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Ibrahimpatnam Municipality into 24 wards

Ibrahimpatnam Municipality, Rangareddy District Division of Ibrahimpatnam Municipality into twenty-four 24 wards – Final Notification – Orders – Issued.

Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Ibrahimpatnam Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Ibrahimpatnam Municipality into twenty-four 24 wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in G.O. I St read above and requested to issue final notification.

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference, Government hereby decide to issue final notification of division of Ibrahimpatnam Municipality into twenty-four 24 wards.
The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette:

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the
Telangana Municipalities Act No. 11 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Ibrahimpatnam Municipality into twenty-four 24 wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.

Annexure to G.O Ms.No.373, MA & UD (MA) Department, Dated: 17.12.2019 IBRAHIMPATNAM MUNICIPALITY RANGA REDDY DISTRICT


Ward No.01
Starts from Sri Nayini Venkatesh House No. 11-15 to Mangala North: palli Mallesh House No. 11-1 including the boundaries of Alimiya Kunta, Goshala limits.
Starts from the beginning of Alimiya Kunta, Goshala limits.
Chinta Buggaiah house No. 11-2 to Moshamoni Kishan House No. 10-128, including of back side of 10th block houses and infront of Moshamoni Danaiah house via C,.C.Road towards
South: South side road including of left side 10th block houses upto
1 Thalla Satyanarayana house. Talla Satyanarayana house to via c.c. road upto Gunda Rangaiah house and by crossing the opposite house of Rangaiah house towards east from Sree Ramulu house to Post Office.
Starts from Post Office via Bus Road by turns right East: side upto Basawapuram Kalamma house No. 8-38
Starts from Basawapuram Kalamma house No. 8-38 to back
West: side portion of Sri Baloji house upto Nayini Venkatesh House No.11-15

Starts from the limits of Thattikhana, Alimiya kunta, Ramoji
film city upto National Security Guards campus
Starts from NSG campus via Dhandumailaram Road right side upto besides the house
EAST of Suppari Babu house No. 2-11 and Suppari Babu house to via Static tank and Mudupoju veeraiah house to Veera chari house right side area.

Starts from Mudupoju Veera chari house to Gurujan Kishan
SOUTH House No. 2-1 and by crossing the C.C.road upto Pandala Balesham house no. 1-30
Starts from the beginning of Pandala Balesham house no. 130 via both sides of C.C.road in block No.
WEST 1 upto the limits of
Thattikhana, Alimiya kunta, Ramoji film city upto National Security Guards campus
Starts from Sri Manchikanti Janardhan house including of Soppari Srinivas house and by takes left turn via
Dhandumailaram Road, Vinobhanagar, Nalla Kanche and OCTOPUS upto Nagarpanchayat limits.
EAST Starts from Nagarpanchayat limits at Octopus to Dream city
Starts from Dream city limits via Agricultural
SOUTH fields to
Ambedkar Mala Pochamma temple and Gulam Ali house
Starts from Gulam Ali house to via Jalal hussain house right
WEST side area by passing over the Bodrai on Dandu Mailaram road upto Manchikanti Janardhan house

Shamshuddin house to Pochamma temple at
NORTH Church road including left side BJR colony total houses and upto venkata ramana colony and then agricultural fields and Forest lands to Dream city limits
4 EAST Starts from Dream city limits at Nagarpanchayat boundary to Rayapole road.
Starts from Rayapole road to excluding the houses of from
SOUTH Chintapatla Danamma house No.4-48/62 in Venkata Ramana colony to Gaddam Narsimha house upto old police station including of all remaining houses of venkataramana colony.
WEST Starts from Old police station to Shamshuddin house

NORTH starts from MM Garden crossing to wards Raipole road to Venkata Ramana colony (part).
Starts from Dream city opposite via rayapole road
EAST lingampally limits including of both sides area to bye pass road upto vishnupuri colony
5 Starts from Vishnupuri colony via kondu Ravi,
SOUTH 5-7/A, 5-7/1 to wakf board land.
WEST starts from wakf board land via H.No. 5-1 of Nizamuddin including Sub- Registrar office to MM Garden.
starts from including Vishnupuri colony (part) via H.No 5-
NORTH 18/4/F of Nimma prameela W/o. Ashok via motton shop to H.No: 5-6/A of Abdul majid.
starts from Bharath garden via Vishnu Chary house via
EAST crossing the Bye- Pass road including Gandharva Resort to

