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Shankarpally Municipality into 15 wards

Shankarpally Municipality into 15 wards

Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department Shankarpally Municipality, Ranga Reddy District – Division of Shankarpally Municipality into fifteen (15) wards – Final Notification Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Shankarpally Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Shankarpally Municipality into fifteen (15) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed and requested to issue final notification.

Shankarpally Municipality into 15 wards Reservation List

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference, Government herby decide to issue final notification of division of Shankarpally Municipality into fifteen (15) wards. The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette:

Ranga Reddy District – Division of Shankarpally Municipality into fifteen (15) wards NOTIFICATION

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 11 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Shankarpally Municipality into fifteen (15) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.


Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO. 1
NORTH Start at Ordinance factory Main Gate to Sai Baba Temple, ODF Boundery Sangareddy District.
EAST Starts From Sai Baba Temples to Kandi Main Road through Rice Mill at Singapur ward Road.
SOUTH Starts at Kandi Main Road near Sy.No.338 to Chakali vagu Near Sy.No.54.
WEST l.Kistaiah House to Y.Amruthamma House Chakali Vagu Sy.No.54 to Tower Ram Mandir through passes along with chakali vagu.

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO.02
NORTH TSSPDCL Office to Revathi School to Pipeline Road to BDL Wall to Surendar Reddy Function Hall.
EAST Starts at Surendar Reddy Function Hall to goes towards Shankarpally Patancheru Road Through NTPC Lands.
SOUTH Starts at Shankarpally Patancheru Road to goes to Pipeline Road Golla Vagu to Shaboddin House to Kandi Road Near Laxmi Theatre
WEST Starts at Laxmi Threatre to TSSPDCL Office.

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO.03
NORTH Starts at Weeker Section Complex to G.Sri Shailam House to Shaboddin House.
EAST Starts at Shaboddin House to Sudarshan House passing Hyd Road to Gollawagu Sy.No. 198.
SOUTH Starts at Sy.No.198 to G.Narayana House to Market Road to Station Road ends at M. Radha Krishna House.
WEST Starts at M. Radha Krishna House at Station Road to Chowrasta to weaker Section Complex.

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO.04
NORTH Starts at Bulkapur Shivar Open Land in Sy.No.29 to Ends at Open Land in Sy.No.183 of Bulkapur Shivar through Bulkapur Village Center.
EAST Starts at Open Land in Sy.No.183 of Bulkapur to end at Musi Vagu.
SOUTH Starts at Musivagu to goes through Musivagu to Ends at Bulkapur Chinna Shankarpally Sivar Sy.No.301.
WEST Starts at Sy.No.301 of Shankarpally to goes to Bulkapur Shankarpally Road ends at Sy.No.29.

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO.05
NORTH Starts at Kondakal Road & BDL Compound wall to goes to east towards Open Land in Sy.No.186 of Bulkapur Shivar through Hyderabad ROad.
EAST Starts at Sy.No. 186 of Bulkapur Shivar goes to south towards Bulkapur Shivar Ends at Open Land In Sy.No.29.
SOUTH Starts at Open Land in Sy.No.29 to BDL Comound wall.
WEST Starts on at BDL Road to Ends at Bulkapur Shivar.

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO.06
NORTH Starts from Sy.No.210 of Shankarpally to goes to east side towards ends at RUB
EAST Starts at RUB to goes through railway Track up to Railway Station Shankarpally
SOUTH Starts from Railway Station Shankarpally to ZPHS Girls
WEST Starts at ZPHS Girls to Ends at Sy.No.210

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO.07
NORTH Stars at Vivekananda College to Durgaiah Hotel to M.Srinivas Reddy House to RIY Bridge Golla Vagu.
EAST Starts at RIY Bridge Gollavagu to Passing Golla Vagu to Ramanthapur Shivar at Sy.No.58.
SOUTH Starts Sy.No.58 to Ramanthapur Sivar and goes through Musi River Ends at Sy.No.128
WEST Start at Sy.No.128 to Regional Ring Road to at BTM Colony Road Vivekananda College.

