Nirmal Municipality into 42 wards

Department Nirmal Municipality Nirmal District Division of Nirmal Municipality into (42) wards Final Notification G.O. Ms. No.429, Dated: 17.12.2019

Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Nirmal Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Nirmal Municipality into (42) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in G.O. 1 st read above and requested to issue final notification.

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference 2nd read above, Government hereby decide to issue final notification of division of Nirmal Municipality into (42) wards. The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette Nirmal Municipality NOTIFICATION

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 11 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Nirmal Municipality into (42) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.


Nirmal Municipality WARD No. 1
North of Khan H.No. 4-1-83/20 near Masjid
East Starting from Raheem Khan H No. 4-1-83/20 to Padigela Raju Malgi
South Starting from Padigela Raju Malgi to house of B. Rajalingam H.No. 5-6-82
West Starting from B. Rajalingam H.No. 5-6-82 to Candi Ramanna Sai Baba Temple

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.2
North Starting from H No. 4-1-83/2 of Nakala Sushila to Doda Narayana H.No. 4-2-
East Starting from Doda Narayana H.No. 4-2-1/A to Gandhi Chowk (Gandhi Statue) turning right side
South Starting from Gandhi Chowk (Gandhi Statue) turning right side to Dakshanam Jewllers
West Starting from Dakshanam Jewllers to Nakala Susheela H.No. 4-1-83/2

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.3
North Starting from Kamaldhar Gupta House to Bangalpet Housing Board Colony
East Starting from Housing Board Colony to Thota Suderdhan H.No. 3-4-90
South Starting from Thota Suderdhan H.No. 3-4-90 to Donda Laxmi H.No. 4-198/75/3
West Starting from Donda Laxmi H No 4-1-98/75/3 to Kamaladhar Gupta House

Nirmal Municipality WARD No. 4
North Starting from Jangal Hanman Temple to Bangalpet Municipal Water Tank
East Starting from Municipal Water Tank to Baba Kishan
South Starting from Baba Kishan H No. 3-4-84 to Primary Health Center Bangalpet
West Starting from Govt. Hospital to Jangal Hanuman Temple

Nirmal Municipality WARD No. 5
North Starting from H.No 3-2-60 of Sudarshan house to Municipal limits (water tank) Boiwada
Starting from Gandiramanna Sai Baba Temple to House Raheem Boiwada to Ramulu H.No. 2-6-16/1 Shantinikethan School
Sudershan H.No. 3-2-60

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.6
H.No. 2-5-91 beside Shantinikethan Highvia om Kareshwar Temple to back side Canesh H.No. 2-4-46/2
to Abdul Qadeer H.No. 2-5-95 to via house of Shakeer Khan tovia Asraf Ali Kirana Shop to Ganesh School.

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.7
2-3-68/2 to P. Hemalatha H.No. 2-3-6/3/2 to Muneeruddin house end H.No.No. 2-3-1/A to H.No 2-3-46/1 H No. 2-3-46/1 to H.No. 2-3-68/2 end

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.8
Walgote Hospital to Hanuman Temple 2-1-78/59
H.No. 2-1-78/59 to Sagar house Kurannapet
H.No. 2-2-21/16/8 house of Hira Model School to H.No. 2-2-21/15/A/1 of Abdul No. 2-2-17/5 of Walgote Hospital

Nirmal Municipality WARD No. 9
proceeding towards eastern side along the towards southern side upto existing H No left proceeding towards eastern side upto Near Udru Medium School School proceeding towards southern side towards eastern side upto H No. 7-2side proceeding southern side upto near
East Starting from Municipal limits (water tank) South Starting from Ramulu H No 2-6-16/1 to West Starting from Shantinikethan School to WARD No. Starting from house of Ganesh Goud NorthSchool to Govt. Primary School Venkatadripet Starting from Govt. Primary School to EastShaiksahabpet last Masjid area to S Starting from S. Ganesh H.No. 2-4-46/2 South Mouliali Panjagutta Shaiksahabpet Shaiksahabpet Main Masjid

Starting from Shaiksahabpet Main Masjid West Goud house beside Shantinikethan High WARD No. North Starting from Murlidhar Reddy H.No Starting from P. Hemalatha H No. 2-3-6/3/2 East 2-3-64/3/2 End South Starting from Muneeruddin house to H
West Starting from Mursalim Khan house to WARD No. Starting from H.No. 2-2-17/5 of North proceeding towards Anga Linganna H.No. Starting from house of Anga Linganna East Proceeding towards Siddique Masjid Starting from Siddique Masjid to South School
Starting from house of Hira Model West Sami house X- Road proceeding to H