6 Janaharsha dream city Layout.
starts from Mahankali temple common including Ram Nagar
SOUTH colony to crossing the bye – pass road (pipe line) limits of Municipality.
WEST starts from Mahankali temple common to (Girijamma) shop to H.No:5-6/A Abdul Majid.

NORTH Starts from boundary of the Raipole village to right side area total.
7 Starts from Right side of Jaligutta to Ex Sarpanch Narsimha
EAST goud agricultural fields via peddaiah kunta, K.Yadireddy fields right side area.

Starts from Mondem Bayi and Nadim bayi to via Gurukula
Vidya peet, Saint College back side to Jai Sree Ram
SOUTH and from Ex MPTC Mallaiah fields to
Engineering company
right side area.
Starts from Kanugabayi Venkat Reddy fields to via Nagapu
Vasanth reddy fields, Venkataramaman colony,Peddolla
WEST fields, Kasaramoni Mallesh yadav fields,
Narsimha reddy
Bhoodhan road to Rayapole Boundary.

starts from house of Indirala Vijay kumar to kolukula pally
Starts form kolukulapally Dhasharatha H.No. 5-64/A,
EAST gass godham.
right side of the Manchal road to Bharath

  1. Starts from Manchal road pipe factory via Gurukula vidhya
    peet via HP petrol bank via Scient college to ruchi dhaba.
    SOUTH via 7-212/B of
  2. starts form MBR nagar water tank
    8 M.Shankar to H.No 7-594/2 Bochhu Srinivasa Guptha
  3. starts from Thangalla Prabhakar reddy H.No: 7-313/1/B/1
    via Nousu Ramulu via Donda Ramana Reddy to MBR water
    WEST 2. Starts from Mallikharjuna Rice mill to Indirala Vijaya kumar
    3.Starts from HP petrol bunk via Scient college to Ruchi
    WARD NO.09
    Start from house of Aluri Ravi to Gopagani Ramu near water
    NORTH tank.
    starts from front of Thangalla Prabhakar reddy H.No: 7-
    EAST 313/1/B/1 via front of Nousu Ramulu via front of Donda
    9 Ramana Reddy to MBR water Tank.
    Starts from Old Ashok Rice mill area to Right side of the sagar
    SOUTH high way road.
    starts from PR wines via Rayal Dhaba via house of pogaku
    Raju appa to House of Alluri Ravi.
    Starts from Kaki Venkaamma (H) Via Dontaramoni Laxmaiah
    NORTH: House o G Uma via Ramchandra Reddy fields to OHSR Tank
    (Devendar Nagar)
    Starts from JB Venure Via GuruNanak College, Reliance
    Company Scient college o OHSR Tank (Devendar Nagar)
    Starts from JB Venture right side area Survey No. 67, Murali
    SOUTH: Krishna fields, Janaharsha venture, and fields of Cherukupally
    Dayaka reddy, V Sathaiah fields.
    Starts from Pandi Magendar fields, Primary school Khanapur,
    WEST: Kaki Venkatamma House Dontaramoni mallaiah House G Uma
    House via fields of Ramchandra Reddy
    NORTH Brilliant school to Andhra bank.
    Starts from Andhra Bank via Agrl. Market yard via Police
    station via Bus depo Cherlapatel guda road via right side area
    EAST of sagar road to OHSR Tank (Devendar Nagar)
    SC Grave Yard Khanapur via Bodramoni Krishna House and
    11 Devanamoni Ramesh House
    Starts from OHSR Tank (Devendar Nagar) via Ramchandra
    SOUTH Reddy Fields to Bodramoni Krishna House to SC Grave Yard to
    Akula Nagabushanam fields
    Starts from SC Grave Yard M Ramaswamy House via N Ram
    WEST Reddy fields cherlapaeluguda road via Primary school ( K V
    Thanda) to brilliant school.
    WARD NO.12
    Starts from house of chennamoni shankar via md.Vali
    562, to thrishakti temple, CPM party office.
    starts from H.No: 7-445 of B. Srinivas reddy via GLSR to
    Charlapatelguda Road.
    starts from GLSR, sump to church via Indirareddy Colony road
    SOUTH excluding of both sides houses up to charlapatelguda limits via
    aggricultural fields.
    WEST Starts from indra reddy nagar colony, to pedda cheruvu.
    WARD NO.13
    starts from BSNL office via Ayyappa swamy temple to budaga
    NORTH sagar road right side area.
    jangala basti,
    Starts from Diresh Appa via DCMS via dog banglow to chinna
    starts from thrishakti temple via house of chennamoni
    SOUTH Shankar H.No: 7-562/ to chinnaa cheruyu and pedda
    starts from Laxmi nilaya township via MJ Classic Garden to
    Pedda Cheruvu.
    WARD NO.14