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO.08
NORTH Starts at Closed Railway Track Near Sy.No. 192 and runs towards east Teegala Vagu ends at Ayyapareddy Guda Back Side.
EAST Starts at Sy.No.328 Back side of Ayyapareddy Guda to Teegala Vagu Through Fathepur Ralway Bridge turns at goes through Musi Vagu ends at
SOUTH Starts at Sy.No.70 to Goes to west side through Musi Vagu turns at goes towards Ultra Tech Cement Factory.
WEST Starts at Ultra Tech Cement Factor to Closed Railway Track through Crossing the Vikarabad Road

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO.09
NORTH S.Narsimha Reddy to Boddu Mal Reddy House passing Village Road Y.Swamy House.
EAST Y.Swamy House to R.Manaiah House to Veera Bhadreeya Sangham to Ayyapareddy Gudem
SOUTH Ayyapareddy Gudem Mekala Anjaiah House to Singapur Village Border
WEST Starts Regional Ring Road at Sy.No.118 to Sy.No.181 through Closed Railway Track.

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO.IO
NORTH CUPS School to N.Venkat Ram Reddy house
EAST N.Venkat Ram Reddy House to G.Kanthi Reddy House and Vagu
SOUTH CUPS School to D.Damoder Shop
WEST Smashanavathika to Prposed Regional Ring Road

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO.I I
NORTH Starts at Shankarpally Patancheru Road to goes to Pipeline Road Golla Vagu to Shaboddin House to Kandi Road Near Laxmi Theatre
EAST Starts at BDL Compound wall to goes towards South to Road Under Bridge through Sy.No.280.
SOUTH Starts at Road Under Bridge at Ayyappa Temple to Minority Colony, Pragati Nagar Colony, Papireddy Colony to Burrial Ground Road to Hyd Road to ends at G.Sudarshan House.
WEST Starts at G.Sudarshan House to Shaboddin House.

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO. 12
NORTH Starts at Starts Katike Yellubai House to Vitoba House to G.Narayana House to Rithwik Veture Golla Vagu.
EAST Rithwik Venture Golla Vagu to Railway Bridge
SOUTH Starts at RIY Bridge to Market to Laxma Reddy House to Hanuman Temple to Bachu Manikyam House
WEST Starts at Bachu Manikyam House to D. Rajeshwar Shop to Katike Yellubai House.

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO. 13
NORTH Starts at Linga Reddy House to Jakeer House in Between Daram Vajraih House to S.Ramaih House .
EAST Starts at Sanike Ramaiah House to Girls High School South Side
SOUTH Starts at ZP Girls High School to Vivekananda School ends at BTM Colony
WEST Starts at Vivekananda School Chevella Road to Linga Reddy House

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO. 14
NORTH Starts at A.Chandra Shekhar House to turns at Police Qauarters to
Md.Saleem House to R&B Guest House Wall at Gopal Reddy House.
EAST Starts at Kandi Road BSNL Office to Chowrasta to Passing Municipal Office ends at Peddi Narsimlu House.
SOUTH Starts at Peddi Narsimlu House to K.Nandam House to Daram Vajraiah house to Jakeer House to Lingareddy Wines to Bramhamgari Gudi
WEST Starts at Bramhamgari Gudi to Passing Teegala Vagu to G.K. Raju Venture to A.Chandra Shekhar House.

Shankarpally Municipality WARD NO. 15
NORTH Starts at Durga Prasad House to Angawadi School to POchamma Gudi to Shidhumandir School to Kandi Road ends at J. Ravi House.
EAST Starts at J.Ravi House at Kandi Road to Sai Baba Temple Kaman to Damodar Reddy House passing R&B Guest House Compound wall.
SOUTH Starts at R&B Wall at Damodar Reddy House to G.Laxmamma House to Baswalingam House passing Police Quarters.
WEST Starts at Teegala Vagu to Saibaba Temple to Ayyapareddy Gudem Durga Prasad House.

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