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Sadasivpet Municipality Election

Sadasivpet Municipality Election

Sadasivpet Municipality, Sanga Reddy District – Division of Sadasivpet Municipality into twenty six (26) wards. Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Sadasivpet Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Sadasivpet Municipality into twenty six (26) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in G.O. 1 st read above and requested to issue final notification.

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference 2nd read above, Government hereby decide to issue final notification of division of Sadasivpet Municipality into twenty six (26) wards.

The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette:

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 1 1 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Sadasivpet Municipality into twenty six (26) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.

ANNEXURE TO G.O. Ms. No. 382. MA & UD (MA.I) Department, dated 17-12-2019

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Ward No. 1
North : From Sy.No.53 to Sy.No.60 Municipal Limits (Ashruthabad Road)
East . From Sy.No.60 to Atmakur base H.No.4-6-107 (Pedda Masjid)
South From H.NO.4-6-107 Atmakur Base to H.No.4-4-38/2 (Tilak Road)
West From H.No.4-4-38/2 to 4-6-99 Pathakeri

Ward No. 2
North : From Ashruthabad Road Municipal limits to Sy.No.62 Partly
East From Municipal Limits Sy.No.62 Proceeds towards south East upto H. No.1-2-19, through Municipal Disposal drain (Harijanawada Gandhi statue).
South : From H.No.1-2-19 Ram Mandir Road proceeds towards H.No.12-12 & 1-1-86 to 1 -1 -42.
West From H.No.1-1-9 to 1-1-1 & Proceeds to Sy.No.62 Partly.

Ward No. 3
North : Sy.N0.65 to Sy.N0.12
East Sy.No.65 to Sy.No.12 Kandakam.
South :Chinna Gandhi Statue.
West Shivapuri Colony

Ward No.4
North : Sy.No. 68 to 170 End of the block
East : 170 Sy.No. to 224 Sy.No. Municipal limits.
South 224 sy.No to 395 sy.No. N.H.65, 2-1-18.
West 2-1-18 to via kandakam road Sy.No.68

Ward No. 5
3-9-1 to End of the block
3-8-61 to End of the block
2-1-24 to 2-1-48
North Siddapur Road to Bus stand N.H.65 upto 226 Sy.No. end of the Municipal Limits
East Sy.No.226 to 242 end of the Municipal boundaries.
South : 242 Sy.No. to via Ubbacheruvu to Siddapur Road. West • Siddapur Road to 3-8-61 siddapur
Ward No.6
North : Siddapur Hanuman Temple to ubacheruvu katta to Sy.No.247 end of the Municipal Limits
East Sy.No.247 to Sy.No. 263 end of the Municipal Limits.
South : 263 to Siddapur Colony to opp: Degree College. West : opp: Degree College to Siddapur

Ward No. 7
Siddapur Village to End of the block
North : Degree college to Sy.No. 264 Municipal Boundary.
East : 254 to Old Siddapur Sri Krishna Temple to Shadikhana old Siddapur Village Sy.No.52
South : Sy.No.52 siddapur (V) to Yavapur via rejinthal road Marepally Road Gum City.
West : Gum City to lbza Company border via Vikarabad Road to Degree College

Ward No.8
North : Siddapur Road via Sub Station towards AP Housing Board H.No.5-5-1 end of the block.
East 5-5-1 to Sy.No.460 Municipal limits end
South : Sy.No.460 to vikarabad 100′-0″ road passing to Sy.No.487 and end of the Municipal limits.
West : From Sy.No.468 via Sy.No. 710 towards Sy.No.620 to Sy.No. 500 Murshad Darga end of Vikarabad Road.

Ward No. 9
From Municipal Limits Sy.No.792 to Sy.No.827
East From Sy.No.827 to through Sy.No.711 including N.H.65 Road
South : From Sy.No.711 to sy.No. 709 Municipal Limits
(Maddikunta limits) West : From Sy.N0.711 to sy.No. 792 through PSML Mills N.H.65
Road along atmakur road Municipal Limits

Ward No. 10
From Sy.No.822 to Municipal boundary
East • From Sy.No. 828 to 1001 (Sadasiva Enclave, Everest Enclave).
South : sy.No. 1001 to 873, Sadasiva Enclave, Gurunagar, Ayyappa Temple Everest Enclave, SA Garden Municipal Pump house.
West : Municipal Pump House to 828 Sy.No. limits via Manisha patel layout, Cheela Chandra Shekar Layout.

