kandukuri Dharmayya House Bazaar
South: Janagam-Suryapet Road
West: Nellibanda Tanda BT Road
Proposed ward starts from North side House No. 10-35 / 2 from Jakkula Gattaya House No. 9- 172/1 from Parpepati Somiraddi House No. 9-136 East to North Pattepuram Nagaraju House No. 8-174 / 1 South: Maheshwaram ramanjaneyulu H. No. 8-178 from Janagam Road to West Mende Venkatayya House Number 10-94.

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 3
North: Venkateswaraswamy Gutta, black lantern
East: Kasturibha patashala Adarshanagar, Yata Kanakamma Home
South: Malipuram Donka Bazara, Janagam Road
West: Bazaar of Kandukuri Dharmayya House
Proposed ward starts from North side from Lower House No. 8-170

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 4
Proposed ward starts Kalettlapalli Malliah House No 8-57 / 18 East Northeast Soma Srinivas H, NO 7-195 / 9/18 from Thorur Road kommineni Complex West immadi Yadigiri H, NO, 8-47 / 1 From the back of Venkateswara theatre & the house of Ramakrishna Reddy from West Mandadi to Singari Padma Home No. 8-48 / 3to rapaka ramesh 857/13
North: Lakkidabad, Malipuram Road
East: Chinthakayala veerasomulu House
South: Polytechnic College, Suryapet Road,
West: Thoorur Road Proposed Ward: North Ale Pushpa House No 5-45 from Malipuram Road

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 5
Gunda Thurpoo Thangallapalli Yadhamma House from East Chintakai Veerasomesh Vemula Venkanna House No 3-99 Dhakshanam Chintakalaya Cheru Rajas Home No 4-124 from Ganta laxmareddy 6-45 to
Suriyapet Road Goonda West Mandadi Padmareddy Complex bokka Narsereddy 5-89 kaladhu North: Bhagiradha OHSR Tank west: Villege Cheruv South: old SC Colony detours from new SC colony

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 6
West: Ch Veerasomulu are the home bazaar
Proposed ward starts North Eedunuri Madhusudhan Reddy House No. 2-22 from East Nakka Narsayya House No 1-46 south from SC Colony Donka West Ups School kesidi Yadav Reddy from House No. 3-2 east eddamma number 3-88 to pandugala Muthayya 3-55 .
North: Suryapet Road
East: Indane gas Anantharam Bageerada water tank
South: Jangala Colony Road
West; Valligonda Mothkur Road

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 7
Proposed ward starts North East through Suriyapet Road from Varagapalli
Barathamma House, Viramamalla Jyoti House No. 7-46 to East Bhukya Muthilal House No. 6-88 From east Kanneboina anjaiah 3-37/13 west sheela Anjayya House No. 3-25 through Mothkur Road to MPDO Office opposite jangala Colony to x Road Racha Ramesh
North: Rice Mill
East: Mothkur Road Durgamma Temple
South: Bikeru Wagu

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 8
West: chervu Malliyaya House No. 8-170 Colony Kitilingala Colony Hanmanthu House No. 8-114 / 8 East North east Sundarayya Colony Polakam Saidamma number 8-254 to anugula kondaiaha 8-57/9. South Yataka Yakamma House Number 8-54 Dakshinam Imedi Venkateswaras Home No. 8-100 through Jangam Road passes through west gunda Baskar Home
North: Sundarayya Colony Gutta East: Thorur Road south: Janagam Road
West: Immadi Yadagiri, Mandadi Ramakrishna Reddy Indla Bazar Proposed ward starts North Baja Baskar from 3-27 East North Vajja Avilaya House No 1-22 from Dakshinam godikala Komirelli House No 2-52 to Sheela Mallaya House No 1-52 to West Wanguri Mallaya House No 1-94 .

