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Bhainsa Municipality into 26 wards

Bhainsa Municipality into 26 wards

Bhainsa Municipality, Nirmal District – Division of Bhainsa Municipality into twenty six (26) wards – Final Notification

Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Bhainsa Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Bhainsa Municipality into twenty six (26) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in G.O. 1 st read above and requested to issue final notification.

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference, Government herby decide to issue final notification of division of Bhainsa Municipality into twenty six (26) wards. The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette:

Bhainsa Municipality NOTIFICATION

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 11 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Bhainsa Municipality into twenty six (26) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.
Annexure to Bhainsa Municipality G.O.Ms.No. 349, MA & UD (MA) Department

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 01
NORTH Road Leading to Pardi Starting proceed up to H.No. 3-3-1/1 of Netaji Nagar of via proceed to House Nos 3-3-1/38 , 3-3-1/63 and 3-3-1 / 70 Cattle market Proceed up to limits
EAST Parid B By Pass road and Agricultural fields
SOUTH Road leading to the H.No. 3-5-104/204/1 Abdul Jabbar and then turn left and right proceed to the House No. 3-5-104/204/B of Abdul Razzaq and then turn right and turn left proceed to the House o. 3-5-104/214 proceed to left side up to Muslim Grave yard
WEST Lane Starts from the House No. 3-4-130/35 of Asif Baig and then turn right and left house No. 3-4-130/1 /A of Suraiah Khanam up to cattle Market.

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 02
NORTH Starting from the filter bed main gain H.No. 3-5-104/216/1 House of Zameer then turn right from CC road H.No. 3-5-104/214 of Shaik Fayaz in Kunta Area
EAST Starting from the CC road H.No. 3-5-104/212 of House of Abdul Shabir via H .No. 3-5-104/210 of Muqtar then turn right leading up to H .No. 35-104/206/12 of Kabeer Ahmed CC road up to house of Mahmood in New Abadi
SOUTH Starting from the CC Road from House of Shanaz Begum then turn right Up to H.No. 3-5-104/230 of Jabir Khan CC lane back side of Govt JuniorCollege of H.No. 3-5-104/170/3 of Yaseen Begum in New Abadi
WEST Starting from the CC Road from back side Junior College H.No.3-5-104/171 / 1 of Muqeem then turn right house of Abdul Sami House No. 35-104/171 leading up to H.No. 3-5-104/126 Mohammed Abdul Manan near Electrical Transform in New Abadi

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 03
NORTH Starting From H.No. 4-3-1 / 1B/201 House of Salma Begum beside the
Water tank of Mission Bhagritha Near Bodaka Pahad up to Fathima Masjid in Owaisi Nagar
EAST Starting From the House No. 4-3-1 /1B/400 of Ayub Khan opposite CC Road of Owaisi Nagar
SOUTH Starting from the House No. 4-3-1 / 1B/ 201 of Rasheeda Begum Opposite Owaisi Masjid turn right end of the lane in Owaisi Nagar
WEST Starting from House of Rabiya Begum CC Road up to House Salma Begum in Owaisi Nagar

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 04
NORTH Starts from the House of Mohan proceed up to the back side of Agricultural fields of Sami khan in Pipri Colony
EAST Starts from the back side of the Shivaji Beedi factory proceed up to the Town limits agricultural fields
SOUTH Starts from the house of Gangaram proceed to the CC lane/ road up to Shivaji Factory back side
WEST Starts from the House of Mohan proceed up to the House of Gangaram

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 05
NORTH Starting from the House of Mahboob Bee w/o Shaik Raheem H,No. 4-31 /1B/401 in Owaisi Nagar upto House of Sheda Begum back side of Hill Hock in Owaisi Nagar
EAST Starting from House No. 4-3-1 / 124 in Forest office Area leading up to Beside Rural Police station at Owaisi nagar road
SOUTH Starting from the back side Tribal Asharam Lane leading up to H. No. 43-1 /1B/474/11 of Ameena Begum in Owaisi Nagar
WEST Starting from after the CC Road owaisi Nagar H.No. 4-3-1 /1B/474 house of Noorjahana Begum in Owaisi Nagar turn right up to SC Hostel opposite house in Forest office area.

