Neredcherla Municipality into 15 wards

Department Neredcherla Municipality, Suryapet District – Division of Neredcherla Municipality into fifteen (15) wards – Final Notification

Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Neredcherla Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Neredcherla Municipality into fifteen (15) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in G.O. 1 st read above and requested to issue final notification.

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide referenc, Government hereby decide to issue final notification of division of Neredcherla Municipality into fifteen (15) wards.

The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of theTelangana Gazette:

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 1 1 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Neredcherla Municipality into fifteen (15) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.

Annexure to Neredcherla Munici alit G.O.Ms.No.420 MA & UD MA De artment Dt:17.12.2019 DESCREIPTION OF WARD BOUNDARIES

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 1
North : Vykuntapuram And Fathepuram Suburb
East : 2st Ward
South : 08th Ward
West Penchikaldinna Suburb.
Mallikanti Venkaiah House To Across The Sankalamaddi Srinivas Reddy House To Old Nereducherla Including ltuka Battilu Across The NUkala Ramacharndrareddy House Ti Anjaneyaswamy Temple To Across POreddy Buchireddy House To Across THe Yadavelli Narisireddy House To Konatham Lakshamareddy House. From There Bommagani Veeraswamy House From There Across The Peerlakottam Kasani Sathyam House To Nukala Kiran Reddy House (Including Toatal Kamalanagar) To Nukala
Sathyanarayana Reddy House. From There Pagilla Chandraiah House. From There Nimmala Saidulu , Nukala Mangareddy House To Tatikonda Sathyanarayana Reddy House to Sankalamaddi Somireedy HOuse To Mallikanti Venkaiah House.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 2
North : N.S.P.Canal
East : Kasthala Venkanna House to Rajkumar House
South : Vidyanagar Ramalayam
West : Ramapuram Pond Stream
Amararapu Edukondalu house to Across the house of Macha Srinu to the house of Nukapanga Venkateshwarlu. From there across the house of Marepalli Ramulu to the house of Macha Somaiah. From there across the house of Pinnapureddy lakshmamma to across the house of Turaka Venkateswharlu to B.C.Hostel and S.C.Hostel. From there Over the temple of venkateshwara swamy to the house of Anandam Srinivas. From there Across the house of Vajrapu Ramaiah Adjacent the Primary school Gajjela Koteshwara rao house to S.C.Colony. across the house of Nandipati Narsamma to the house of Amararapu Edukondalu.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 3
North : Burial Ground – NSP Canal
East : Suburb of L.B.Nagar Village
South : Boring Gopal House, Mannem Venkat reddy house to Huzurngar R&B Road West : 2nd Ward Venkateshwara Swamy Temple
Tatikonda Rajkumar House.No.New to Across the House of Bade Nagaraju to the old Abhyas School. From there Sudhakar Paster house to Across the Krishnareddy plots Kanakadurgamma Wines Including the entire venkateshwara colony to Lakshmi narsimha swamy hotel.From there Across the Govt Junior College to RTC Bus stand and Indian Petrol Bunk.From there Across the house of Bachalakuri Prakash to the house of Yamini Veeraiah to the house of Bommaji Venkatachalam house. From there From the post office street to Masjid. From there Macha Shobha house across the house of Battu Madhu and Kasthala Venkanna House. From there Tatikonda Rajkumar house.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 4
North : 2nd ward, (Huzurnagar R&B Road.) East : Suburb of LB Nagar Village.
South : Pragathi School (EM).
West : Suburb of Narsaiahgudem.
Konatham venkatreddy House to Konatham Peda Venkatreddy house. From there Sayyad Pasha house. From there Across the Attala Factory to Mekala Venkatramaiah house. From there Across the Rajeevnagar Angawadi School Including the Entire Rajeev nagar Across the Aravinda Degree college to Bypass Road. From there Nakka Mattaiah house to Maram Padma house . From there Jitender reddy house to Konatham Venkatreddy House.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 5
North :06 Ward (Miryalagudem R&B Road.) East : 14th Ward ( Market Yard Office) South : Dirsincherla Pond.
West : Suburb of Chilleypalli Village.
Katta Abbireddy House no. 6-342 house to Across the Vangala Srinivas reddy to including Netaji nagar colony total across the Vemula Madhavi empty land to Across
thr Kairabi house to bastala kottu rambabu house. from there across the HP Bunk to Including Narasaiah gudem totalcolony to Across the Sub-station including totak new colon Miryalagudem road to includin NTR Nagar to Abbireddy House.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 6
North : 09th Ward Taj Sulthan House.
East : 09th Ward Golla Gopi Krishna house.
South : Miryalagudem R&B Road. West : Ramapuram stream.
Ramapuram stream to Across the Konda Lakshmi house to Shaik Abbass house. From there across Shail Saidulu house to Parapalli Ashok house. From there in Ramapuram road Gajavelli Venkateshwarlu house to across the old mill to Ravichettu. From there across the HP Petrol Bunk and Townhall, including total Bodaiahgudem Rajyalakshmi Rice Industries to Across the Vaishnavi mill Including total ramagiri across Police quaters to including MRO and MPDO office to ramapuram Stream.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 7