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.
Starting from MLA Camp Office road and turn right side proceeding
North 7-2-79 of Penta Potha Lingam and turn via Saraswathi Shishumandir School
Starting from Near Urdu Medium upto H.No 7-4-106 turn left proceeding
East65/30/2 of Sami House and turn right Mothi Nagar Masjid
South Starting from Near Mothi Nagar Masjid proceeding towards western side via Rosewood Appartment along the Indiranagar Road upto Gattu Rajeshwar House of H.No. 7-2-601 and right turn towards northern side along the road and turn left near Public Health Office proceeding towards western side NH 7 Road near Gandhipark
West Starting from Gandhipark near Public Health Office N.H. 7 Road proceeding towards northern side upto MLA Camp Office

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.10
North Starting from Nimmala Krishnam Raju H.No. 1-3-124/9/4 proceeding towards eastern side proceeding towards to Municipal limits upto Ibrahim Chervu
East Starting from Ibrahim Chervu and proceeding towards Municipal limits opposite Hanuman Temple proceeding towards sourthern side upto take turn towards Chityanya School
West Starting from Chityanya School proceeding towards western side towards
Satyanarayana Hotel and proceed towards H.No. 8-1-75 upto Samanpalli Sayanna H.No. 1-3-155/EStarting from Samanpalli Sayanna H.No 1-3-155/E proceeding towards northern side via Gollapet Pochamma Temple upto H.No. 1-3-127/9/2 of Nimmala Krishnam Raju H.No. 1-3-124/9/4

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.11
North Starting from Shantinagar X-Road Anagondula Rajanna shops H.No. 8-186/12 proceeding towards eastern side upto Mancherial Road Municipal limits
H.No. 8-1-2/2 of Srinivas Goud near Bride
South Starting from Municipal limits to house of Srinivas Goud near bridge proceedings towards southern side via Hanuman Temple Venkatapur to house of P V. Raju H.No. 1-80
Starting from house of PV Raju H.No. 1-80 venkatapur proceedings towards northern side via Gadichanda Ramulu house via Sri Rama Timmer Depot H.N0. 1-228/D18
West Starting from Sri Rama Timmer Depot H No. 1-228/D18 proceedings towards Pasha Hotel H.No. 1-2-28/D15 via Shantinagar Road via Venkatapur road edge H.No. 8-1-292 of Mera Bai house via proceeding Shantinagar X-Road Anagondula Rajanna shops H No. 8-1-86/12

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.12
North Starting from Gurukulam Girls Hostel proceedng towards via Sanjay School eastern side upto Shantinagar Sheetha Ramalayam Temple
East Starting from Shantinagar Sheetha Ramalayam Temple proceeding towards southern side H.No. 8-1-151 of Katari Malika Arjun Siddamma house
South Starting from house of Katari Malika Arjun Siddamma H.No. 8-1-151 proceeding towards western side via Hanuman Temple Sofinagar Darga
West Starting from house Sofinagar Darga proceedings towards northern side via Nizamabad Road to Gurukulam Girls Hostel
Shamashanvatika H.NO. 1-3-132/B3 Shantinagar X-Road near house of
of Surya Poshetty H No. 8-1-86/4 Ramalayam Temple proceedings towards western side via proceedings to western side via Shamshanavatika H.No 1-3-132/B
Hall H. No. 1-2-14/1 to Narmada Mancherial Chowrastha Samrudhi Lodge at Mancherial Board Office H.No. 1-5-53 at Sofinagar 1-5-53 at Sofinagar to Saraswathi
side of Sofinagar and Adharshnagar 1-4-176/17 -B to MA Hameem
1-1-75 Eidgoan Chowrastha at floor via Right side of R. Prakash H.No H.No. 1-4-176/17/6 at Adarshangar at Siddapur at Siddapur via back side of Siddapur

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.13
Starting from Mancherial X-Road via North proceeding towards eastern side upto Surya Poshetty H.No. 8-1-86/4 Starting from Shantinagar X-Road house
East proceedings towards southern side Sita Starting from Sita Ramalayam Temple South
Sanjay School to Gurukula School for Girls West Starting from Gurukula School for Girls Buddavihal upto Mancherial X-Road

