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Hyderabad Metro Expansion Phase 3 Map CM Ravanth reddy

Hyderabad Metro Expansion Phase 3 Map CM Ravanth reddy

Hyderabad Metro Expansion Phase 3 Map CM Ravanth reddy, CM Ravanth reddy has issued directives to expand the metro rail network extensively. Let’s explore the details of this expansion and how it aims to revolutionize connectivity in the city.

Efficient Connectivity for Greater Hyderabad

The CM Ravanth reddy approval signifies a commitment to providing efficient metro rail services to various regions within the Greater Hyderabad metropolitan area, where the demand for seamless transportation is on the rise. The emphasis is on minimizing distances and maximizing the benefits of commuter travel.

New Alignments for Enhanced Connectivity

Recognizing the need for strategic expansions, the government is keen on extending the metro rail network to areas proximate to the existing metro corridors. This extension is expected to spur holistic growth in the city. The construction of the Ridar 3-Vimannashraya route, as proposed by the previous government, is set to be revitalized. Additionally, the plan includes connecting the Old City with LB Nagar through the Vimannashraya Metro from MG Bus Station.

Coordination with Urban Development Authorities

In coordination with the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority Commissioner, the Chief Minister envisions crafting new proposals. The current metro corridors are under scrutiny, with the Chief Minister recommending swift completion of DPR (Detailed Project Report) and traffic studies for the upcoming metro lines. To ensure minimal impact on historical structures, the construction of new lines will be executed with meticulous planning, particularly in areas like Elbinagar-Hayathnagar, Miyapur-Patancheru, and Ridarugam-Financial District.

Planning for Seamless Integration

Focusing on a comprehensive vision for the city’s metro rail, Chief Minister Rao has directed the Chief Secretary to expedite necessary approvals and funds for these proposed projects. The commitment to this expansive development underscores its pivotal role in not only enhancing connectivity but also fostering the overall growth of Hyderabad.

Miyapur-Chandanagar-BHELA-Patancheru (14 kilometers)

Connecting key areas like Miyapur, Chandanagar, BHELA, and Patancheru, this 14-kilometer stretch aims to enhance accessibility. The route spans MG Bus Station, Falaknuma, Chandrayangutta, Mallepally, and PVNR Expressway, covering a total distance of 23 kilometers.

Nagole-LB Nagar-Owaisi Hospital-Chandrayangutta-Mallepally-Aramghar-High Court Zone (Rajendranagar) (19 kilometers)

The 19-kilometer segment from Ridar 3 includes locations from Rayadurgam to the Financial District, encompassing Vaya Biotechnology University Junction, Triple IT Junction, and ISB Road.

LB Nagar-Vanasthalipuram-Hayathnagar (8 kilometers)

Approval from the Chief Minister for this 8-kilometer stretch, including LB Nagar, Vanasthalipuram, and Hayathnagar, marks a significant step towards improving connectivity in the region.

Musi River Front East-West Corridor (40 kilometers)

Extending the metro rail project to cover the Musi River Front East-West Corridor, spanning 40 kilometers, has been recommended by Minister Taramathi from Narsimhiguda to MG Bus Station. The proposed development aligns with the urban growth vision, prompting the Chief Minister to direct the Housing Department Minister to expedite the necessary approvals.

These initiatives not only promise to enhance connectivity but also align with urban development plans. The Chief Minister, through an official directive, urged the Chief Secretary to facilitate expeditious approvals and funding for these proposed projects, emphasizing their critical role in accelerating the city’s overall growth.

Enhancing Connectivity: Hyderabad Metro Expands its Reach


In a bid to serve a higher number of commuters in the Hyderabad Metropolitan region, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has issued directives to expand the metro rail network. The proposed expansion aims to cater to densely populated areas, providing efficient metro rail services to a larger demographic. The recently approved ‘Rayadurgam-Vimanaashray’ corridor construction has received approval in a review meeting attended by CM Revanth Reddy, DPAR, and traffic studies.

Cost-Efficiency and Strategic Expansion

With a focus on optimizing resources, the government is keen on extending the reach of metro services to key districts in Hyderabad. The new alignment, replacing the existing metro route, is expected to reduce travel distances and maximize the benefits of the metro network. As the government prioritizes cost-effective solutions, careful consideration is given to minimizing construction expenses while ensuring maximum advantages for commuters.

Collaboration for Development

Collaboration with the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) ensures a coordinated effort between the metro rail project and city planning. Commissioner of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has expressed the need for a harmonious relationship between the metro rail expansion and the overall growth of the city. This collaboration aims to foster sustainable development and boost connectivity.

Future-Ready Infrastructure

Anticipating future demands, the government is working on aligning the metro rail network with upcoming infrastructure projects. The proposed ‘Rayadurgam-Vimanaashray’ corridor is strategically designed to connect with the Old City through the Elbeennagar Metro, providing seamless access to and from the financial district. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the metro rail system is not just a current necessity but also a future-proof solution for Hyderabad’s growing urban landscape.

Accelerating Project Completion

To expedite the completion of the new metro corridors, CM Revanth Reddy has instructed the concerned departments to fast-track DPR (Detailed Project Reports), traffic studies, and other necessary preparations. The government emphasizes the importance of timely execution, aiming to deliver the expanded metro services promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How will the new metro corridors benefit commuters?