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 9
North: Janagam Road
Easte: EP Tanda Tower Nandapuram Primary School South: Potulla Cheru
West: Garlakunta Ramuni banda thanda
Proposed ward starts North Ep thanda bhukya Jayaram 6-9 to East Northeast gugulothu chandu 6-6 to nandapuram Narasiyya House No. 5-38 from MPP School East-East Boda Yelliyya House No. 4-27 south thogaru Somalingam House No. 3-6 from K.Avilaiah Home No. 5-5 West Parrepati Sathayya Number 5-74 / 2 from West Ramani Banda Tanda to Dharavat Koma House No. 6-67 / 1 to Ep Tanda Googluothu Jayaram House.

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 10
North: Janagam Road – Nandapuram Road
East: Bodrai Bazaar
South: Shivalayam
West: Pedda chervu katta
Proposed ward starts North East B.Nalakshkshmi House No 1-169 East Northeast Gudipati Ramaiah House No 1-184 through Bodrai Bazar Mohammed Gafar House No. 3-149 from Dakshinam Shivalyam to Muthiallamma Gudi West pedda chervu katta Bethu lingaiah From 298, the house of Sheikh Janimia along the Nandapuram Road from the palle Komuraiya house No. 2-92 / 6 Dr.shankar home to a number 1-116.

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 11
North: Janagam – suryapet Road
East: shankar hospatal Bazar
South: Nandapuram road
West: Ep thanda Tawar Bhagirada OHSR tank
Proposed ward starts from North Bhokya Gammi House No. 6-42 to North Ep Thanda Durgamma Temple, Puligilla Balaya House No. 1-1 / IA from East Ananthala Upendra House No 1-150 Pass through south gottiparthi venkateshwara rao 2-113 West Sannigicher’s house number 2-92 / 5 from EP Tanda Tower to Banotu Buzzi’s house number 6-

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 12
North: Janagam Suryapet Road
East: Ambedkar Nagar, Muthiallamma Temple
South: Balizolla garden
West: Bodrai and Temple Bazaar
Proposed ward starts North Ropolu Lakshmaiah House No.4-84 to
Kandukkuri Yadamma House No.5-16/1 to East Kandukuri Kondaiah 5-19 to Boda Yellaiah 5-23 to Bondla Mallayya 5-29 to
Muthyalamma Gudi to South Balzolla Donka Kammari bazaru to Shivalayam veedi to Vangari bharathamma 3-205 from Gajzela Krishna Murthy’s house number 4-1 Bodaie Bazaru, Pandiri Laxmamma

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 13
North: Janagam – Suryapet Road
East: Sankåpalli Narottam Reddy Agriculture land
South: SC Colony School
West: Muthiyalamma temple.
Proposed ward starts north Vadakala Yadagiri 5-116 Udugu Suryanarayana 5-120/1 Esat nirmala Upendra H.n 6-8 to Velpugunda Venkataiah 5-198/5 to South Sc Colony School to Ganta Laxmaiah 5-154 to west Kandukuri Somaiah 5-149 to Shaga Jamuna 5-49 to Udugu Mallesh 5-5-42.

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 14
North: Janagam – Suryapet Road
East: Mothkur Road
South: Dubba Church
West: Bazaar of Dantalapalli Ashok’s home
Proposed ward starts from Kandukuri durgamma House No. 6-70 / 1 from Eranti Parijatha House No. 6-85 / 2 from Poonnam Mallesh H,No.6155 / 4 from East Tumma Praveen Home 6-155 / 7 Pass through the gunda srinivas, the Market Yard wall to West Chippala Palli Yadagiri house number 6-101 / 2A to Dastagiri house number 6-68.

Thirmulagiri Municipality Ward No. 15
North: Market yard wall
East: Mothkur Road
South: MPDO Office
West: Pathepuram Somaiah Agricultural Land.
Proposed ward starts From North market wall to Rappakka Somnadam House No. 6-183 from Sakkapalli Sulochana House from 6-199 East Mothkur Road to Dakshinam Irugu Samson Home from Mro Office to West Kandukuri Renuka House.

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