    Start from Reddy Colony via Sri Indu College via Cheruvu
    (Nala) via house of Hanumandla Sataiah to Anganwadi
    NORTH house of Gujjula Anji Reddy to house of
    (Sheriguda) Via
    Kyama Shankar.
    Start from Opp of Uppariguda bustop Via Marikani Jagan
    Reddy House Mekala Ram Reddy House Sri Indu College
    Kaki Krishna House to Akkala Padma Reddy House .
    Starts by crossing the Sagar Road from Ibrahimpatnam Tank Bund to besides Uppar guda cross roads via agricultural
    fields to back side of RVR college and Indu college to Aluvala Anji reddy fields land & Reddy Colony Sheriguda limits.
    Start from SC Grave Yard Aluvala Anji reddy agricultural fields
    via Sri Chaitanya College.
    WARD NO.15
    Start from Ram Goud Venture, crossing Krishna water pipe and crossing Bye pass road and crossing Check Dam
    NORTH via Beerappa temple via pochamma temple to Malsheiguda Limits.
    Start from Check Dam to via CC road,Beerappa Temple, Bye
    EAST pass road Anjaneya Swamy Temple to Straight upto Mahatma Gandhi Statue on Sagar Road.
    15 1). Start from Kavitha rice mill via crossing Cheruvu ( Nala)
    Ward Office to Hanuman temple
    SOUTH 2). Starts From house of A Purushotam reddy via house of Moddu Narayana Reddy via Muslim Grave Yard to Suprabah Colle e BDL.
    Start from besides Gujja Narsimha reddy open land Kaviha WEST Rice Mill Ram Goud Venture.
    Pochamma temple to Malsheiguda limits.
    WARD NO. 16
    1) Starts from House of Moddu Nayaran Reddy to Kyama Mallesh House.
    2) Starts From House of Karre Achaiah via Govt. High School via Yellamma Temple to House of Kyama Beerappa.
    EAST Starts from Sree Datta College to House of Kyama Venkaesh.
    Start from crossing Sagar Road to Sree Data college.
    SOUTH Stars from house of Yedulla Sathyanarayana Reddy to house of Yedulla Andalu W/o late Narsimha Reddy
    Starts from Gandhi Statue via house of
    WEST Karre Achaiah to house of Yedulla Sathyanarayana Reddy.
    WARD NO.17
    Start from the beginning of Sri Laxminarsimha swamy
    Temple including the limits of Alimiya kunta, Goshala, Ramoji
    NORTH film city to Sri Nayini Venkatesh shop No. 11-42/A upto agricultural fields, Sart from Sai vaishnavi hotel sheriguga)to Manda sathi reddy House sheri uda .
    1.Starts from Govt. Boys high chool to via mpdo office via pochamma temple up to sheriguda limits (Bye- pass road).
    17 2. starts from Nayini Venkatesh Shop No. 11-42/A to
    Tahsildar Office road.
    Start from Back side area of santhosh theater
    SOUTH via Nala right side area via BSNL office to sheriguda limits.
    Starts from Sai vaishnavi hotel via including Sheriguda Fishery
    WEST Development Office and crossing Tank bund via Katta maisamma temple, Ibrahim basaha dargah to Y L R garden.
    WARD NO.18
    18 NORTH Starts from house of Sri K.Anjaiah to Old Bus Stand
    Old Bus stand via municipal office towards left side and via Akula Pandu house all alongwith house
    EAST no.8-119
    to Masjid road and then besides the house of K.Nagalaxmi house No.6-40 to Bellam Chellaiah house.
    SOUTH Starts form Pudami School to Vijaya Xerox
    Starts from house of buran via house achyuth rao to akula sri
    WEST ramulu. Starts from Vijay xerox via sathyamedical hall to aakuthota anjaiah house.
    WARD NO. 19
    Starts from Talla Prabhaker house no. 9-88 to Talla Bakkaiah
    house no. 10-64
    Starts from Talla Bakkaiah house no. 10-64 to House no. 1064 and then via Masjid and Bordrai and Basava raju house
    EAST opposite to via Gurunadh reddy house and temple to straight upto Miyajani house.
    19 Starts from by takes turn from Miyajani house to Dargah and by takes right turn from Dargah to Reniguntla Anjaiah house including of both side houses of 4 th block and by takes left
    turn upto Chenna Kishan roa house including of both sides of 4 th block houses and Smt. Akula Ramulamma house to Narsimha Reddy house no. 9-1
    Starts from Narsimha Reddy house no. 9-1 to via Munagala
    Swaroopa Rani house to Talla Prabhaker house no. 9-88
    WARD NO. 20

