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TSPSC Group 1 Exam Last hour Tips for Success

TSPSC Group 1 Exam Last hour Tips for Success

The Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC) Group 1 preliminary test is poised for execution this Sunday, marking a significant milestone for 4.03 lakh registered candidates. The examination, scheduled from 10:30 AM to 1 PM across 897 centers statewide, requires meticulous preparation and adherence to specified guidelines to ensure a smooth and fair process.

Exam Day Logistics and Security Measures

Timely Arrival and Entry Protocol Candidates must arrive at their designated centers well before the gates close at 10 AM. Any candidate arriving post-closure will be denied entry, reinforcing the importance of punctuality.

Enhanced Security and Monitoring To maintain integrity, TSPSC has introduced candidate-specific OMR sheets and biometric attendance. Additionally, CCTV cameras will monitor examination halls and strong rooms, ensuring a transparent and secure environment.

Detailed Screening and Frisking Procedures

Identity Verification Each center will have identification officers at a 1:100 ratio to verify hall tickets and ID proofs at entry points. Both male and female candidates will undergo thorough frisking by appointed chief superintendents to prevent any malpractice.

Prohibited Items Candidates are strictly prohibited from carrying electronic gadgets such as calculators, cell phones, tablets, and Bluetooth devices. Other banned items include pagers, pen drives, mathematical tables, bags, writing pads, or any recording instruments. Compliance with these restrictions is crucial to avoid disqualification.

Preparatory Recommendations and Exam Day Guidelines

Last-Minute Preparation Tips To excel in the TSPSC Group 1 exam, candidates should focus on revising known concepts rather than cramming new information. Practicing previous years’ question papers and mock tests can significantly enhance familiarity with the exam pattern and improve time management skills.

Optimal Study Routine Candidates are advised to allocate a minimum of seven hours daily for focused study sessions. Utilizing efficient resources and strategic planning will maximize their chances of scoring high.

Shift Timings and Exam Schedule The TSPSC Group 1 Prelims 2024 will be held on June 9, 2024, in a single shift. Candidates should check the official TSPSC website for detailed shift timings and ensure they adhere to the schedule to avoid any last-minute confusion.

Essential Exam Day Guidelines

Mandatory Documentation On the exam day, candidates must carry their TSPSC Group 1 admit card along with a valid photo ID. Acceptable IDs include original Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, passports, driving licenses, voter identity cards, and two passport-size color photographs. Failure to present these documents may result in disqualification.

Personal Belongings Bringing personal items such as books, communication devices, and stationary materials into the exam hall is prohibited. Any candidate found with these items will have their candidature canceled immediately.

Strategic Exam Preparation Tips

Section-Wise Approach Adopting a section-wise strategy is essential for effective time management and accuracy. Candidates should prioritize high-scoring topics first, followed by more time-consuming questions to minimize errors and maximize their score.

Mock Tests and Previous Papers Regularly attempting mock tests and solving previous years’ question papers can provide invaluable practice. These exercises help candidates understand the question format, improve speed, and identify areas needing more focus.


The TSPSC Group 1 preliminary test demands rigorous preparation, adherence to guidelines, and a strategic approach to succeed amidst stiff competition. By following these expert-recommended tips and maintaining discipline on the exam day, candidates can significantly enhance their chances of qualifying for the next stage of the selection process. Best of luck to all aspirants!

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