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Tellapur Municipality

Tellapur Municipality

Tellapur Municipality, Sanga Reddy District – Division of Tellapur Municipality into seventeen (17) wards Final Notification Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Tellapur Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Tellapur Municipality into seventeen (17) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed and requested to issue final notification.

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference, Government herby decide to issue final notification of division of Tellapur Municipality into seventeen (17) wards.

The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette:

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the

Telangana Municipalities Act No. 11 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal

Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Tellapur Municipality into seventeen (17) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.

ANNEXURE TO G.O. Ms. No. 315. MA & UD (MA.I) Department. dated 17-12-2019


Tellapur Municipality WARD NO. 1
NORTH Start from House No.4884 all along with 4741 , 4452,4005,4408 and ends with 4300 (Road No.
EAST Start from House.No.4300 all along with the House No.4408, 4572 and ends with House no.4595
SOUTH Start from House No.4595 all along with Jayshanker Ground 4781
WEST Start from House No.4781 all along with House no.4056 and ends with House no.4004

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.2
NORTH Start from House No.4349 and Ends with House no.4338
EAST Start from House No.4337 along with House No.4203 and 4004 Ends with House no. 3986
SOUTH Start from House no.4006 and Ends with House No. 3986
WEST Start from House No.4097 all along with House no.4330 and Ends with House no.4349

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.3
NORTH Start from House No. 3985 all along with House no. 3895 and ends with House No. 3820
EAST Start from House No. 3820 all along with House No. 3792 and ends with House No.3712
SOUTH Start from House No. 3742 all along with House No. 3730 and ends with House No.3712
WEST Start from House No. 3742 ends with House No. 3985

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.4
NORTH Start from House No. 3711 and ends with House No.3665
EAST Start from House no. 3711 all along with House no. 3400 and ends with House no.3300
SOUTH Start from House No. 3468 and ends with House no 3333
WEST Start from House No. 3355 and ends with House No. 3711

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.5
NORTH Start from House No. 3332 and ends with House No. 3300
EAST Start from House No. 3299 all along with House no. 3105 and ends with House No. 3001
SOUTH Start from House No. 3028 and ends with House No.3001
WEST Start from House No. 3063 and ends with House No. 3332

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.6
NORTH Start from B.Ramesh House along with Kumar House and B.Venkataiah House ends with Nandu Pal House
EAST Start frorn Nandupal House along with Banur Bhoopal Reddy House and Ends with Bonsai Homes
SOUTH Start frorn Bonsai Homes along with Hanuman Temple and Prem Kumar House and ends with Yadi Reddy House
WEST Start from Yadi Reddy House along with Kollur Yadaiah House ends with B. Ramesh House.

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.7
NORTH Start from Gulli Pochaiah House and ends with Mangali Narsimha House
EAST Start from Mangali Narsimha House and ends Nawari Jai Pal House
SOUTH Jyothi Rao Pule Colony
WEST Hanuman Mandir to Gulli Pochaiah House

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.8
NORTH Start from Mallapally Raj Reddy House to Eeknath Gagre House
EAST Start from Eeknath Gagre House to Eega Madhava Reddy House
SOUTH Start from Eega Madhava Reddy House to Munugala Ramulu House
WEST Start from Munugala Ramulu House and ends with Mallepally Raji Reddy.

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.9
NORTH Start from Banuri Hanumanth Reddy House to Sridhar Goud House
EAST Start from Sridhar Goud House to Katike Sardhar House
SOUTH Start from Katike Sardhar House to Nawari Lakshma Reddy Hosuse
WEST Start from Nawari Lakshma Reddy House to Banuri Hanumanth Reddy House

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO. 10
NORTH Start from Vadde Ashok House along with Tutturi Ramesh House and ends with Dakareddy Ravinder Reddy House
EAST Aditya Eden Woods
SOUTH Bloomi Field Ectasy
WEST Start from Tutturi Ramesh house and ends with Talari Ravinder House (HUDA) Area.

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.I I
NORTH Start from Akruthi Homes to Infinity Homes
EAST Start from Infinity Homes to M.Suresh House
SOUTH Start from M.Suresh House to Mangali Parvathamma House
WEST Start from Mangali Parvathamma House to BHEL (SSPDL), Raj Puspa

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO. 12 NORTH Start from Mangali Lakshmaiah house to Patlagudem Jangaiah House
EAST Start from Patlagudemn Jangiah House to Sudhar Goud House
SOUTH Start from Ragenvdra Hotel to Devula thanda and Bojja Thanda
WEST Start from Thupaki Yellaiah house to Singapuram Kista Reddy House

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.13
NORTH Start from Patlagudem Jangaiah House to Kummari Yettaiah House
EAST Start from Kammeta Sathi Reddy House to Purra Mallaiah House
SOUTH Start from Purra Mallaiah House to Hanuman Mandir
WEST Start from Kummari Yettaiah House to Hanuman Mandir

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO. 14
NORTH Start from Malkapuram Jangaiah House along with Kummari Ragavender House and ends with Sangareddy Peta Padma House
EAST Start from Sangareddy Peta Padma House along with Mukkera Mallaiah House and ends with Nagulamma Temple
SOUTH Start from Nagulamma Temple along with Mukkera Premalath House and ends with Shivgoni Narsimha Goud House
WEST Start from Shivagoni Narsimha Goud House along with Keshangari Lakshmana Murthy House and Ends with Malkapuram Jangaiah House

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.15
NORTH Start from Talari Gandaiah House along with Cheera Pentaiah House end with maskuri Yadamma House
EAST Start from Maskuri Yadamm House along with Talla Narsimha Goud House ends with Pervaram Ramulu House
SOUTH Start from Pervaram Ramulu House along with Kadavathi Anil and ends with Balagoni Shankar Goud House
WEST Start from Balagouni Shanker Goud along with Hanuman Tempple and ends with Talari Gandaiah House

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.16
NORTH Star from mutangi manemma house along with Baja venkataiah house and ends with Munnuri Yadaiah House
EAST Start from Munnuru Yadaiah House along with Marri Krishna Reddy house and ends with Pappula Satyanarayana House
SOUTH Start from Puppala Satyanarayana House along with SC Pochamma Temple and ends Ambedker Statue
WEST Start from Amberdker Statue along Munnuru Anantha Lakshmi and ends with Alula Yadaiah House

Tellapur Municipality WARD NO.17
NORTH Start from Thopugonda Lakshmareddy House along with MD.Sherpaddin and ends with Thanda Road
EAST Start from Thanda Road along with Birc More and ends with Gaudiam School
SOUTH Start from Gaudiam School along with Narayana College and ends with Muthangi Manemma House
WEST Start from Muthangi Manemma house along with Hotel Krishna and ends with Thopugonda Lakshma Reddy House

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