The proposed metro corridors aim to reduce travel distances, enhance connectivity, and serve a larger population, providing more efficient and accessible metro services.

Q2: Is there collaboration between metro rail expansion and city planning?

Yes, there is collaboration with the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) to ensure a synchronized effort in city development and metro rail expansion.

Q3: What is the strategic significance of the ‘Rayadurgam-Vimanaashray’ corridor?

The corridor strategically connects key districts, including Old City and the financial district, ensuring a well-connected and future-ready metro network.


The Hyderabad Metro’s expansion reflects a commitment to providing efficient and comprehensive transportation solutions for the growing needs of the city. With strategic planning, cost-efficiency, and collaboration, the government aims to create a metro network that not only meets the present demands but also anticipates and accommodates future urban developments.

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  • K V Rao , January 4, 2024 @ 1:02 am

    Where from funds will be generated for the expansion of metro train corridors . In case he can grant so much money, why the CM is neglecting in the case of government employees in releasing pending DAs. Why should not take up pay revision which are pending one in 2018 and another in 2023. Is he not partial towards government employees and pensioners who have also voted for congress.

  • Kamalakar Bandi , January 4, 2024 @ 1:57 am

    Jubilee bus station to Kompally also should be expanded via Alwal,Suchitra and kompallly..and also nagole to shamshabad airport via aramgar and also MBGBS bus tation to Aramgar via old city..Rai durgam should be extended till kokapet ..

  • Harish , January 4, 2024 @ 2:05 am

    Feel like left ECIL area no mans country

  • PK Pandya , January 4, 2024 @ 2:28 am

    Congress government has no policy.
    I have seen 2004 to 2014
    Poor performance.
    How will go hi tech city people to airport who pay more tax.
    Car fare going up.
    Don’t scrap raidurg to shamshad metro project.
    People will say you fool CM

  • Banshi mahapatra , January 4, 2024 @ 5:22 am


  • Dr.B.S.Josyulu , January 4, 2024 @ 5:31 am

    Addition of Miyapur- Raidurgam- New high court complex- RGIA via Neopolis link will greatly benefit thousands of workers working and other employees working in RGIA and fast expanding western suburbs of city. This will also provide links to practically every part of the city.

  • sampathkumar ncs , January 4, 2024 @ 5:32 am

    All the metro trains should have direct journey.Uppal to SR Nagar, for just one stop we are laboured toget down climb up and catch another train. PITY..

  • Geetanjali , January 4, 2024 @ 10:17 am

    Yes . ECIL needs metro line . to hitech City .

  • zaheer , January 4, 2024 @ 12:44 pm

    dear cm please check via tolichowki/ nanalnagr route for hitec City

  • Vidyadhar D , January 4, 2024 @ 1:31 pm

    ECIl area should get metro as early as possible. There are of poor people and middle class people staying near ECIL and there is no proper connectivity from ECIL to other areas expect buses. Revanth Reddy sir ignored this area when he is MP for Malkajgiri aswell….This area is ignored by KCR aswell…. Please relook and grant Metro from Keesara ORR toll gate and connect to Tarnaka metro or JBS metro ….

  • TS Murthy , January 4, 2024 @ 3:27 pm

    Metro Connectivity from LB Nagar to Hyathnagar via Vanasthalipuram is a very good proposal. This will ensure full occupancy . Great going by new Govt.

  • Kannaiah , January 4, 2024 @ 4:27 pm

    Excellent proposal. Please also consider to extend MMTS to GMR airport terminal. Benefits for daily going working staff. This will not cost rs60 cr as the distance is 6 km only.

  • Bhanu Kishore , January 4, 2024 @ 11:06 pm

    This news article is having number of spelling mistakes, example: elbinagar, BHELA.
    The information provided also not accurate. Please review

  • M Narasimha Rao , January 5, 2024 @ 8:17 am

    We voted him to become parliament member from Malkangiri when he was defeated in kodangal as MLA. We also voted for ghmc and as Rao nagar is the line corporator in the entire ghmc to Congress party. Now revanth Reddy has forgotten everything and excluded metro expansion upri ECIL. He is just doing what kcr and other cms have done in the past. He is following their footsteps by developing a part of city ignoring all round development of the Hyderabad City. Hyderabad has got unique advantage of spreading in all directions. Fully loading one area with people is not correct. All the areas should be given equal opportunity as everyone is paying taxes. I request the cm to reconsider his decision and expand metro upto ECIL as people are are suffering a lot with traffic. He also should pay back his gratitude to ECIL voters for sending him to parliament and also for making him cm.

  • PSR SWAMY , January 5, 2024 @ 9:18 am

    Dear Revanth Reddy Garu
    Honarable Chief Minister Telangana State
    Appreciated your new metro rail upcoming projects, In addition to that Rayadurgam – Airport – Shadnagar metro must be completed in your tenure of 5 years.
    Now a days people are selecting candidate based their performance. Ofcourse promises making during election campaigns by all parties rediculous. Only few people are getting benefits.
    So far I am not getting raitu bandu for 0.09
    guntas/1.00 guntas.
    Old 85 years widower not having ration card/widower pension or any other support by government.
    Myself fed-up with officials last 10 years moving around.
    Now your new government offered to submit
    Forms submitted, let me wait for the results.

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