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New Mee Seva Centers to be Operated by SHGs in Telangana Villages

New Mee Seva Centers to be Operated by SHGs in Telangana Villages

Government Initiative to Establish Mee Seva Centers Across Villages

The state government of Telangana has decided to establish Mee Seva centers in every village, providing hundreds of online services from both government and private sectors. These centers aim to enhance accessibility to essential services for rural residents. New Mee Seva Centers to be Operated by SHGs in Telangana Villages.

Empowering Women’s Self-Help Groups

Selection of Operators

The initiative will grant these centers to women’s self-help groups (SHGs). Members who have completed their intermediate education will be selected as operators. Each center will receive a loan of ₹2.50 lakhs.

Financial Support and Implementation

Under the Women Empowerment Scheme, the government plans to launch these centers by August 15. Collectors from all districts have been instructed to identify and select the SHGs interested in setting up these centers. Currently, Telangana has 4,525 Mee Seva centers, with nearly 3,000 located in urban areas. Out of 12,769 gram panchayats, only 1,500 villages have such centers.

Bridging the Service Gap

Comprehensive Service Access

Mee Seva centers offer over 150 government services and 600 private services, including certificates, Aadhaar services, applications, and payments. Rural residents often travel to urban centers for these services. This initiative aims to bring these services closer to rural populations.

Funding and Equipment

The ₹2.50 lakh loan will be provided through Stree Nidhi, facilitated by the Panchayati Raj and Rural Development Department. This fund will be used to purchase computers, printers, GPS, biometric devices, cameras, and internet connections from reputed companies under government supervision.

Operational Framework

Infrastructure and Training

The centers will be housed in existing local government buildings like gram panchayats, schools, farmer centers, or Anganwadi centers. Each center will be equipped with a space of 10 feet by 10 feet. Women with intermediate qualifications from the selected SHGs will be trained as operators. The Mee Seva organization will provide training on center management and services, followed by a formal agreement with the SHGs.

Transparent and Supervised Services

The services offered at these centers will adhere to the government-prescribed fees, ensuring transparency. Mee Seva officials will regularly inspect the centers to oversee their operations and maintenance.

Timeline for Implementation

Training and Launch

The government plans to complete the operator selection and provide a month-long training by the end of this month. After establishing the basic infrastructure, the centers are expected to be operational by August 15.

Long-term Vision

The establishment of Mee Seva centers in every village is a significant step towards decentralizing access to essential services, empowering women, and promoting digital inclusion in rural Telangana. This initiative not only brings convenience to rural residents but also fosters local economic growth by creating employment opportunities for women.

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