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.14
Starting from M A. Hameed Golden Function North Devi H No. 1-2-27/KL7 Samrudhi Lodge at Starting from Narmada Devi H.No. 1-2-27/KL7
East Chowrastha via Shamghad to Housing Starting from Housing Board Office H.NO.
Starting from Saraswathi part mixed from house of Golden Function Hall H No.
Canal via back WestSayanna H.No. 1-2-14/1 Starting from house of
Mill to Muneeruddin H.N0. Starting from Muneeruddin 1-4-176/21 at Adarshnagar Small Church to D. Sayanna Starting from D. Sayanna to Filter Bed at Siddapur
Starting from Siddapur at Eidgoan Floor Mill

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.15
Naresh H.No. North1-1-45/B8 H.No. 1-1-45/B8 Eastvia Simon H No 1-4-75/1 H.No. 1-4-75/1
South Filter Bed via Starting from house 1-6/ IA of Gowtham Starting from School Eidgoan H.No. 1-4-125/J2

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.16
of Saya Reddy H.No. NorthModel School Eidgoan house of P Rajeshwar
Eastvia right side of Ramnagar at Hindu Shamashanvatika
South Starting from house of Orsu Nadipi Chinnaiah H.No. 1-4-125/J2 at Hindu Shamashanvatika and back side open land to S. Ram Reddy and others H.No.
1-4-126/9 at Geethanjali School at Gayathripuram area
West Starting from house of S. Ram Reddy and others H.No. 1-4-126/9 at Geethanjali School at Gayathripuram area and right side of Ramnagar to Saya Reddy H.No 1-1-4/15/5

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.17
Starting from Medha Moral School of Anju Kumar Reddy H.No. 4-199 to Mallikarjuna Reddy H.No. 1-4-143/1 at Ramnagar starting area
East Starting from Mallikarjuna Reddy H.No. 1-4-143/1 at Ramnagar starting area via Asra Colony Right area and Asra Colony right side Masjid area to Nasim Sultana H.No. 1-4-125/H/16 at Gayatripuram and back side of New Construction area
South Starting from house of Nasim Sultana H.No. 1-4-125/H/16 at Gayatripuram and back side of New Construction area to back side of Gayatripuram Masjid
West Starting from Gayatripuram Masjid via Right side of total Asra Colony to Medha Moral School of Anju Kumar Reddy H No 4-99 at Manjulapur Starting point

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.18
North Starting from house of Boddu Gangamallu H No. 2-1 Manjulapur Pochamma Temple area to left side of H No. 4-117/1 Bakka Poshetty house to Hanmandlu of H.No. 4-198 Vijaya Nagar Colony
East Starting from house of Hanmandlu of H.No. 4-198 Vijaya Nagar to H.No. 4180/5/A of M. Raj Kumar Near Govt. Primary School
South Starting from house of M Raj Kumar H.No. 4-180/5/A to Hindu Smashnavatika Manjulapur
West Starting from Hindu Smashnavatika Manjulapur to house of Boddu Gangamallu H.No 2-1 of Manjulapur

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.19
North Starting from house of Malkanna H No. 5-71/6 proceeding towards house of V Rajendhar H.No. 5-11-93/2/1 to Sagar Road No. 17
East Starting from Sagar Road No. 17 proceeding towards Ram Sagar Cheruvu to Chouse H.No. 5-187/1
South Starting from house of Chouse H.No. 5-187/1 towards Bheemanna H.No. 1-75 to Dyawara Laxman H.No. 1-19
West Starting from house of Dyawara Laxman H.No 1-19 proceeding towards Petrol Bunk to Malkanna H,No. 5-71/6

Nirmal Municipality WARD No 20
Starting from Barkathpura Road No. 3 to S.R. Digi School proceeding to N T.R Stadium
South Starting from N.T.R. Stadium to Pochamma Temple proceeding towards Vidya Sagar Reddy H.No 5-1 1-91
Starting from Vidya Sagar H No 5-1 1-91 to Church H No. 5-12-94/1
Starting from Church H No 5-12-94/1 to H.No. 5-12-116 of Shankar House proceeding towards Barkathpura Road No. 3

