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Narsingi Municipality into 18 wards

Narsingi Municipality into 18 wards

Department Narsingi Municipality, Rangareddy District Division of Narsingi Municipality into eighteen Ø(18) wards – Final Notification

Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Narsingi Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Narsingi Municipality into eighteen (18) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in G.O. I SI read above and requested to issue final notification.

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference 2nd read above, Government herby decided to issue final notification of division of Narsingi Municipality into eighteen (18) wards.
The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette:
Narsingi Municipality NOTIFICATION

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 11 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Narsingi Municipality into eighteen (18) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.

Annexure to G.O Ms. No. 325, MA & UD (MA) Department, Dated: 17.12.2019 Narsingi Municipality :: Ranga Reddy District.

Description of Boundaries wards
Narsingi Municipality Ward No. Locality Boundaries
Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 1 Vattinagulapally NORTH It Starts from Sy.No:37 of Vattingaulapally Village and runs through Sy.No:44 & ends at Sy.No:132 of Vattingaulapally Village
EAST It Start from Sy.No:132 & run along the radial road and turns right at H.No 3-93 and runs along the ward office road H.N01-3/1 and turns left along the road
H.N03-33/1 and runs along the road and ends at Sy No 326 Vattinagulapally village Boundary.
SOUTH It Starts from Sy.No.326 Vattinagulapally Village Boundary of and ends at Sy.No:436 Vattinagulaplly village.
WEST It Starts from village boundary of Sy.No:436 and ends at Sy.No:37 of Vattingaulapally Village.

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 2Vattinagulapally NORTH It Starts from Sy.No:52 of Vattinagulapally Village Boundaiy and ends at Sy.No.223&222 of Vattinagulapally
EAST It Starts from Vattinagulapally Village Boundary of Sy.No. 223 & 222 and ends at Sy.No.250 of Vattinagulapally village
SOUTH It Starts from Sy.No:250 of Vattinagulapally Village and Ends at Sy No 326Vattinagulapally VillageWEST It Starts from Sy No 326 Vattinagulapally village and runs along the of radial road and it will continues till government school and ends at Sy. No:52Vattinagulapally village

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 3 Kokapet NORTH It starts from ORR Service Road of village Boundary and runs through ORR service Road and Ends at Akshaya Patra.
EAST It starts from Akshaya patra and runs through GovtSchool and Ends at H.No 3-1
SOUTH it starts from H.No 3-1 to runs along the mallana temple road towards Sabitha nagar border and ends at Khanapur Cricket ground Back side of Govt School.
WEST It starts from Khanapur Cricket ground Back side of Govt School along the DRCC center of Khnapur and Ends at ORR Service road.

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 4 Kokapet NORTH It start From H.No:1-1 towards Lawnz Apartments and ends at H.No:1-18/2
EAST It start From 1-18/2 and runs through Lawnz apartment border along the Anganwadi Building and ends at sy No 131 musi vagu
SOUTH Musi Vagu end point
WEST It Starts Musi vagu at Erramma and runs through mathat road and right to Mallana temple road and at
H.No 2-14/3 turns left runs through road and ends at H.No 1-15
Kokapet NORTH It starts from H.No:4-1 (Govt School)and runs through BPR pear celestial Apartments and ends at Akshaya patra.

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 5
EAST It starts from akshaya patra and runs along the Golden mile road and ends with Rajapushpa atria Apartment Border.SOUTH It starts from starts from Rajpushpa Atria Apartment Border and runs though Sy.No -147 Govt land and ends at musi vagu sy no 131.
WEST It starts from sy no 131 musi vagu and runs through anganwadi building and turn right at Kallu compound and runs through and ends at Govt School.

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 6 Narsingi North It Starts from Sy no 156 and turns left at Sy No 163 and turns right Sy No 173 and turns right again Sy No 185 and ends at Sy No 277
East It Starts from H.No 7-51 and ends at H.No 6-83/1
south It Starts from H.No 6-83/1 and turns left at Sy No 51 and turns right Sy No 71 and againn turns left at sy no 124 and again turns left at Sy No 132 and turns right Sy No 134 and turns left at Sy No 136 and ends at Sy NO 140.
West It Starts From Sy No 140 and turns left at Sy No 124 and Ends at Sy No 153

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 7 Narsingi North It Starts from H.No 4-233 and ends at H.N05-147
East It Starts from H.No 5-147 and ends at H.No 5-14
South It Starts from H.No 5-14 and ends at H.No 5-23/ A
West It Starts from H.No 5-23/A and ends at H.No 5-138/1

