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Choppadandi Municipality into 14 wards

Choppadandi Municipality into 14 wards

Choppadandi Municipality, Karimnagar District – Division of Choppadandi Municipality into fourteen (14) wards – Final Notification

Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Choppadandi Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Choppadandi Municipality into fourteen (14) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in G.O. 1 st read above and requested to issue final notification.

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference, Government hereby decide to issue final notification of division of Choppadandi Municipality into fourteen (14) wards.

The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette NOTIFICATION

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 11 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban

Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Choppadandi Municipality into fourteen (14) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with Annexure to Choppadandi Municipality G.O.Ms.No.368, MA & UD (MA) Department Dated:17.12.2019 DESCREIPTION OF WARD BOUNDARIES

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-I
NORTH Starts at Jawahar Navodaya vidyalam and goes towards thogarumamidikunta through agriculture lands and ends at 1-58.
EAST Started at H.No. 1-58 and goes towards south side going beside the AMC and turned at 1 ‘340 and turned 1-353 and agiain turned at 1-113 and again turned at 1-302/2 and turned at 1-166/1 and again turned at 1-166/7 and goes towards National highway and turned at Veterinary hospital and ends at H.No.1-121.
SOUTH Started at H.No. 1-121 and goes along the National highway and ends at H.No. 1-155/A1 Near Vivekananda Statue.
WEST Started at H.No. 1-155/A1 and goes along the National highway and ends at Jawarhar Navodaya school

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-2
NORTH Started at Thogarumamidikunta at H.No. 1-103 and goes towards East side and ends at Sy.No.27
EAST Started at Sy.No. 27 at H.No.1-430 and takes left turn again at 1-430 and ends at H.No. 1-410.
SOUTH Started at H.No. 1-410 and goes along the National highway and ends at H.No.1-290.
WEST Started at H.No. 1-290 and takes left turn at Veterinary hospital and again turned at H.No. 1-166/6 and again turned at H.No. 1-166/1 and again turned at 1-340 and ends at thogarumamidikunta H.No. 1-103

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-3
NORTH Started at 1-522 and turned at H.No. 1-497/6A
EAST Started at H.No. 1-497/6A and goes towards Saibaba temple and ends at H.No.1-562.
SOUTH Started at H.No. 1-562 and ends at H.No. 1-530
WEST Started at National highway and turned at H.No. 1-522 Mother therissa convent school and ends at H.No. 1-498/ 2B

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-4
NORTH Started at H.No. 1-559/6/ IA and ends at H.No. 16-42/1
EAST Started at H.No. 16-42/1 and goes towards Bhoopalapatnam road and ends at H.No. 16-59
SOUTH Started at H.No. 16-59 and goes towards NTR Statue and ends at H.No. 1-569
WEST Started at H.No. 1-569 and goes towards Saibaba temple turned and ends at H.No. 1-559/6/1A

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-5
NORTH Started at H.No. 16-73 and ends at H.No. 16-109/A
EAST Started at H.No.16-109/A and goes towards south and ends at H.No.15-86/1
SOUTH Started at H.No. 15-86/1 and goes towards busstand and ends at H.No. 15-92
WEST Started at H.No. 15-92 and turned at Ambedkar statue and turned H.No. 16-91 and ends at H.No. 16-73

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-6
NORTH Started at H.No. 15-110 and ends at Sy.No. 298
EAST Started at Sy.No. 298 and ends at SRSP D-6 canal
SOUTH Started at SRSP D-6 canal and goes towards National highway ends at Jhansi School
WEST Started at Jhansi School and goes along the National highway and ends atH.N0. 15-110

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-7
NORTH Started at H.No.7-117 towards ends at H.No.7-138.
EAST Started at H.No. 14-168/A towards Ends at H.No.7-117
SOUTH Started at H.No. 7-24 towards ends at H.No. 7-34/6/1
WEST Started at H.No.7-138 towards ends at H.No.7-24.

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-8
NORTH Started at H.No.12-1 towards ends at H.No. 6-51
EAST Started at H.No.12-31 towards ends at H.No. 12-1
SOUTH Started at H.No. 2-176/1 towards ends at H.No. 12-31
WEST Started at H.No. 2-170/1 towards ends at H.No. 2-176/1

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-9
NORTH Started at H.No. 5-75/1 towards ends at H.No. 6-19
EAST Started at H.No.6-42 towards ends at H.No. 5-75/1
SOUTH Started at H.No.2-170 towards ends at H.No. 4-86
WEST Started at H.No.6-16 towards ends at H.No. 2-170

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-IO
NORTH Started at H.No. 1-258 towards ends at H.No. 1-282
EAST Started at H.No 2-64 towards ends at H.No. 1-239/10
SOUTH Started at H.No. 2-99 towards ends at H.No. 2-63
WEST Started at H.No. 2-1 towards ends at H.No. 2-99

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-11
NORTH Started at H.No. 11-29 towards ends at H.No. 2-65
EAST Started at H.No. 2-65 towards ends at H.No. 11-76
SOUTH Started at H.No. 11-61 towards ends at H.No. 11-29
WEST Started at H.No. 11-76 towards ends at H.NO. 11-61

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-12
NORTH Started at H.No. 9-77/1 towards ends at H.No. 9-7
EAST Started at H.No. 9-52/B towards ends at H.No. 9-77/1
SOUTH Started at H.No. 12-44 towards ends at H.No. 9-52/B
WEST Started at H.No. 9-7 towards ends at H.No. 12-44

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-13
NORTH Started at H.No 14-45 towards ends at H.No. 14-74/1
EAST Started at H.No. 14-74/1 towards ends at H.No. 14-168/2
SOUTH Started at H.No. 14-168/2 towards ends at H.No. 14-10
WEST Started at H.No. 14-10 Church towards ends at H.No. 14-45

Choppadandi Municipality WARD-14
NORTH Started at H.No. 1-618 towards ends at H.No. 11-15/1
EAST Started at H.No. 15-108 towards ends at H.No. 1-618
SOUTH Started at H.No. 11-15/1 towards ends at H.No. 9-91
WEST Started at H.No. 9-91 towards ends at H.No. 15-108

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