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.21
Starting from I.M L. Building to Aman Plaza proceeding towards H.No. 5-710/37/51 house
Starting from H.No. 5-7-10/37/51 to Hanuman Temple to Ganesh Madapam proceeding towards Barkathpura Road No. 3
Starting from Barkathpura Road No 3 to H.No. 5-12-113 house to Church Road proceeding towards Doctor Venture
Starting from Doctor Venture to I M A Building

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.22

Starting from Sabbarimatha Temple to Kedarnath Cotton Mill proceeding towards IMA Building
Starting from IMA Building to Doctor Venture
Starting from Doctor Venture to H No 5-13-56 house proceeding to H.No 5Starting from H.No. 5-13-1/191 house to Forest Land proceeding towards

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.WARD No. – 23
Starting from Sagam Mohandas H No. 5-5-27/61/A to Abdul Basheer H.No. 53-84/1
East Starting from Abdul Basheer H.No. 5-3-84/1 to Gayatri Silver Merchant
East Starting from Gayatri Silver Merchant to Juhan Medical Padigala Lingaiah H No 5-5-5
Starting from Medical Padigala Lingaiah H No. 5-5-5 to Sagam Mohandas H. NO 5-5-27/6/A

WARD No. – 24
Starting from H No. 4-1-53 house of Nadi Ravinder to Jowly Nala Bargila Narsa Reddy house H.No 2-4-474 proceeding towards Laxmi H No. 2-4-623/3 to house of Ram Babu H.No. 2-4-22/2
Starting from H.No 2-5-71 via Road upto H. No. 2-5-112 of Mahesh Goud
South Starting from HNO. 2-5-1 12 of Mahesh Goud to H.No. 2-4-525 proceeding towards H No 2-4-516 of G. Venkat Ramana H.No 2-4-565 of G. Prasad turned right side to Jowli Na!ä upto G. Vivek house
West Starting from H.No. 2-4-29 of G Anil Kumar proceeding towards Northside Girls High School to turned left side proceeding towards south side upto Jonna Bheemanna house turned right side A. Lalitha H.No. 5-5-1 to Gandhichowk upto Nadipi Ravinder house

Nirmal Municipality WARD No 25
North Starting from Munurkapu Sangam house to Chitikeshi Hanuman Temple
East Starting from Chitikeshi Hanuman Temple to H No. 2-6-21/1 of Sudharshan Rao house
South Starting from H.No. 2-6-21/1 of Sudharshan Rao house to Basa Laxmi Bai H.No. 2-5-61
East Starting from Basa Laxmi Bai H.No. 2-5-61 to Munurkapu Sangam

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.26
Starting from Beside Government Girls High School lane H No 2-4-36 of Lingoji S/o Santhagi to via H.No. 2-6-96 of Shankar S/o. Kishan H.No. 2-6-89 of B Vidyavathi W/o. Sataiah to Shantinikethan High School
Starting from Shantinikethan High School to Japa Kashinath house via Gone Laxmi H.No. 2-3-6 to H.No. 2-2-23/2/2 Rameshwari W/o Gangaram
South Starting from Posham Narsimulu H.No. 2-2-54/A to H.No. 2-2-64 Rehana Begum W/o. Abdul Hameed
West Starting from H.No 2-2-39/2/1 Md Fahimuddin to via Jamrutha H.No. 4-3-82 to Government Girls High School

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.27
North Starting from H.No. 4-3-85 of Abid Rehman Post Office turning to H No. 2-3-48 of Iqbal Suriya proceeding towards right side road H.No. 2-2-70 to Hanuman Temple
East Starting from Hanuman Temple to H.No. 2-2-17/5 Walgote Hospital proceeding to Saleem house No. 6-3-18/17/1
South Starting from Saleem house No. 6-3-18/17/1 to Kamal Talkies road proceeding towards Abdul Munaf house No. 6-3-49
West Starting from Abdul Munaf house No. 6-3-49 to Market Road Devarakota Proceeding towards Abid Rehman House No. 4-3-85

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.28
North Starting from Ambaji Hotel proceeding towards eastern side upto Kotapally Shekar House
East Starting from Kotapally Shekar House via M. Someshwar House upto Mogli Radha H.No. 6-4-75/1C
South Starting from Mogli Radha H.No. 6-4-75/IC proceedings towards western side along the road upto near Chepuri Venkata Swamy house
West Starting from Chepuri Venkata Swamy house proceedings towards northern side via Saragamma Temple along the Market Road upto Ambaji Hotel.

