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Village Secretariat system Duties and functions Job chart Assistant Grade- II

Village Secretariat system Duties and functions Job chart Assistant Grade- II

Village Secretariat system Duties and functions Job chart Assistant Grade- II Establishment of Village Secretariat system in the State – Duties and functions(Job chart) of the post of Engineering Assistant Grade- II – Orders G.O.MS.No. 151 Dated: 01-10-2019

Village Secretariat system Duties and functions Job chart Assistant Grade- II orders were issued establishing of village secretariat system as a part of “NAVARATHNALU” and the commitment made by Government to citizens of the State to improve the living standards of people in the rural areas of the state. As per Article-243 of Constitution of India and Sec 4 of APPR Act 1994, the Gram Panchayat envisages the village level government. In this direction Government desires to provide 10-12 functional assistants of line departments to the office of Gram Panchayat and designate it as “Village Secretariat”.

Engineer – in – Chief, PR, AP, Vijayawada has furnished the duties and functions of the post of Engineering Assistant Grade- II (E.A.) and requested to issue necessary orders in the matter.

In the circumstances reported by the Engineer-in-Chief, PR, AP, Village Secretariat system Duties and functions Job chart Assistant Grade- II Government after careful examination, hereby assign the following duties and functions to the post Engineering Assistant Grade- II. These specific duties and functions are in addition to the general duties and functions entrusted, by the competent authorities, to all the Village Secretariat Functionaries :

i. The Engineering Assistant (E.A.) is a basic level performing technical officer at the grass root level responsible for execution of all kinds of engineering and other related works of all the Departments of the Government and the Local Self Bodies. The Engineering Assistant is a multi task Engineer and his / her primary responsibility is to look after all Engineering works pertaining to Panchayatiraj Engineering, Rural Development (MGNREGS and other programmes ), Rural Water Supply, Irrigation, Roads and Buildings, Housing (Construction of houses), Solar energy (NREDCAP), Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and other departments , etc.
ii. He/ She shall identify the infrastructure amenities which are required in the jurisdiction of the Village Secretariat viz., CC Roads, Gravel roads, BT roads, Construction of Water Tanks, Drainage System, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation, Irrigation tanks, Irrigation systems, R&B department Roads and Buildings, Housing etc., and also works related to the subjects like Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries etc.
iii. He/ She shall ensure the incorporation of works identified in the village secretariat in to the Gram Panchayat Development Plan.
iv. His/ Her primary job chart is to prepare estimations for the works incorporated in the Gram Panchayat Development Plan which is approved by the Gram Sabha.
v. He/ She Shall discharge all functions related to public works of the Grama Panchayat.
vi. He/ She shall play custodian role of all government assets under Local Government and prepare the Asset Register of the Grama Panchayat and it shall be Geo-tagged and updated periodically and the data needs to be uploaded in NAD Software through the Digital Assistant.
vii. Conduct site inspection on applications for building permit/completion certificate and offer technical remarks.
viii. He/ she has to prepare estimates of Operating &Maintenance and follow up for necessary administrative and technical sanction by competent authorities. ix. The E.A. has to be responsible for all materials in the section stores in his jurisdiction.
x. The E.A. shall Conduct inspection of public buildings and school buildings and prepare fitness certificate periodically and submit to the competent authorities for approval.
xi. Keep all connected records in safe custody and produce it for audit and inspection.
xii. Prepare rent calculations for the building in his jurisdiction taken if any, on rent by Government Departments.
xiii. He/ She shall be responsible for Quality and Quantity of all kinds of works executed in his jurisdiction.
xiv. The E.A. is responsible for the Preparation and submission of Estimates for the works in approved GPDP under the supervision of the concerned Mandal Engineering Officer/AEE/AE or other supervisory engineers. Then the same has to be submitted to the concerned authorities for Technical Sanction.
xv. After getting Technical Sanction from concerned Departments, and after entrustment of the work to executing agency, the EA shall monitor the execution of the work in a transparent manner.
xvi. After completion of the execution of the work, the EA shall assist the Section Officer/ AEE concerned of the line Departments for taking work done measurements, so as to record the same in Measurement Book by Asst. Engineer/Asst.Exe.Engineer/ Mandal Engineering Officer of concerned line department. xvii. He/ She shall prepare the bills related to the works in GPDP on receipt of M Book for making payment.
xviii. The E.A. shall be responsible for Proper maintenance of the infrastructure created in the Gram Panchayats and see that all the amenities created are useful to the villagers.
xix. He / She shall follow up action on the grievances received under ‘Spandana’ and others at GP level and they have to redress all the grievances in appropriate manner.
xx. He / She shall coordinate and work in convergence with all Village Secretariat functionaries.
xxi. He/ She has to also report to Sarpanch / Panchayat Secretary/ Gram Panchayat, of the works inspected and observations made on day to day basis.
xxii. He/ She shall monitor the supply of drinking water in the village quantitatively & qualitatively along with the regular chlorination. xxiii. He/ She shall check of Residual free Chlorine in all the drinking water sources and public stand posts and in the distribution system.
xxiv. He/ She shall screen the Microbiological quality of drinking water sources, public stand posts and in the distribution system with H2S vials – during the premonsoon, post monsoon seasons and out-break of epidemics, especially during the natural calamities and ensure corrective action. xxv. He/ She shall test the chemical quality of drinking water sources by using the Field Test kits.
xxvi. He/ She shall ensure the collection & transportation of the water samples from the field to the nearest water testing laboratory, RWS&S Dept.
xxvii. He/ She shall monitor the cleaning of OHSRs once in a month and shall note the cleaning date at the OHSR in a visible way to the public.
xxviii. He/ She shall take measures to arrest the leakages and close the pit taps in the water distribution systems.
xxix. He/ She shall ensure the maintenance of good sanitation conditions around the drinking water sources, public taps and Hand pumps.
xxx. He/ She shall ensure the maintenance of platforms around the Hand pumps, with proper drainage system. xxxi. He/ She shall ensure that no stagnation of waste water around the drinking water sources and Hand pumps.
xxxii. During Summer/ drought conditions, monitor the supply of drinking water through tankers.
xxxiii. In water regulation the E.A. has to monitor water supply and ensure entitlements to tail end. In the process he/ she has to organize O&M staff for patrolling of water supply lines and up keep them by preventive measures during natural disasters such as cyclones, floods and heavy rains.
xxxiv. The E.A. have to study the component of the project entrusted to him for investigation and plan for reconnaissance survey and also detailed survey in site.
xxxv. The E.A. has to collect field data for preliminary design purpose, estimate purpose and prepare feasibility study and has to continuously follow up the proposals till approved by competent authorities.
xxxvi. The E.A. shall create awareness on low cost and eco- friendly models and suggest models for housing beneficiaries and other line departments.
xxxvii. The Engineering Assistants shall also attend any other work as entrusted by the competent authorities from time to time.

  1. G.O. Ms. No.110, PR&RD(Mandal. I) Dept., dt. 17.09.2019.
  2. From the ENC, PR, Vijayawada, Lr. No.Ser. I(i)/AEs Nodal/6026/2012, dt.24.09.2019 & 25.09.2019.

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