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15 Dharmapuri Municipality wards

15 Dharmapuri Municipality wards

Director of Municipal Administration, Telangana, Hyderabad has stated that, the Commissioner, Dharmapuri Municipality has submitted a proposal for division of Dharmapuri Municipality into fifteen (15) wards after following the due procedure as prescribed in G.O. 1 st read above and requested to issue final notification.

After careful examination of the matter and in supersession of orders issued vide reference 2nd read above, Government herby decide to issue final notification of division of Dharmapuri Municipality into fifteen (15) wards.

The following Notification will be published in an Extra-Ordinary Issue of the Telangana Gazette Dharmapuri Municipality NOTIFICATION

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 6 of the Telangana Municipalities Act No. 11 of 2019 read with Telangana Municipalities (Division of Municipalities into wards) Rules 2019, issued in G.O.Ms.No.78, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MA) Department, Dated 29.06.2019, the Governor of Telangana hereby notify the division of Dharmapuri Municipality into fifteen (15) wards as described in the Annexure appended to the notification with immediate effect.

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO. 1
NORTH Starts from 9-57/D Parameshwara rice mill (jaina road) and goes towards godavari river bund and ends at survey no. 1237
EAST Starts from survy no. 1237 at Godavari river bund goes towards hanuman temple steps.
SOUTH Starts From hanuman temple step to 9-202/1 brahmina vada sagam go’s to mamidi wada gadde and towards and 9-46/1 tenugu wada gadde. WEST Starts from 9-46/1 thenugu wada gadde towards jaina road 9-57/D arameswara raice mill.

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO.2
NORTH Starts from 10-23 Gaju Wada to brahmana Sangam
EAST Starts from Brahmana Sangam to Karne Akkapalli Narsimhulu Chartable Trust 11-64
SOUTH Starts from Karne Akkapalli Narsimhulu Chartable Trust 11-64 to Goli Wada to ends 10-85 Temple front lane
WEST Start from 10-85 Sri Laxmi Narsimha Swamy Temple front line to 10-85 Thirumala dairy Parlor Turns to Renikunta Manohar house turns to 10-1 Azmathulla Kahan house ends at Gaju Wada.

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO.3
NORTH Starts from 11-72 Goli Prabhakar shop and Ends at santhoshimatha Pushkara Ghat.
EAST Starts from santhoshimatha Pushkara Ghat to Narmadheshwara temple.
SOUTH Starts from Narmadheshwara temple to Bojjavari Sandhi Ends at 13-73 Varthaka Sangam .
WEST Starts from 13-73 Varthaka Sangam to OK store to Uma Medical ends at Goli Prabhakar shop.

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO.4
NORTH Starts From 12-145 Kanchari Ramulu House to Sai Baba Temple Pochamma Temple ends at 1-1 Haritha Hotel.
EAST Starts from 1-1 Haritha Hotel to Godhavari river to Civil Hospital
SOUTH Starts Civil Hospital to Hospital front houses to 13-77 Maisamma Temple end at 13-73 Varthaka Sangam.
WEST Starts from 13-77 Varthaka Sangam Towards Bojjavari Sandhi ends at 12-132 Sai Baba Tem le

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO.05
NORTH Starts from Pailan Junction to Hanuman Wada and ends at 3-105 SC Colony
EAST Starts from 3-105 SC Colony to Durgamma Colony turns and end at Rayapatnam Road -145
SOUTH Starts from 3-145 Rayapatnam Road to SRR Function hall to and ends at -315 Oddera Colony
WEST Starts from3-315 Oddera Colony toward main road Commoan turn to pailan unction

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO.06
NORTH Starts from Ambethkar Statue to Laxminarsimha Colony ends at 5-37\1 SRR Trades
EAST Starts from 5-37\1 SRR Trades to Durgamma Colony turn to 5-210\A Girukala Colony
SOUTH Starts from5-210\A Girukala Colony to Kamalapur Road 5-268 Indian oil Petrol Bunk
WEST Starts from Kamalapur Road 5-268 Indian oil Petrol Bunk to 5-227 Atukula Chandraiah Hotel and ends from Ambethkar Statue

