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Kanigiri Municipality into 20 wards

Kanigiri Municipality into 20 wards

Kanigiri Municipality into 20 wards The Commissioner, Kanigiri Nagarpanchayat is directed to place the following Notification before the Municipal Council of Kanigiri Nagarpanchayat for its views/ suggestions besides giving wide publicity to the Notification as contemplated in rule 11 of the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities (Division of Nagara Panchayats and Municipalities into wards) Rules, 1994.

The Collector and District Magistrate, Prakasam District is directed to affix the appended Notification on the notice board of his office to give an opportunity to make suggestions about the division of the Nagarpanchyat into wards.

Kanigiri Municipality into 20 wards NOTIFICATION

Under clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 10 of the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1965 (Andhra Pradesh Act, 6 of 1965) read with rule 11 of the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities (Division of Nagar Panchayats and Municipalities into wards) Rules, 1994 issued in G.O.Ms.No.31, Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department, dated 03.02.1995 and after due consideration of the proposals submitted by the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Andhra Pradesh, Guntur, the Government hereby notify the draft delimitation of twenty (20) wards of Kanigiri Nagarpanchayat as specified in the schedule appended to this Notification.

The Municipal Council, Kanigiri Nagarpanchayat is informed that it shall submit its views /suggestions, if any, on the proposed draft delimitation of wards notified, within 7 days of the publication of this Notification in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette, to the Commissioner, Kanigiri Nagarpanchayat.

The people of Kanigiri Nagarpanchayat are informed that they may submit their views/suggestions, if any, on the proposed draft delimitation of wards notified, within 7 days of the publication of this Notification in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette, to the Commissioner, Kanigiri Nagarpanchayat.

A copy of the Notification is also sent to the Collector and District Magistrate, Prakasam District and he/she is requested to affix the same on the Notice Board of his office and he/she is requested to give his/her suggestions about the division of the aforesaid Nagarpanchyat into twenty (20) wards to the Government immediately.

The Municipal Commissioner, Kanigiri Nagarpanchayat and the Collector and District Magistrate, Prakasam District may follow the procedure as stipulated under rule 12 of A.P. Municipalities (Division of Nagar Panchayats and Municipalities into wards) Rules 1994 and send their report to the Government through the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration immediately.


North: B.C Colony, from the North -East side of Hill to east side Rajeev Nagar Colony, Boggulagondi Vagu upto via Kondavagu Boundary Limits.
East: From the above showing limits , S.No-443 , upto Venakteswara Thieotre to Culvert in Sivanagar Colony.
South: From the above showing Culvert Via Venkateswar Thieotre, Vivekananda School to Pulivenkatareddy Street, Indira colony Main Junction upto Goll Baskar Rao House.
West: From the Golla Baskar Rao House to indira Colony , East side of Main Road, Cross the Kanigir Punugodu Road North Side, upto Via Dr. Ismayel House to Hill limits.
North: Boggula Gondi Colony and Kondavagu , from Hill Side S.No-937 upto Sankavaram Polimera limits.
East: Sankavaram Kanigir Polimera limits S.nos: 180,181,188,189,193,294,295,296,298, 299,301.
South: From the Kandukuru Road Sankavaram Polimera limits S.No 301 upto West side RTC Bus Depo,East side limits.
West: The above Showing limits to North side S.Nos: 431,443,449,463,460 upto Via Hill.
North: From Sankavaram Polimera S.No; 147 upto East side 133,132.
East: From the Hill Corner to South Side S.No 132,131,130,129,128,127,123, 121,120,116, 108,107,106,213,217,218, 219,220,276(P),249(p),252, 261,259 along the
Chinthalapalem Main Road part of West side upto Kandukur R&B Road.
South: From the above Showing point to west side Kandukur R&B Main Road along the Govt Milk Dairy upto S.No 301.
West: From the Kandukuru Main Road S.No 301 to North side Kanigi ,Sankavaram Polimera at S.No 180 upto Hill .


