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DBT guidelines and FCO provisions

Agriculture  Department – Implementation of DBT in the State-Fixing of responsibilities on the stakeholders involved Executive instructions issued GO 221 on 21 June 2019 Orders – Issued.

In the circumstances reported by the Commissioner of Agriculture, Telangana State, Hyderabad, Government after careful examination hereby order to implement the following executive instructions for proper monitoring of movement & supply of fertilizers in the field, thereby ensuring smooth and timely supply of fertilizers to the farmers in the ensuing  Kharif.

1. Retail Dealers: Responsibilities and action

     i. Possession of PoS by all the dealers     ii. Compulsory sale through PoS only to the farmers    iii. Immediate acknowledgment on receipt of stocks

  1. Submission of monthly returns / stock statements as frequently as required by the  Fertilizer Inspector
  2. Book balance and PoS balance shall always match with physical balance at any given point of time. 

Violation of non-possession of PoS / resorting to sale of fertilizers without PoS will result in cancellation of license of such retail dealer asper guidelines of DBT

Failure to submit monthly returns, mismatch of stocks amounts to contravention of clause 35 of FCO and will attract suitable action on such retail dealers. 

2. Wholesalers: Responsibilities and action

  1. Immediate acknowledgment of stocks online
  2. Immediate dispatch of stocks to dealers
  3. Non-hoarding of stocks
  4. Submission of returns to the Licensing Authority

Failure to acknowledge / dispatch of stocks resulting in mismatch of stocks, failure to submit monthly returns is contravention of clause 35 of FCO and will attract suitable action on such wholesale dealers. Hoarding of stocks intentionally despite standing directions, amounts to deceitful act and attracts suitable action as per IPC. 

3. MARKFED: Responsibilities and action

Markfed being nodal agency shall maintain buffer stocks as per the directions of Government as it plays significant role in ensuring timely supply of fertilizers to the farmers.

  1. It shall receive 50% of Urea from every consignment as per the standing operational guidelines issued by Government.
  2. Maintain buffer stocks as per Government orders.
  3. Arrange to acknowledge stocks immediately online by DMs in the districts concerned.
  4. PACS to effect sales to farmers through PoS machines only. 

Failure to acknowledge / dispatch of stocks resulting in mismatch of stocks, failure to submit monthly returns is contravention of clause 35 of FCO and will attract suitable action on such Societies and concerned district Markfed. 

Failure to sell fertilizers through PoS by Societies will result in cancellation of license of such societies as per guidelines of DBT. 

4. Companies: Responsibilities and action

  1. Supply of stocks strictly in given month as per supply plan without fail.
  2. Ensure timely acknowledgment at different levels and problems if any shall be brought to the notice of concerned DAO / to the O/o C&DA, TS, Hyderabad.
  3. The source of supply in form-O shall be withdrawn from the default dealer, who fails to comply with timely acknowledgment of fertilizer stocks / resorting to manual sale of fertilizers. The information shall be immediately furnished to the concerned Licensing Authority and to the O/o C&DA for taking further necessary action in the matter.
  4. Furnish information on the availability of stocks to the Commissioner of Agriculture, as and when required.  

Violation attracts suitable action as per DBT guidelines and FCO provisions.

5. District Agriculture Officers: Responsibilities and action

  1. Ensure equal distribution of fertilizers as per monthly supply plan.
  2. Frequent inspections of all the retailers including societies to ensure the sale of fertilizers only through PoS machines and issue of receipt to the farmers by the dealers, without fail.
  3. See that the dealers and societies acknowledge the receipts of the stocks  immediately as and when stocks are received.
  4. Cancellation of Retailers License who are resorting to manual sales. The PoS  machine recovered from such erring dealers / inactive dealers shall be given to  needy  dealers, duly making the PoS stock as ZERO.
  5. Regular Inspection of wholesaler godowns and retail godowns and see that stocks are  dispatched on continuous basis, without giving scope to hoarding.
  6. DAOs should access the reports from their dash board, i.e., Top 20 buyers list,  Frequent Buyer Report, Retailers not sold fertilizers in last 3 months, examine  each  issue, enquire into the matter and take action deemed fit on irregular  transactions.
  7. Obtain monthly returns from all the dealers, both wholesalers and retailers  including societies and take immediate action against those who does not submit  such returns. 

 Non-compliance / Supervisory lapses in monitoring as afore said, attracts suitable action. 

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