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 8 Narsingi North It Starts from Sy No 298/1 and Ends at Sy No 248
East It Starts from Sy No 248 and Ends at Sy No 298/2
South It Starts from Sy No 298/2 and Ends at H No 8-125
West It Starts from H No 8-125 and Ends at H No 8-7/1

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 9 Narsingi North It starts from H.No 8-124/3 via H.No 8-124/2 and turns left at Mustafa Dairy and Ends at Sy No 300 of Narsingi village
East It Starts From Sy No 300 via Grass hoppers apartment and turns Right Via Balaji apartment and turns left side via Green space villas and ends at H.No 3-1 / 1
South It Starts from H.No 3-1 / 1 via YSR cirlcle Towards left and Ends at ZPHS Govt High school
West It Starts from H.No ZPHS high school and end at H.No 8-124/3

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 10 Manchirevula North It Starts from from Manchirevula Boundary at musi river along veerana guta temple and passing Berappa temple via mekala Satanarayana house towards manchirevula x road and ends at roayal functional Hall.
East Village Boundary
South Village Boundary
West Village boundary

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 11 Gandipet NORTH It starts at from H.No 2-63 and runs along the village boundary and ends at free Zone villas corner.
EAST It Starts from free Zone villas corner towards burial ground and proceeds North star, dumping yard and ends at musi river.
SOUTH It Start from musi river and proceeds towards , Signature Villas and Gandimaisamma Temple and ends at osman Sagar lake
WEST Osman sagar lake (end point)

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 12 Khanapur NORTH It starts from Shiva Verma land towards Freshco., and towards Laxmamma temple and proceeds towards Ravindar House, (endpoint).
EAST It starts from Ravindar (H) towards DRCC center and towards Vidya Vikas School and proceeds to UPS School and Masjid (endpoint).
SOUTH It starts from Masjid proceeds towards Gungurthy H/o. Khanapur and endpoint at ORO sports village.
WEST It starts from oro SPORTS Village and ends Shiva verma Land

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 13 Gandipet NORTH It Starts from H No. 1-69/3 Proceeds and towards Farzana Khatoon guest house and ends at left side of SC burial ground Sy.No.65 of Khanapur.
EAST It starts from 65, SC burial ground towards Golkonda Resorts main Gate and proceeds towards Talsildar office road and ends at Indra Reddy Statue Circle
SOUTH It Start From Indra Reddy Statue Circle and ends at osmansagar Lake
WEST It Starts from osmansagar Lake and runs through khanapur Village road and ends at 1-69/3

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 14 KOKAPET NORTH It start From Sabitha Nagar towards Shanthi Nagar road passing legend chimes and ends at rajapushpa atria apartment
EAST It start from Rajapushpa Atria apartment and ends at Rajapushpa Regalia appartment.
SOUTH It Starts from Rajapushpa Regalia apartment runs through Gandipet main road and ends at Treasure Island.
WEST It Starts from Treasure Island and ends at Sabitha Nagar movie lowers road.

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 15 Manchirevula North It starts from Padalla Ram reddy college, runs along Shanker palli to Hyderabad road and Ends at 174 of Manchirevula.
East It Starts from H.No 1-74 on Shanker palli to Hyderabad road proceeds through Manchirevula village road ends at PSR garden junction
South It Starts at Garden junction Near ( 4-116), proceeds tow ds ( 4-68) Via H.No 4-79 along H.No 2-74 proceeds upto village boundary of Manchirev: , ‘ Village
West it starts Village boundary and ends Padala ram reddy co!’

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 16 Narsingi North It Startq Sy no 356 pnd ends at H.No 4-60
East It Starts From QPR road and ends al ‘y ends at H.No 4-29
SouthH.No 4-7 and turns left Ads at Manchirevula X road
West Road of Manchirevula x

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 17 Narsingi North It Starts from H.No 4-62 and Ends at H.No 5-14
East It starts from H.No 5-14 and Ends at H.No 3-37
South It starts from H.No 3-37 and Ends at H.No 3-136
West It starts from H.No 3-136 via 3-147 and ends at H.N0 4-62.

Narsingi Municipality Ward No. 18 Narsingi North It Starts from H.No 2-9 via sub register office ends at YSR junction
East YSR junction End Point
South It starts at YSR junction through along the radial road and Ends at Manchirevula X Road
West It Starts from Manchirevula X road and ends atH.N02-9

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