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 06
NORTH Starts from the house of Shastri Nagar House Muthanna proceed lane up to covered Subash Nagar , Shastri nagar and MPDO office Area
EAST Starts from the Ramchandra Ginning Factory to back side of fire Station to state lane to the Shastri Nagar & Subash Nagar
SOUTH Starts from the National Highway abutting to the MPDO office proceed up to the Ramesh Chandra Mandhani Ginning Factory
WEST Starts from the Houses from end of the AP Nagar ,and then proceed to the Shastri Nagar

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 07
NORTH Starts from the Town Limits via Ambika Ginning factory proceed with Nirmal National Highway -63 up to Santoshi mata Nagar and then proceed via Industries of cotton up Rahul Nagar Main Road via Shivaji Chowk to Umar Baig Factory.
EAST Town Limits Agricultural lands of the town
SOUTH Town limits and Agricultural lands
WEST Starts from the Umar Baig factory proceed with NH-63 via old Check Post to Basar road up to Bhainsa town limits

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 08
NORTH Starts from the Narshima Nagar Main Road to the End of the Rajiv Nagar near to the Owaisi Nagar Chowrasta
EAST Starts from the Owaisi nagar chowarsata to via Rajiv nagar area abutting to CC road via Raju Bachuwar Ginning factory Up to National Highway Road
SOUTH Starts from the National Highway road proceed via Geetha nagar Area to Shivaji Chowrasta
WEST Starts from the Shivaji Chowk Chowrasta procced to up to the new Post office building to buddavihar to Narsimha Nagar new water reservoir up to Rajiv Nagar

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 09
NORTH Starting from the Kubeer Palsi Chowarsta via Bus Stand back side Ram nagar up to Main Road
EAST Starts from the Main Road from Bus Stand Back side continue up to Shivaji Chowk Nirmal X road up to National Highway
SOUTH Starts from the Nanded Bhokar Road via APS RTC Bus Depot up to Reliance Petrol Pump Chowrasta National High Way Road
WEST Starts from the Reliance petrol Chowrasta via Khan Auto Nagar continue by Pass road up to Kubeer Palsi Road Chowrasta

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 10
NORTH Starts from the CC lane from the House No. 1-1-1 CC Road up to H.No. 1-1-50 prcoeed to House No. 1-1-131 to House No. 1-1-166 Bhattigalli
EAST Starts from Main road of Bhainsa town limits National Highway via Khan Auto Nagar to By Pass road to Near Bus stand, Ramgopal area proceed via Mahalaxmi gold smith market via cloth Market to Ambedkar Nagar and Zulfaquargalli
SOUTH Starting from the Bhainsa town limits Basar Nizamabad Road
WEST Starts from the Town limits National Highway road Nanded Bhokar Road via Agricultural filed up to town limits near water reservoir gaddana vagu

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 11
NORTH Starts from the Main Road Old Bazar opposite to the Hanuman Temple to proceed up to lane via Bharamangalli to Marwadi Galli and Mochigalli up to H.No. 2-1-1 of Advocate Vithal Rao
EAST Starts from the House of Desh pande continuously House No. 2-1-180 end of the main road of the old Bazar
SOUTH Starts from the House of Chandrakanth via House of Venu Thai H.No. 2-2-61 house of Sudarshan
WEST Starts from the House No. 2-1-1 from the H.No. 2-2-145

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 12
NORTH Starting from CC Road via 2-3-1 Mahdav mandir via H.No.2-3-82 Proceed up to the old Bazar and marwadi Galli , Kumargalli Khateeb Sahab Darga up to the Agricultural fields of the Town Limits
EAST Starts from the CC Road of mahadav Temple via House Jondle H.No.2-3-1 / 16 via old Chenoy Talkies then turn right H.No. 2-4-1 to 2-4-119
SOUTH Starts from the H.No. 2-2-146 to House o H.No. 2-2-202
WEST Starts from the House House of Ramulu covered old Bazar and marwadi Galli , Kumargalli up to TTD Kalayana Madapam

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 13
NORTH Municipal Limits / Agricultural Fields
EAST Municipal Limits /Road leading to Pardi Starting from H.No. 3-3-1 / 3/2 up to Rural Police Station then turn to left to road from veterinary Hospital to ZP High School
SOUTH Road boundary of ZP Girls High school along eastern compound wall of buran sahib Dargah/ grave yard to road leading from Makbara dargha Masjid up to House No 3-3-147
WEST Road starting from H.No. 3-3-147 to H.No. 3-3-118 opposite Madhav temple ending at Agricultural fields at Municipal limits.

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 14
NORTH Starts from the House of Shaik Ehsan H.No. 3-2-1 proceed up to the veterinary Hospital opposite to the old rural police station.
EAST Starts from the veterinary Hospital via Tadiwar Hanmandlu H.No. 3-1-1 proceed up to House of Bhojanna
SOUTH Starts from beside CC road of Hosue Bhojanna Proceed up to the end of the House of same lane opposite Haji sahab mosque
WEST Starts from the Opposite from the haji Sahab Mosque to Electrical Transform opposite Dargah Sharif end of the road