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO.07
NORTH Starts from 5-310\A Hotel Vybav to Akkapelli Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Temple
EAST Starts from Akkapelli Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Temple to indhiramma Colony Continue Houses
SOUTH Starts from Indhiramma Colony towards Ayyappa Swamy Temple to Market Yard Ends at5-310\A Bharath Petrol Bunk
WEST Starts from 5-310\A Bharath Petrol Bunk to MPDO & Tahsildar Office Ends at 5-310\A Hotel Vybav

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO.08
NORTH Starts from 6-186\1 Peddamma Temple to Amaraveerula Statue
EAST Starts from Amaraveerula Statue to 6-7 Minority School
SOUTH Starts from 6-7Minorit School to Chithanya Degree Colla e to BC Bo s Hostel
WEST Starts from BC Boys Hostel to Gundaiah Palle to Collage road t06-186\1 Peddamma Temple

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO.09
NORTH Starts from to TenuguWada Bridge
EAST Starts from Tenuguwada Bridge to Tenuguwada Gadde to 9-46 Jaina Road Wines go’s towards Main Road to Thammallakunta Cheruvu
SOUTH Starts from Thammallakunta Cheruvu to Peddamma Temple to Continue Open Land
WEST Starts from Pochamma Wada to Thenugu Wada towards Nakkalapeta Road To Korandla Palle Houses 16-174 and ends at Nakkalapet Indhiramma house 946 Colony

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO. 10
NORTH Starts from thenugu wada gadde nearby House No -8-165 KALAKONDa SHANKAR HOUSE 8-165 TO AKIJLA SHANKAR HOUSE 7-111.
EAST Starts from House No 7-111 AKIJLA SHANKAR gose towards to Mula banda and ends to 7-168/B Sangi laxmi Narsaiah HOUSE.
SOUTH Starts from to 7-1681B Sangi laxmi Narsaiah HOUSE goes to Bere Rajam House No 8-27 ends here.
WEST Starts from Bere Rajam House No 8-27 to Odnala Suresh House No 8-118 and ends Kalakonda Shankar house No 8-165.

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO. 11
NORTH Starts from 7-166 Renikunta Sathyanarayana front lane to Nerella sridara Cha House No 14-157
EAST Starts From Nerella sridara Chary House No 14-157 turns to isuka stambam ends towards 7-166 Nandi statue .
SOUTH Starts From Nandi Statue to Gandi Statue
WEST Starts from Gandi Statue to Totla wada, Mulabanda ends to Renikunta Sathyanarayana house front lane

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO.12
NORTH Starts from 2-64/A Municipal Office goes towards right and ends at Guest House Road
EAST Starts from 2-64/A Guest House to 1-111 /A Ailanna Shop.
SOUTH Starts from 1-111/A Ailanna Shop to take right Boyawada to kashettiwada and ends at 2-67 Look mee Mens ware.
WEST Starts from 2-67 Look mee Mens ware to ends at 2-64/A Munic al Office

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO. 13
NORTH Starts frome 2-173/A Kashetti Wada Super Market ( Kashetti Mahesh House) to 2-87 Ambati linganna Teacher House Op lane
EAST Starts from 2-87 Ambati linganna Teacher House Opp lane to Kashetti wada.
SOUTH Starts from Kashetti Wada to 3-89/B Varimadlu
WEST Starts from 3-891B Varimadlu to chinthamani cheruvu Opp Road to 2-173/A Su er Market ( Kashetti Mahesh House)

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO.14
NORTH Starts from Gandi Statue goes strate to Nandi Statue
EAST Starts from Nandi Statue to Pailan •unction to Ambethkar Statue
SOUTH Starts from Ambethkar Statue to takes towards right ends at Viveka Nandha Statue
WEST Starts from Viveka Nandha Statue to Amaraveerula Sthupam ends at Gandhi Statue.

Dharmapuri Municipality WARD NO. 15
NORTH Starts From 6-186/1 Amaraveerula Sthupam toWards jaina road PS Anganwadi School to bandari Chinnanna House No 7-94.
EAST Starts from Anganwadi School to bandari Chinnanna House No 7-94 Tourn at to Cheepirishetti Rama Kistaiah House No 7-32. And ends mahathma Gandhi Statue
SOUTH Starts from Gandhi Statue Towards Water Tank and endset 6-186/1 amaraveerula Sthu am.
WEST Starts from 6-186/1 Amaraveerula Sthupam 6-186/1 towards Jaina Road and ends at 7-94 Wines.

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