20 NORTH Start from the back side of the H.No.6-34/A via 5-116 to Masjid.

WEST Start from House NO. 5-116 to House of Smt. Kasoju Yadamma house at crossing Manchal road.
Start from House of Kasoju Yadamma house to H.No. 5-91/2 of Padmamma house

Start from H. No. 5-91/2 of Padmamma house to Masjid via house No. 6-13 including of back side houses of H.No. 6-34/A
21 NORTH starts from Ambedkar statue via Pullaiah Hotel via Anglisht school to Pagadala Nagesh.

SOUTH 1. Stars from house of Pagadala Nagesh via Vidhya nikethan school to house of Pogaku Veerappa.
2. Starts from Police quarters via girls high school to House of Vedire Venugopal Reddy house.

starts from house of Vedire Venugopal Reddy to H.No:7-250/A of Venkataiah
WEST starts from H.No:7-255/A of Venkataiah via Electrical Sub station via Bus Stand to Ambedkar chourasta.
22 NORTH Starts from Grandhalayam(library) to oc community hall.
EAST 1.Starts from OC Community hall to house of muthamiah

SOUTH 2. starts from H. No 6-100 of MD Mohmin to house of Hanumandas.

    Start from house of Hanumandas via Govt. Veternity Hospital to masjid crossing sagar high way.
WEST    1. starts from house of Azamath khan (Ashu Bhai) via Jangala Basti to crossing Naala.
    2. starts from House of Akula Darshan via SBI bank to library.

23 NORTH 1.Starts from house of Anjam Raju to house of Basheeruddin

    2. Starts from H.No 6-83/1 of Danamma to H. No of 6-83 of Nandikonda Ravindar reddy
    3.Starts from H.No 6-19 of Pogaku Mallappa via house of Nandikonda Yadagiri reddy via house of Gunta Kamalamma via house of Akula Sriramulu to house of K V Suresh
EAST    Start from house of KV Suresh to house of Nasa Sathaiah
SOUTH   Start from house of Nasa Sathaiah to house of Kande Yadaiah
WEST    starts from House of Kande Yadaiah to H.No 6-103/1 of Anjam Raju.

24 NORTH starts from H.No 6-276 of Cherukupally Venkatesh to House of Jerkoni Kishan.
EAST starts from house of Jarkoni Kishan to house of Kasoju Yadamma
SOUTH starts from house of Kasoju Yadamma to Maruthi Medical shop
WEST starts from Maruthi Medical Shop to house of Sathyamma W/o Jangaiah

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