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 15
NORTH Starting from H.No. 3-4-9 Vazeerunnisa Begum up to Pardi B Main Road Opposite Old Rural Police Station up to Cattle Market Near Sai Baba Temple
EAST Starting from Nala beside Cattle Market House Nadeeem turn right H.No. 3-4-25 House of Quamar Begum CC Road then turn left and lead up to H.No.3-4-56 House of Quamar Ullah Khan in pandarigalli
SOUTH Starting from CC Road from house no. 3-4-56/3 house of Abdullah Khan then turn right lane up to CC Road beside Sulman Takedi Grave yard
WEST Starting from the CC Road H.No. 3-5-69 House of Mohammed Ibrahim then turn right up to H. No. 3-5-97 house of Laxmi Bai Opposite land of old library in Barimamgalli

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 16
NORTH Starting from House No. 3-5-104/14 via Govt. Primary School Nai Abadi then turn left from CC Road to the Mohammdia Nagar
EAST Starting from CC Road from Mohammadia Mosque filter bed road up to H.No. 3-5-104/121 Shaik farooq House in Mohammedia Nagar
SOUTH Starting from CC Road turn right to House of Chote miya up to H.No. 35-8 of Mohammed Yaseen at quareshi galli.
WEST Starting from CC Main Road of Quareshi galli H.No. 3-5-10 of Mohammed irfan turn right via Bilal Mosque up to H.No.3-5-27 of Abdul Wahab then turn right CC road up to House No. 3-5-104/11 in Bara imamgalli

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 17
NORTH Starting from the CC Road back side of the Govt High School and Govt Junior College near Electrical transform via boundary wall leading to the road lane opposite House of Yasmeen
EAST Starting road from the H.No. 3-5-104/278 of Mohammed Abdul Rahman leading CC road then turn left via House No. 3-5-104/ of Gorebhai road up to the H.No. 3-5-104/218 of Syed Ahmed lane up to House No. 3-5104/218/F near Maisamma Gutta and H.No. 4-3-1 / 1b/ 1 to 4-3-1 / 1B/ 10
SOUTH Starting from the House of Babu leading to the Hindu grave yard up to Hill Hock of Bodaka Pahad up to 3-5-1 / 14 of Mohd Ismail In hadina Colony
WEST Starting from the House of H.No. 3-5-1 / 15 Rafeeq Teacher along with CC Road turn right in the lane House No. 3-5-1 / 18 of Abdul Majid then turn left to municipal Nala and then turn right Telephone Exchange quarters H.No. 3-5-1/5 then turn left to the Muslim Function hall and then turn right to Govt Junior College Main gate.

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 18
NORTH Starting from H.No. 4-3-1 / 1B/ 11 house of Ahmedi Begum beside CC Road then after Hindu Grave yard Hill Hock of Bodaka pahad in Owaisi Nagar
EAST Starting from H.No. 4-3-1 / 1B/ 18 house of Raziya Khanam near to bodakapahad then turn right up to newly constructed Mission Bhagiratha Water tank in Owaisi Nagar
SOUTH Starting Lane from the House of Amena Begum beside CC Road leading up to Owaisi Mosque near H.No. 4-3-1 / 1B/ 172 House Syed Moiz in Owaisi Nagar
WEST Starting Lane from H.No. 4-3-1 / 1B/ 170 House of Shaheen Begum and turn right side up to H.No. 4-3-1 / 1B/ 1 beside Owaisi Nagar Bypass Road Opposite Ek Minar Masjid Owaisi Nagar

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 19
NORTH CC Road Starting from the Telephone Exchange to leading main road turn left leading road of old SBH road at Market opposite to Town Police Station Bhainsa
EAST Lane Starting from back side of the Mecca Masjid H.No. 4-3-216/2A/25 at Asad Baba Nagar leading up to Madina Colony passing through the H.No. 3-5-1/103 House of Baba Tailor leading up to the H.No. 3-5-1 / 30 Babu Miya in Madina Colony beside Madina Masjid
SOUTH CC Road starting from the Owaisi Nagar House No. 4-3-1 /1B/475 lane ending to Owaisi Nagar Main road opposite H.No. 4-3-1 / 1B/ 556 to Mecca Masjid of Akbar Baba Nagar
WEST Starting from the West side of UPS Building leading up to the New constructed fish Market passing through commercial main road up to Narshima Nagar entrance road and then proceed up to part of Narsimha Nagar

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 20
NORTH CC Road from Telephone exchange from H.No. 3-5-1 / 33 of Siraj Uddin via cc Road to leading up to H.No. 3-5-1/19 of Mastan Khan near to Owaisi Nagar by pass road of Madina Colony
EAST Lane starting from H.No. 3-5-1 / 22 of Mohammed Mateen via CC road owaisi Nagar by Pass road up to Ek Minar Mosque near House No. 3-51 / 37 leading with CC Road in Akbar Baba Nagar
SOUTH CC Road lane starts from H.No. 3-5-1 / 108 of Mahmood Khan leading up to Newly Constructed of Zafar Khan back side of the Rainbow High School and turn the right side of Asad Baba Nagar
WEST CC Road from House of Syed Sadiq Pasha and H.No. 3-5-1/40/7 turn left then right leading up to Opposite Madina Masjid near House No. 3-51 / 24 / House of Shaik Salam in Madina Colony.