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.29
South Starting H No. 6-5-86 of Saddam Santosh Kumar house proceeding towards eastern side alongwith CC Road via Rahmath Ali H No. 6-4-71 upto Ganganna house No. 6-4-55/1
Starting H No. 6-4-55/1 of Ganganna house to proceedings towards southern side along with BT Road via Mirza Yaseen Baig Babu house to Anwar Hussain H No. 6-4-75/38/B via Riyaz ul Haq via Basheer Khan house Maqbool Hussain house, Muneer Qureshi house to Kasba School Anand Yadav house TMRUES School upto Church
Starting from Church proceeding towards Anwar House at H.No. 6-4-75 proceeding towards western side along with BT Road, Mastan Khan house along with CC Road via Masjid Burhaniya upto P. Venkatesh house at H.No.
Starting from P. Venkatesh house at H.No. 6-5-97 proceeding towards Northern side along with BT Road upto Saddam Santosh Kumar house at H No. 6-5-86

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.30
Starting from H.No. 7-1-23 Munawar Sultana to H.No. 6-4-75 Masjid proceeding to Banja Narsaiah Road H.No 6-4-75/20D house of Khaja Taj Ahmed
Starting from H.No. 6-4-75/20D house of Khaja Taj Ahmed to Bhulaxmi temple providing towards H.No, 7-2-59/2D Chinta Narsaiah house
Starting from H.No. 7-2-59/2D Chinta Narsaiah house to Bagulawada Hanuman Temple proceeding towards H No. 7-2-20 Chinna Bhudevi House
Starting from H.No. 7-2-20 Chinna Bhudevi House to Bagulawada X-Road proceeding to Shivalayam Road to H.No. 1-1-23 of Munawar Sultana house

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.WARD No. – 31
Starting from LIGH Quarters H.No 7-2-84/J to Gangaram H No 1-3-124/9
Starting from Gangaram H.No 1-3-124/9 to house of Shashi Rekha H No. 1-3131/ IAI Mancherial Chowrastha
Starting from H No. 1-3-131/ IAI Mancherial Chowrastha to right turn H.No. 13-156 of Prabhakar Rao shops
West Starting from H.No. 1-3-156 of Prabhakar Rao shops proceedings towards Chain Gate to Praja Wines back side LICH Quarters H.No. 7-2-84/J

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.32
North StaÅing from Animal Husbandary Office H No 1-2-100/98 to Executive Engineer Panchayath Raj Office at Chaingate
Starting from Executive Engineer Panchayath Raj Office at Chaingate via Right side of M.S. Towers to house of Raju Bai Srirama Timber Depot H.No. 12-20/1 El
Starting from Raju Bai Timber Depot H.No. 1-2-20/1E1 via Maruthi Beedi Company to house of Syed Afar Moinuddin H.No. 1-1-81/5 at Eidgoan.
Starting fromhouse of Syed Afar Moinuddin H.No. 1-1-81/5 at Eidgoan via Fish Market to Animal Husbandary Office

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.33
North Starting from NTR Margh Road No. 6 via Ravi H.No. 5-11-51/8034 to Radha Krishna Mandir Temple proceeding towards old Registration Office
East Starting from Old Registration Office to Government Girsl Hostel proceeding towards Eidgoan Chowrastha
South Starting from Eidgoan Chowrastha proceeding towards Sajiduddin H.No. 1-15/1 5/7
North Starting from Sajiduddin H No. 1-1-5/15/7 to Adpa Bhumanna house proceding towards NTR Marg Road No. 6

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.34
Starting from N.T.R Stadium and Vilas Rao H.No 5-1 1-51/3J proceeding towards house of Vidya Sagar Reddy H No. 5-11-91
South Starting from Vidya Sagar Reddy H.No. 5-1 1-91 to Manjulapur Road proceeding towards H.No. 5-11-80 Narayana Reddy house
Starting from H.No. 5-11-80 Narayana Reddy house to Pulaji Baba Temple proceeding towards NTR Marg Road No. 7 to H.No. 5-1 1-51/8425 house
West Starting from NTR Marg Road No. 7 to H.No. 5-11-51/8425 to Bahubali Appartment proceeding towards NTR Stadium

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.35
East Starting from H.No. 5-7-10/37/51 to Thirumula Nursing Home proceeding towards Ambedkar Statue Dharmasagar Tank Bund
Starting from Dharmasagar Tank Bund to H.No. 5-12-237/1 proceeding to Majid House
South Starting from house of Majid to Ambedkar Statue
West Starting from Ambedkar Statue to H.No. 5-12-314 house proceeding to H.No.5-10-37/51 house.

