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Dubbaka Municipality into 20 wards

Dubbaka Municipality into 20 wards

Dubbaka Municipality, Siddipet District – Division of Dubbaka Municipality into twenty (20) wards – Final Notification Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Dubbaka Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Dubbaka Municipality into twenty (20) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in G.O. 1 st read above and requested to issue final notification.

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference 2nd read above, Government hereby decide to issue final notification of division of Dubbaka Municipality into twenty (20) wards.

The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette:

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 11 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Dubbaka Municipality into twenty (20) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.

ANNEXURE TO G.o. Ms. No. 361 MA & UD MA.I De artment dated 17-12-2019


Ward No. 1
North From Rekulakunta, Koti Venkaiah house and Chellapur Road to Dubbak B.C Colony
East From Dubbak B.C Colony, Civil Suplly Godown and Chellapur Ward to Ambati Lingaiah Kallu Shop
South From Ambati Lingaiah kallu dukanam, Madgula Erra Mallaiah House,
Reddipata Raja goud house, Payyavula Laxmi House and Gavvala Rajitha house to Lonka Rajamouli House
West From Lonka Rajamouli house and Asa Azar House to Rekula kunta Temple

Ward No. 2
North From Yellamma Temple to Pochamma Temple
East From Pochamma temple, Ramaraju balaiah house, sakali poshetti house, saddi Bhaskar Reddy house and Mangali Anjaiah house to Palakendram
South From Palakendram To Someshwar Temple
West From Someshwar Temple to Yellamma Temple

Ward No. 3
North From Ramaraju Chandraiah House, Naram Pentaiah House and Asa Rajaiah House to Pochamma Temple
East From Pochamma Temple, Chintamadaka Mallaiah House,
Kanakanala Sathaiah House and Sattu Rajireddy to Akula Balaiah House
South From Akula Balaiah house and Vanga Laxmareddy House to Sattu Jeevan Reddy House
West From Sattu Jeevan reddy house, Ammana Rajireddy house, Besta
Yellaiah House and Koduri Anjaiah House to Ramaraju Chandraiah House

Ward No. 4
North From Vanga Balreddy house and Nimma Mallaiah house to Kukkala Bhudaiah House
East From Kukkala Bhoodaiah house to Pusaverla Rajaiah House
South From Pusaverla Rajaiah house and Ambedkar Statue to Uma maheshwara Rice mill
West From Uma maheshwara Rice mill to Vanga Balreddy House

Ward No. 5
North From Durga Bhavani Ricemill to Ambedkar Statue
East From Ambedkar Statue to Polishetti Venkatarajam House
South From Polishetti Venkatarajam to Dharmashala
West From Dharmashala and K.C.R Colony to Durga Bhavani Ricemill

Ward No. 6
North From Koduri Ramaiah house to Cheetani Narsaiah House
East From Cheetani Narsaiah house to Dumpeta Mallaiah House
South From Gadeela Ramreddy House to Dumpeta Bhoomaiah House
West From Koduri Ramaiah House and kurella Mallaiah house to Maddula Raajireddy House

Ward No. 7
North From Anganwadi, kyasarla yellam house and Kasulabad Ramaiah House to Gandhi Statue
East From Tumma Narsaiah House to Gindam Ramachandram House
South From Karnala Rajaiah House to House Kallu Compound
West From kallu compound to Anganwadi

Ward No. 8
North From Kallu compound, Ambedkar Statue, SC Community hall ,
Battula Lingam house, Naskanti Nampally house and Bommari
Durgaiah house to Ammana Manemma House
East From Ammana Manemma House to Engali Chandraiah House
South Engali Chandraiah house and Duddeda Narsimulu house to Kurma sangam
West From Kurma sangam to Kallu coumpound

Ward No. 9
North From Kasti Chandraiah House and Ganta Narsaiah to Lokani Venkataiah House
East From Lokani Venkataiah house and Karampuri ravi house to Dubbaka Narayana House
South From Dubbaka Narayana House, Kompalli Venkataswamy house, Jeedipalli Venkataiah house, Gurrala kishan house and Saibaba temple to Vanam Ramesh House
West From Vanam Ramesh house to Kasti Chandraiah House

Ward No. 10
North From Model School, Gajula Siddaiah House, Gajula Prabhakar House, Chatla Yadagiri House, Gandhi Statue and Peddi Mallikarjun Kiranam Shop to Chetla Houses
East From Chetla Houses to Maheshwara Rice Mill
South From Maheshwara Rice Mill to Saw mill to Weavers Colony
West From Weavers Colony to Model School