North: Punugodu Polimera Limits S.No. 80.
East: From the Punugodu, Sankavaram Polimera Limits S.No. 79,78,77,76,75 ,663,74,73, 71,68 along the South side Nalla Kunta ,across the Kandukur Road, S.No1 and 388, 390,391,691,392,393 upto Peramgudipalli polimera.
South: The above Showing S.No 393 toi West side S.No 399.
West: From the S.No 399 to along the Kandukuru R&B Road passing towards Chinthalapalem Main Road part of east side, via Ramalayam to Chinthalapalem , Punugodu R&B Road across the Punugodu polimera, upto East side S.No 132 .
North: From The RTC Bus Stand Main Road west side Court S.NO 396, across the East side Main Road Junior College, Via R&B Bunglow to Current Office, Cross the Vagu, upto Via Fire Office to Chinthalapalem Bus Shelter.
East: The above Showing Kandukur Main Road Point to Via S.No 400/B,400/C,403 at passing South Side S.No 405 turn towards East side S.No.406,407,413,414,415, 421, 422,423,424 upto Peramgudipalli Polimera Limits.
South: The above showing limits to Via West side S.No 471,695,473,474,512 upto S.NO 711.
West: From the S.No 289 to North side S.No 288,286,again 285,299,973,900, 302, 260, 261,258, 257,256,255,254,630,648,649 upto Pedda Cheruvu Alugu Vagu.
North: At the Chakiral Polimera limits S.No 605,605,603,602,583,582,724,723,722 passing to Kanigiri-Pamuru R&B Road Via S.NO 581,716,562,561,552 upto S.No 712.
East: The above showing limit to South Side Peramgudipalli Polimera, and China Irlapadu Polimera ,Via S.No 510,475,477,479,698,483,484,701,486,487 to Polavaram-Kodi Gudla Padu Limits.
South: The above showing limit to S.No 487, limit to West side S.No 495,500,677, 680,739, 679,648,647,643,642,731,640,639,638,637 upto Kanigiri -Pamur R&B Road.
West: From the Kanigiri-Pamur R&B Road , S.NO 636 Sulthan Puram Polimer limits, North Side passin Machavaram Village S.No 635/b,635/a,634/a,633, upto Corner of Chakiral Polimera S.NO 627,625,624,623,621,618/a, 616,615, 614, 613,606,605.
North: From th Pedda Cheruvu Alugu Vagu S.No 649 , South Side Badulla Street Ending , via
East side Old library Street Corner passing North side Govt Hospital Oppositee Street, Peddireddy poundry in Pamur Road upto Pamur Road in North Side, Via LIC Office passing throuh South Street, Cell Phone tower, Bandar uVenkateswarlu Site.
East: Kandukuru R&B Road passing Vaddepalem Street, south Cell Phone towr, East Bandaru Venkateswarlu Site ,south S.No 370 upto sankavaram Polimera.
South: S.No 370 Sankvaram Polimera, west S.No 552, 561,562,716,581, Kanigiri – Pamur R&B Road crossing S.No 722,723,724.
West: S.No 289 to North S.No 288,286,285,299,973,900,302 ,260,261,258,257,256,255, 254,630,648,649 upto Pedda Cheruvu Alugu.
North: S.No 513, Jilla Venkateswarlu House to R&B Road to west side Old Library.
East: Old Library Street , from R&B Junction to ViA Masjeed Alugu.
South: S.No 579 to 582, 58,589,611 Via upto 612.
West: S.No 610 to North 600, 596,594,512 upto Uppu Road.
North: Kasipuram Polimer S.No 227 to 226, 218,220,635,643,674,673,671,694,693, 692,701,501,484/a to O.V Road.
East: From O.V Road Sudharsan Thieotre to Addanki Kirosine Bunk, LMK School , Chakali Bazar to Uppu Road upto Jilla Venkateswarlu House and Jenda Chettu.
South: Chakali Polimera S.No 282 to 278,277,983,276,275,244,240,952,238.
West: S.No 238 Chakali Polimera to 237,236,235,228,227 .
North: S.No 205 Thumma Gunta Polimera to 206,210,211,212,213/b upto Ongole Road to East Peerla chavdi via Petrol Bunk.
East: S.No 494 Ongole Busstand to Petrol Bunk, 484 Via Boyapalem Road.
South: S.No 227 Kasipuram Polimera to 226,280,220,635,643,674,673,671,694, 693,692,701,501,484/a to O.V Road.
West: S.No 205 Thumma Gunta Polimera.
North: S.NO 1,2,15,16,17,19,21,22,914,914/a to Kanigiri-Challagiri Polimera Via Kasipuram , Ongole R&B Road Crossed Bojjabodu S.No 916,922,1002,923, 924,925,928929 upto Dirivancha Polimera.
East: Kanigiri Konda S.No 937, Kasireddy Nagara, Devanga Nagar, Ongole Road Upto Check Post YSR Statue .