Ward No. 11
Nagulakatta 4-3-20.
East Nagulakaatta to 4-3-1 Sindole Shanaker House.
South : 4-3-1 to 4-1-2 Masjid at Kandakam Road
West Masjid via Kandakam Chapalakeri to H.No.4-1-50.

Ward No. 12
East . Eshwar Mandir Road to 4-4-32 via Pillodi Vishwanatham house Pillodi Vishwanatham House to via Govt. Hospital.
South : Govt. Hospital to 4-3-75 house.
West : H.No.4-3-75 House via Vikas Model school Maqsood house via Gandhi Bhavan School.

Ward No. 13
North . H.No.4-4-48 Athmakur via (Darga) Pathakeri 4-7-1.
East . 4-7-1 to 4-7-58 Gandhi CHowk.
South : 4-7-1 via Masjeed Chapalakeri Masjid
West Chapalakeri Masjid via, op Old Municipal Office road to 4-4-48 house tilak road.

Ward No. 14
North : From Atmakur Base H. No. 1-1-23 to Ram Mandir Road H. No. 1-1-61 / 2 Through Chennabasweshwara Temple
East : H.No.1-1-89/1 Ram Mandir Road to Girls High School ‘X’ Road.
South : H.No.1-4-88/5 to D.No.1-4-35 from Girls High School ‘X’ Road to Gandhi Chowk through Gadimaisamma Temple.
West : From D.No.1-4-32 to H.No.1-1-23 Gandhi Chowk to Atmakur Base

North : H.No.1-2-21 to Old Kandakam Road via.
East Kandakam road to 1-6-25 (water tank) Municipal water tank South . Gandhi Road via meat market near Bukkakeri Masjid. West Bukkakeri Masjid to Goureddy 1-2-21, house.

Ward No. 16
North : From H.No.2-2-21/3 Gandhi Road towards Nandikandi base H.No.2-2-1.
East From Nandikandi base H.No.2-2-2 towards N.H.9 road H.No.2-149/2 through sunnapukery, Gollakeri.
South : From Ambedkar statue N.H.9 Road towards H.No.2-7-84/4 Opp SBH, Road.
West : From N.H.9 Road H.No.2-7-84/4, SBH Road to Gandhi
Road Opp: Katikakery Masjid (Girls High School ‘X’ Road).

Ward No. 17
North : From Girls High School ‘X’ Road (Gandhi Road) H.No.2-38 towards H.No.2-2-63 Opp Katikakery Masjid.
East From Gandhi Road Through meat Market, Chakalikery, Pittalakeri upto N.H.9 Road, H.No. 2-7-76 (Opp: SBH Road).
South : From H.No. 2-7-77/2, H.No.9 Road towards H.No. 2-7-72/1 Opp APSRTC, Bus stand to Bukkakery Masjid (Gandhi Road H.No. 2-39) through Pittalakeri Masjid.
West : N.H.9 Road opp APSRTC Bus stand to Bukkakeri Masjid Gandhi Road H.No.2-3-9 through Pittalakeri Masjid.

Ward No. 18
North : From H.No.2-4-14 Gandhi Road to H.No.2-4-1 Girls High School ‘X’ Road.
East From H.N0.2-3-102 Bukkakeri Masjid towards N.H. 9 Road through Pittalakaeri Road H.No.2-7-92.
South : From H.No.2-7-63 N.H.9 Road Opp RTC Bus stand to shastri road H.No.2-7-45.
West From H.No.2-7-45/2 N.H.9 Road (Shastri Road towards H. No.2-4-15 Gandhi Road

North : From H. No.2-6-10 Gandhi chowk towards H.No.2-5-2 Gandhi Road (opp Gadimaisamma Temle Shastri Road)
East From H.No.2-4-108 to H.No.2-7-31/4, N.H.65 Road through shastri Road Lopalikota Hanuman temple
South : From H.N0.2-7-32/l, N.H.65 Road to Slddapur Base 2-7-13 through H.P Petrol pump.
West : From H.No.2-7-12 siddapur base towards H.NO.2-6-21 Gandhi CHowk through Sangameshwar Temple, Subash Road.