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.WARD No. -36
East Starting from Vijay Singh H.N0. 5-6-97/12/P to Dadika Posani H.No. 5-7-10/29 of Budhawarpet Harijanwada
Starting from Dadika Posani H No 5-7-10/29 to Shameem Sultana H.No. 5-930/1
South Starting from Shameem Sultana H.No. 5-9-30/1 to Bhupal Redy H.No. 5-1031/5
West Starting from Bhupal Redy H.No 5-10-31/5 to Vijay Singh H No 5-6-97/12/P

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.37
East Starting from Saleem Chicken Centre to house of U. Linganna H.No. 5-7-15 of Budhaarpet area
Starting from U. Linganna H No 5-7-15 of Budhaarpet to Decent Lodge
West Starting from Basitth Complex via Admula Sathish lane to Government Primary School
Starting from Putti Latha H No 5-10-30 to Saleem Chicken Centre

Nirmal Municipality WARD 38
Starting from Jagadam Shankaraiah H No. 5-7-14/1 via Kummari
North Satyanarayana H No 5-6-83 to Nayeem Hotel H No 5-3-
East Starting from Nayeem Hotel to Poshetty beside MatamMattam to Scrap shop H.No. 5-10-43/1
Starting from West Anmula Rajeshwar ( Opp. Govt. Primary School ) to via Anumula Rajender house to Jagadam Shankaraiah H.No, 5-7-14/1

Nirmal Municipality – 39
Starting from H.No 5-10-65 of Jabeen Begum house to Gutta proceeding to
H.No 5-1-11 of Nimmala Chaitanya house
East Starting from H.No. 5-1-1 1 of Nimmala Chaitanya house to Government Hospital proceeding towards Gulzar Chiken Center
South Starting from Gulzar Chiken Center to H.No. 6-1-45/1 of B Radha house
West Starting from H No. 6-1-45/1 of B Radha house to Gutta Proceeding towards
H.No. 5-10-65 of Jabeen Begum

WARD No. -40
Starting from H.No. 5-11-57 of Srinivas Goud to H.No. 6-2-30 of Gandra Raju proceeding to H.No 6-2-84 of Hakeem Shivanna house
Starting from H.No. 6-2-84 of Hakeem Shivanna house to H.No. 6-2-59 of V Laxmi house to Pedda Panja proceeding to H.No. 7-2-99 of A Vijaya Laxmi house
Starting from H.No. 7-2-99 of A Vijaya Laxmi house to SBI Main Branch proceeding to Vivekananda Statue
West Starting from Vivekananda Statue to H No 5-11-57 of Srinivas Goud house
WARD No. -41
Starting from Alauddin Siddiqui H.No. 7-3-23/4 to District Collector Office North proceeding to Chaingate
East Starting from Chaingate to G. Narsaiah H.No. 7-3-48/2A proceeding towards Sargu Sayamma H.No. 7-3-48/F1
Starting from Sargu Sayamma H.No. 7-3-48/F1 to Old Registration Office
South Proceeding towards Radha Krishna Temple
Starting from Radha Krishna Temple to G. Limbaiah H.No. 7-3-30/3 West proceeding towards Alauddin Siddique H.No. 7-3-23/4

Nirmal Municipality WARD No.WARD No. -42
Starting from house of Vidya Sagar Reddy H No 5-11-21/3 to H. No. 5-10-41 North
Masiuddin Shop proceeding to Pinjarigutta Hanuman Temple
East Starting from proceeding to Pinjarigutta Hanuman Temple to G.K. Hospital Road proceeding to H.No. 6-1-45 of B. Radha house
Starting from H.No. 6-1-45 of B. Radha house to Hanuman Temple to Srinivas SouthGoud H.No. 5-11-57
Starting from Srinivas Goud H.No. 5-11-57 to Samad Complex proceeding
Westtowards Vidyasagar Reddy H.No. 5-11-21/3

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