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Withdrawal of all existing Bar licences in Andhra from November 23

Withdrawal of all existing Bar licences in Andhra from November 23

Article 47 of the Constitution of India enjoins that the State shall endeavor to bring about prohibition of the consumption, except for medicinal purposes, of intoxicating drinks and of drugs which are injurious to health. In compliance with Constitutional obligations, the Government has taken a policy decision to implement prohibition in a phased manner and regarded it as one of the top priority policies of the Government.

Towards achieving the said objective, the number of retail shops has been reduced from (4380) to (3500). Further, the A.P. State Beverages Corporation Ltd (APSBCL) has been granted exclusive privilege to run the (3500) retail liquor Shops w.e.f. 01.10.2019 and the business hours of retail liquor shops run by APSBCL have been reduced to 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

Further, in a series of meetings held in this regard as also from the representations of public at large especially from various women welfare organizations, it is strongly felt that there is an imperative need to further reduce the availability of liquor so as to avoid road accidents due to drunken drive, domestic violence, crime and other social evils caused under the influence of alcohol. It is also felt that such curtailment of availability of liquor would save the poorer sections from getting financially ruined.

In furtherance of the Government’s avowed policy of implementing prohibition in a phased manner, the existing Bar policy has been reviewed and it is decided, among other things, to reduce the number of Bars, increase the license fee and reduce the business hours of Bars with a view to further curtail the availability of alcoholic beverages to the general public.

After careful examination of the matter, the Government hereby order that:

1) All the existing Bar licences in Form-2B granted under the A.P. Excise (Grant of licence of selling by Bar and conditions of licence) Rules, 2017 made under the A.P. Excise Act, 1968 shall be withdrawn by the licence granting authorities in accordance with the Sec.32(1) of the A.P. Excise Act, 1968.

2) Part of the licence fee and of the non-refundable registration charge proportionate to the unexpired portion of the term of licence shall be refunded after deduction of the amount if any due from the licensee to the Government under Sec.32(2) of the A.P. Excise Act, 1968.

The Commissioner of Prohibition & Excise, Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada shall take necessary action in the matter accordingly and report compliance.

Prohibition & Excise – Withdrawal of all existing Bar licences – Orders – Issued.REVENUE (EXCISE-II) DEPARTMENT
G.O.MS.No. 472 Dated: 22-11-2019 Read the following:
G.O.Ms.No.236, Rev. (Ex.II) Department, dt:23.06.2017.
From the Commissioner (Proh. & Excise), A.P.,Cr.No.3636/CPE/2019-20, dt.19.11.2019.

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