Ward No. 11
North From BC Colony, Vishwam Kirana Shop, Ramakkapet Road and Cheekode Road to Estharigalla Vijay House
East From Estharigalla Vijay House to Ambedkar Statue
South From Ambedkar statue and Ward Office to BC Colony Md Shadul House
West From BC Colony Md Shadul House to Vishwam Kirana Shop

Ward No. 12
North From Sai Samartha Ashramam ande Cheekode road to Padmashali Smashana Vatika
East From Padmashali Smashana Vatika, Payyavula Laxmi House,Gadham Laxmi house, Mallaipally road and Chandra venkat reddy House to Shastri Statue
South From Shastri Statue, Mahankali Temple and Lachapet Road to Lachapet Ambedkar Statue
West From Lachapet Ambedkar Statue and Sc colony to Sai Samartha Ashramam

Ward No. 13
North From Ambati Lingaiah Kallu Shop, Reddimalla Narsimlu House,
Chekkapalli Rajendar House and Double Bed Room Houses to Balwanthapur Road
East From Balwanthapur Road and Double Bed Room Houses to BC Hostel
South From BC Hostel, Belle Balellu House, Chinthala Mallesham House and Asa SAvithri Shutters to Chadra Venkat reddy House
West From Chandra Venkat reddy House to Ambati Lingaiah Kallu Shop

Ward No. 14
North From Thaduri Ballaxmi House, Asa Swamy House and Chinthala Mallesham House to Ground Level Pump House.
East From Ground Level Pump house and Government Degree College to TTD Kalyana Mandapam
South TTD Kalyana mandapam, Post Office, Akula Yadagiri House and Ramcharla Laxma reddy House to Kalva Chinna Narsaiah House
West Kalva Chinna Narsaiah House and Shastri Statue to Thaduri Ballaxmi house

Ward No. 15
North From Mangali Anjaiah House, Ankam Chandraiah House and Mallugari Narsimha Reddy House to Shaadi khana
East From Shadi khana and SC Girls Hostel to Ajja Balaiah House
South From Ajja Balaiah House and Kummari Eshwaraiah House to Bathini Kistaiah House
West From Bathini Kistaiah House, Kummari Eshvaraiah House, Rapelli
Pentaiah House, Mangali Narsaiah House, Veerabathini Srikanth
House and Gandhi Statue to Mangali Anjaiah House

Ward No. 16
North From Lachapet Road, Putta Anasuya House, Akula Laxmi House,
MRO Office, Bus Depot, Devuni peddolla Mallaiah House, Parsa Balaiah House and Ajja Ramchanram House to Kurapati Pentappa House
East From Kurapati Pentappa House, Girls High School and M.L.A Camp Office to Habshipur road
South From Habshipur Road and M.L.A Camp office to 100 beds Hospital
West From 100 beds Hospital to Lachapet Road

Ward No. 17
North From Bypass Road, Madavaneni Meghamala (Tent House) and Kura Gopichand House to Ramcharla Laxmareddy House
East From Ramcharla Laxmareddy house to Manthuri Manemma House
South From Manthuri Manemma house and Arikela Maruthi House to Kabrasthan
West From Kabrasthan and Prathuri Ramreddy cement Karkhana to Bypass road

Ward No. 18
North From Ananthula Raju House to Chintha narayana Hotel (Ambedkar Statue)
East From Chintha narayana Hotel (Ambedkar Statue) to Library (Gandhi Statue)
South From Library (Gandhi Statue) to Ireni Durga Laxman House
West From Ireni Durga Laxman House to Ananthula Raju House

Ward No. 19
North From Rasamalla Yadagiri House and Gandhi Statue to Kistamgari Narsimhareddy House
East From Kistamgari Narsimhareddy House and Mallugari Chandram house to kurapati Venkati House
South Frtom kurapati Venkati House, Karampuri Balraj House and Boda Vijay kumar house to Kistamgari Sujatha House
West From Kistamgari Sujatha House and Veerabathini Susheela house to Rasamalla Yadagiri House

Ward No. 20
North From Vadlakonda Dubbaiah Shutters, Emmadigari Ramulu house and Kadavergu Laxminarayana house to Thumma Shankar House
East From Thumma Shankar House, Karampuri Laxminarayana house and Boda Srinivas House to Samaleti Poshetti House
South From Samaleti Poshetti house, Ajja Laxmi Narsaiah house and Gandla Narsimulu House to Kalva Satyanarayana house
West From Kalva Satyanarayana House to Vadlakonda Dubbaiah Shutters

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