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 21
NORTH Road Starting from the H.No. 4-2-152/A of Mohd Arif uddin proceed to the Zainuallbuddin galli main Road House of Rasool Quareshi
EAST Road Starting from the H.No. 4-2-129 of Ahmed Miya proceed with the Main road of Govt Jr. College then turn left and then turn right narrow lane H.No. 4-2-86 of Late Abdul Khader Sahab proceed to the opposite of Govt Jr. College Main gate then turn proceed up to the Touheed Mosque.
SOUTH Road Starting from the H.No. 4-2-19/3 Touheed Masjid proceed to Opposite road of DSP Office turn left proceed to old SBH Building via including Gandhi Gunj to up to Cloth Market Road via DSP office
WEST Cloth Market Road Starting from the Mubeen Cloth Store proceed up to the Prince Cloth Store new building then turn right up to Taher Ali Kirana Store then turn left via vegetable market proceed up to the H.N0. 4-2-150/A of syed Khasim

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 22
NORTH Starting from the H.No. 1-4-8 of SK Toys building of Abdul Raheem procced up to 1-4-146 then proceed to the Narrow to Main Road then turn left up to H.No. 1-4-220 of Raheem Khan in Zulfaquar galli.
EAST Starting from the Main Road of Panjesha Chowrasta from 1-4-8 of SK Toys building of Abdul Raheem proceed from Cloth Market up to Narrow lane of Sanjay Gandhi Market
SOUTH Starting from the Kubeer Main Road Via Zulfaquar Masjid Near
H.No. 1-5-1 proceed with lane up to H.No. 1-5-75 of Umar Baig Sanjay Gandhi Market , Ambedkar nagar and zulfaquar Galli via H.No. 1-575/1 to H.No. 1-5-1 16
WEST Starting from the H.No. 1-4-220 house of Raheem Khan via Zulfaquar Chowrasta to Ambedkar nagar

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 23
NORTH Starts from the House No. 1-1-51 proceed up to the H.No 1-1-99
EAST Starts from the H.No. 1-2-1 of Tanaji proceed up to the H.No. 1-2-200/1
SOUTH Starts from the H,No. 1-2-1 to the H.No. 1-2-72 house of Tanaji
WEST Starts from the House of H.No. 1-1-51 proceed up to the House of H.N0. 1-1-99

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 24
NORTH CC Lane Starting from Hanuman Temple at Old Bazar to H.No. 2-5-158 of Sri Raja Lingu
EAST CC Lane starting from H.No. 2-5-158 of Sri Raja Lingam to Ganesh Mandir at Krobagalli and proceed up to H.No. 2-5-1 of Baiola Gangaram
SOUTH CC Lane Starting from 2-5-1 of B.Gangaram to H.No. 1-3-108 of Darbar Malleshwar via 1-3-87 of late Bheem Rao Kadam
WEST Old Bazar Road Starting leading up to the Hanuman Temple

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 25
NORTH CC Road Starts from the to the Narrow way from the H.No, 3-1-28 Pandri galli leading up and proceed to the continues up to school building of the Islamia School building In Quazigalli
EAST Starting from the Pandarigalli beside H.No. 3-1-27 abutting main road of old rural police station leading up to the main road up to the Market Area H.No. 4-1-116 at Market Area
SOUTH Starts from the Main Road of rural police station proceed from the Narrow way H.No. 4-1-116 leading up to the H.No. 4-1-133 of N. Lingoji then Proceed via Mohammina Masjid to H.No. 4-1-151 of N. Raja and Laxman Bhakar Khasab opposite Mannur kapu Sangam
WEST Starts from the CC Main Road to Quazigalli H.No. 4-1-151 of N.Raja & laxman Bhakar Khasab proceed up to the Islamia School Building in Quazigalli.

Bhainsa Municipality WARD NO. 26
NORTH CC lane Starts from H.No. 4-1- 152 of to H.No.4-1-163 at korbagallir
EAST CC Road proceed to the H.No. 4-1-102 of Abdul Wahab leading to turn left in narrow lane then turn left proceed to Market main road up of Azeem Begum and Mobile Shop of Azhar Hussain Market Area
SOUTH Main Market Road starts from H.No. 4-1-1 of Minar book Store proceed to the main road and turn righ via Samad Pan Shop and then turn right Panjesha mosque up to H.No. 1-3-1 of SM Pasha Korbagalli.
WEST CC land starts from H.No. 1-3-2 of Abdul Rahman leading to the opposite of H.No. 1-3-47 of Bheem Rao Kadam Korbagalli up to House of Lingam

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