South: YSR Statue to West Kumbum Road Alugu S.No 213/A,119/C,196/C,198/C 199/A,204.
West: Thummagunta S.No 204 to 202/A, Via Kumbum R&B Road Crossed 202/B, 202/C, 946,945 upto Kasipuram Polimera S.No 177, 176,944,164,163,162,161,158,139,84, 75,69,59,S.No 1 towards south .
North: Via Ongole Road ,Devanga Nagar, Takari palem, Devanganagar 1st Line, East side S.No 801, North side upto Hill S.NO 937,Mangali Manyam west side Road.
East: Towards South Kallu Dukanam Via Ongole R&B Road D,No 2-96 .
South : Ongole Road D.No 2-96 to West side Kumbub Road Upto YSR Statue.
West: Kambum Road YSR Statue Junction to North side Takari palem, Via Devanganagar 1st Road.
North: Hill S.No 937, MangaliManyam West side to East upto 1st street.
East: Hill , Ankalamma Temple, South Doruvu Bazar, passing through doruvu bazar to Boddu chavidi junction.
South : Boddu Chavidi Junction west Nagarapanchayat office via Ongole Busstand , Ongole Road D.NO 2-90 Mangali manyam Road.
West: Ongole Road D.No 2-90 to Mangalimanyam Road Via S.No 937 upto Hill.
North: Boddu Chavidi street, Addanki Kirosine Bunk Road Junction to Boddu Chavidi Via East Naz Centre Via Teegala Gondi Junction.
East: MSR Road Teegala gondi junction to teegala gonding via kandukur Road, LiC Office, Via Pamur Busstand Junction to Govt Hospital.
South: Pamur Road Govt Hospital to Old Library street Via North Side Ongole Road to Chakali Bazar.
West: The above Boundaries to Addanki Vari Kirosing Bunk , Bording school, Bodduchavidi Junction.
North: MSR Road , Teegala Gondi Junction to east side Telephone Exchange street.
East: The above boundaries junction to south side masjeed Road, Vadderapalem Road via untill Vagu.
South: RTC Busstand Vagu to OV Road , west side , R&B Banglaw , Ov Road , Teegala gondi junction.
West: Puli Venkatareddy Park Junction to MSR Road Junction .
North: Jawaharlal Street to Parasara Bharathi to East side Alpa School to Via Sivanagara Colony , west side Vagu.
East: Jawaharlal Street vagu edge to South side RTC Depo Back Side.
South: The above boundaries to west side Nakkala tippa masjeed veedi via Old telephone Exchange street.
West: The above Boundaries to Old telephone exchange via MSR Road to east side Karanam bazar, duthaluri Vari street passing through parasarbharathi school east side upto jawaharlal street junction.
North: Prakasam Road Jawaharlal Road Junction to Jawaharlala road to Parasara Baharati school east side.
East: east side of the Parasara School Via Duthaluri vari street , karanam bazar, Upto MSR Road.
South : The above boundaries MSR Road , Via west side upto naaz centre.
West: MSR Road , naaz centre to North side Prakasam Road upto jawaharlal road junction.
North: Prakasam Road Via Neelakantam Vari street to east side vivekananda school and venkateswarlu thieotre upto vagu.
East: The above vagu anchu to south side alfa school road.
South: Alfa school vagu to jawaharlal street via parasara bharathi school via prakasam road , upto panchayat Raod centre .
West: Prakasam Road Panchayat Radio junction to North side Neelakantam vari street junction.
North: Hill Survey NO. 937 , at medara vari street to hill bar upto east side doruvu .
East: The abover boundaries , east side of the Doruvu bazar House , South side Ankalamma temple opp-street, via east side Post office , prakasam Road, to south side upto naaz centre.
south: MSR Road, Naaz Centre upto Boddu chavdi.
West: Bodduchavidi to Doruvu bazar Via Ankalamma Temple, south side medara vari street, via upto hill.
North: Hill side Ayyappa temple to east side burial ground , Bc Colony , west side ending point upto south side .
East: From Danthulamm Matam to indira colony Main Road upto pulivenkatareddy Street Junction.
south: Tha above Junction to Neelakantam Vari street to Via Post office north road to Ankalamma temple junction.
West: Ankalamma, Post office junction to via rice mill to hill ending point upto Ayyappa temple.

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