Ward No. 20
North From H. No. 3-7-14 Nehru Road towards Gandhi Chowk
East From H.No.3-1-2 Gandhi Chowk towards H.No.3-1-63/1
Siddapur Base (Subash Road) Opp Shanthi Nursing Home.
South . From H.No.3-1-64 Opp Shanthi Nursing Home to
H.NO. 3-1-70/1 Tilak Road (Jalagarikeri)
West From H.No.3-3-64 Jalagarikeri towards H.No.3-3-25 & 3-714 Nehru Road.

Ward No. 21
3-8-27 to 3-8-60
North Police Station to Slddapur Gouni via N.H.65.
East 3-8-60 H.No., Govt. Degree college via Nageshwar nagar South : Govt. Degree college to TSSPDCL office.
West : Current office via Fayaz Nagar to Police station vikarabad ‘X’ Road.

Ward No. 22
North : From Sy.No.588 to N.H.65 along vikarabad road end.
East • Vikarabad ‘X’ Road to Darga 6-3-35.
South : Darga 6-3-45 H.No. to Sy.No.616, Raghavendra Nagar Colony
West 616 Sy.No. to N.H.65 end Near Ayyappa Temple Road

Ward No.23
North : From H.N0.3-7-83/97/7 to 3-7-83/1 along 60′-0″ wide Road Patha perumallu Hanuman Mandir to RMHS.
East : R.M.H.S to H.N0.3-7-83/1 towards N.H.65 Road through Ravindra Nagar SC & ST locality 3-783/105/3/A/1.
South : From H.N0.3-7-83/100/E to H.No. 3-7-83/100 along N.H.65 Road including Ravindra Nagar, Dattatreya Nagar upto Hanuman Temple
West : N.H.65 Road.

From H.N0.3-5-108/A Nehru Road towards
Chowdeshwari temple ‘X’ Road through Hatkerpet Bhavani Temple and proceeds from H.No.3-6-65, N.H.65 Road through Maisamma Temple H.No. 3-6-43.
South : From H.No.3-7-89 to H.N0.3-7-83/105 to N.H.65 Road
West . From H.No.3-7-83/45 to H.No. 3-7-83/37/2 and proceeds towards H.No. 3-7-83/44 to 3-7-83/2 Ravindra Nagar Colony, RMHS Back side.

Ward No.25
North : From H.No.3-7-74/1 to H.No.3-7-50 Nehru Road
East : From H.No.3-4-99 to H.No.3-4-70 Through Civil Club upto N.H.65 Road (Swastik Oil Mill).
South : From H.No.3-6-125/1 to H.No. 3-7-91/1 along N.H.65 Road
West : From Swastik Oil Mill N.H.65 Road H.N0.3-7-91/A to H.N0.3-5-2 through Chowdeshwar Temple to Nehru Road

Ward No.26
North: From H. No. 3-7-49/1, Nehru Road towards H.No.3-7-35 Municipal office ‘x’ Road and H.No.3-3-62 to H.No.3-1-911B.
East: From H.No.3-1-107/ A to H.No.3-1-91/B Municipal Office ‘X’ Road through Basaweshwra Temple to H.No.3-366/1, H.No.9 Road. Basaweshwara statue and Opp Shanthi Nursing Home H.No.3-1-91/B to Siddapur base N.H.9 Road H.No.3-1-102/2.
South: From H.No.3-7-104 Siddapur base N.H.9 Road to Jubilee Masjid H.N0. 3-7-92 along N.H.9 Road.
West: From H.No.3-6-36 Jubliee Masjid N.H. 9 Road to H. No. 3-4-65 and 3-4-1 through Civil club road upto Nehru Road.

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