North : Penchikaldinna R& B Road, Mariyananda School.
East : Ramapuram Stream.
South :Suburb Of Chillepally Village.
West : 08th Ward Komadagundla Lakshmaiah House.
Kodati Somaiah House to House No 1-59 Across The Community Hal Sriramula Tirupathaiah House To House No 2-106/3. From There Across Ramapuram Ramalayam to Malgireddy Kotireddy House NO 3-39. From There Teegala Saidulu House To House No 2-97 Malgireddy Saidaireddy House No 2-91 Across The Miryala Eedamma House. House No 1-98 From There Kamalla Somaiah House To House No 1-54 To Kodati Somaiah House. House No 1-59.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 8
North : NSP Panta Kalava Kamalanagar (01st Ward)
East : Nereducherla (Old Nerreducherla) Nimmala Venkanna House No 3-61 South : The Pond Canal That Runs Over Ramapuram West : ChillePally Suburb.
Banothu Srinu Naik House to Across THe Bikki Venkataiah House To Sankalamaddi Madhusudhan Reddy House To Across The Chilakaraju Anjaiah To Poreddy Sathyanarayana house To Across The Tatikonda Appireddy House To Ramapuram
Stream to Across THe Kotlagadda Ramapuaram Bridge To Mariyanda School. Vemula Vinod House To Kodamgundla Narsamma House. From There Kodamagundla Lakshmaiah House to Chandamalla Ushaiah House From There Including Total Battuvanikunta Sahanthinagar Srinivas Naik House.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 9
North : Old Nereducherla, 8th Ward.
East : 10th Ward (House No 6-164 Poreddy Buchireddy) South : 06th Ward Ramapuram Road. West : Ramapuram Pond Stream.
Ramapuram Stream to Pidamathi Saidamma House Saidamma House Across THe Shivijinagar Ramalayam Enjamuri Saidaiah House. From There Ponnam Ramulu House To ZPHS School To Vidyanagar Ramalayam To Poreddy Sathyanarayana Reddy House
To Across The Banala Sujatha House Vemula Balaswamy House From There Konatham Rangareedy House To Across The Krishnareddy Apartments To Vallamsetla Prasad House From There Gunda Rammurthy House To Dama Lingamma, Gandhasiri Madhar House. From There Nemmoju SriRamulu HOuse To Across To Across The Taj Sulthan House To Incliding Total Sagaralolla Street To Shivajinagar, Ramapuram Stream.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 10
North : Old Nereducherla, 1st Ward.
East : Yarramshetty Janaiah House.
South : Ramapuram Road.
West : 09th Ward, Krishnareddy Apartments.
Donthireddy Venkatreddy New house to Across the Vasa Praveen house no 6-1 to Enjamuri Ramulu House No 6-16. From there across Municipal Office to Rachakonda Ramarao Shops To house No 6-105. From there Across the Rachakonda Ramakoteshwar Rao Shops To across the Sahakara Bank House No 6-114 To Nagendla Saritha House No 6-154. From there Mettu Srinivas Reddy House No 6-170 To Shaik Mukid House No 5-282. From There Ravula Vimala House No 5-210 To Donthireddy Venkatreddy House.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 11
North : 2nd Ward
East : Post office street, Masjid street
South : Muncipal Office road
West : Huzurnagar R&B Road (Amrutha reddy hotel)
House no.7.11 Nakirekanti Ramaswamy house to Boring Gopal House From there Sakinala Upender house to Across the post office mannem Srinivas reddy house From here Katta Janardhan reddy house to across the Kottireddy hotel to Ramalayam at center. From there Amararapu Bhiksham house to Nakirekanti Ramaswam House.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 12
North : Huzurnagar R&B Road.
East : 4th Wrad (Jitender Reddy house.) South : Gummadi Ramreddy House. West : R&B Janapahad Road.
Eega Nageshwara rao house to across the Ramalayam to Nagarjuba Gramena Bank. From there konatham Ram narsimhareddy house. From there Pragathi Telugu Medium Hostel. From there Across the Venkatrama House to Malgireddy Samata house. From there Across the Nirmala chicken center to Eega nageshwar rao building.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 13
North : 4th Ward, (R&B Road Huzurnagar Road.) East : S.K.S Function hall road South : Gangamma Temple. West : Janpahad R&B Road.
Gummadi Venkat reddy house to Seetaramreddy house. From there Vajrala Lingaiah house. From there Across the Government Hospital to mallikajuna Rice mill. From there teh Gulabi poola thota to Gummadi Venkatreddy house.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 14
North : Miryalagudem R&B Road.
East : Janpahad R&B Road.
South : SR Pride Function Hall. West : Bypass Road.
From the Market Yard Office vto thye Chintabanda Colony behind the bPolice station to Across the Padmavathi colony to Poreddy Bhikshmareddy (old weigh bridge). From there Across ghe Tippani Lakshmamma house to Shaik peersaheb house. From there Across the Raghavendra parboiled ricemill (bypass) to Naryana house. From there Across the Empty lands to Market place.

Neredcherla Municipality Ward No 15
North : Miryalagudem R&B Road.
East : Janpahad R&B Road.
South : 14th ward,( Kalam Samrajyam House.) West : Shailk Peersab.
Tikkala Krishnarao house to Across the vangala Raghavareddy house to Polagani Venkamma Shop. From there Jillelamudi Nageshwar rao house to across the NSP camp to SR Pride Funtion hall. From there Puvvadi Venkateshwarlu house to Across the Ven al rao to Tikkala Krishna rao house.

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