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NEET Exam Integrity Remains Untouched panel to re-examine grace marks awarded to 1600 students

NEET Exam Integrity Remains Untouched panel to re-examine grace marks awarded to 1600 students

NEET Results Under Review: Education Ministry Investigates Grace Marks for 1600 Students

NEET Exam Integrity Remains Untouched panel to re-examine grace marks awarded to 1600 students, The Education Ministry has initiated a review process for the NEET results of approximately 1600 candidates who received grace marks. This decision, announced by National Testing Agency (NTA) Director General Subodh Kumar, aims to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the exam results, while he assured that the ongoing admission process will remain unaffected.

NEET Grace Marks Reevaluation

Subodh Kumar emphasized that the reevaluation would specifically target the grace marks awarded to certain candidates. The Ministry formed a dedicated panel to scrutinize these results thoroughly. This step was taken to address concerns and maintain the integrity of the NEET results. Despite the reevaluation, Kumar reassured students and parents that the admission timelines and procedures would continue as planned without any delays or disruptions.

Addressing Allegations and Concerns

The decision for reevaluation comes in response to allegations of inflated marks. These claims emerged after 67 candidates were found to share the top rank in the NEET exam, raising suspicions of irregularities. Calls for a re-exam arose, particularly concerning six exam centers where the issues were most pronounced. Kumar clarified that after a detailed investigation, it was evident that there was no paper leak. The discrepancies were isolated to six centers and were primarily due to the mismanagement of question paper distribution.

No Evidence of Paper Leak

In his media address, Kumar confirmed that there was no evidence of a paper leak. The primary issue was related to logistical challenges at six of the 4,750 exam centers. These centers faced problems with the distribution of question papers, affecting around 16,000 candidates. The NTA’s prompt analysis and subsequent actions underscore their commitment to maintaining the examination’s credibility and fairness.

Panel Formation for Result Review

The Education Ministry’s decision to form a review panel highlights its proactive approach in handling examination-related grievances. This panel will meticulously review the results of the 1600 candidates who received grace marks to ensure that the final scores reflect true merit. By doing so, the Ministry aims to uphold the standards and reliability of the NEET exam, which is one of the largest competitive exams in the country.

Maintaining Examination Integrity

Subodh Kumar highlighted the scale and significance of NEET, noting that it is the largest single-shift competitive exam globally, with approximately 24 lakh candidates. The vast scale inevitably brings challenges, but the NTA remains committed to addressing these promptly and effectively. Ensuring that only deserving candidates benefit from the examination process is a priority for the NTA and the Education Ministry.

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2024 results have been announced, and many students across India have achieved remarkable success. This article highlights the top performers who have scored the highest percentile, securing the All India Rank (AIR) of 1. These students represent various states and categories, showcasing the diversity and talent spread across the nation.

The Pinnacle of Success: JEE Main 2024 Toppers

Maharashtra’s Pride: Ved Sunilkumar Shende

Ved Sunilkumar Shende from Maharashtra has emerged as one of the top scorers in JEE Main 2024. His exceptional performance has earned him a 99.997129 percentile, placing him at the top of the list.

Tamil Nadu’s Bright Star: Syed Aarifin Yusuf M

Syed Aarifin Yusuf M from Tamil Nadu has also achieved the prestigious percentile of 99.997129, making him one of the top achievers. His hard work and dedication have paid off, bringing pride to his state.

Delhi’s Shining Star: Mridul Manya Anand

Mridul Manya Anand from Delhi has made it to the top ranks with a 99.997129 percentile. As an OBC (NCL) candidate, his achievement is particularly inspiring for students from similar backgrounds.

Uttar Pradesh’s Exemplary Student: Ayush Naugraiya

Ayush Naugraiya from Uttar Pradesh, under the Gen-Ews category, has secured a 99.997129 percentile. His outstanding result reflects his perseverance and commitment to excellence.

Bihar’s Academic Excellence: Mazin Mansoor and Tathagat Awatar

Bihar is represented by two exceptional students, Mazin Mansoor and Tathagat Awatar, both from the OBC (NCL) category. Each has achieved a 99.997129 percentile, demonstrating the state’s strong academic culture.

West Bengal’s Top Achievers: Rupayan Mandal and Saksham Agrawal

Rupayan Mandal and Saksham Agrawal from West Bengal have secured the top percentile of 99.997129. Their success is a testament to their hard work and the quality of education in their state.

Punjab’s Leading Scholars: Shaurya Goyal and Gunmay Garg

Shaurya Goyal and Gunmay Garg from Punjab have achieved a 99.997129 percentile, placing them among the top performers. Their academic achievements bring honor to their state.

Rajasthan’s Academic Stars: Prachita, Saurav, Aadarsh Singh Moyal, Shashank Sharma, and Dhruv Garg

Rajasthan boasts several top achievers, including Prachita, Saurav, Aadarsh Singh Moyal, Shashank Sharma, and Dhruv Garg. Each has attained a 99.997129 percentile, showcasing the state’s commitment to academic excellence.

Tamil Nadu’s Other Top Performers: Shailaja S, Aditya Kumar Panda, Sriram P, Rohith R, Sabareesan S

Tamil Nadu has multiple top achievers, including Shailaja S, Aditya Kumar Panda, Sriram P, Rohith R, and Sabareesan S, all scoring a 99.997129 percentile. Their collective success highlights the state’s robust educational framework.

Maharashtra’s Additional Achievers: Shubham Sengupta, Umayma Malbari, Mane Neha Kuldeep, Amina Arif Kadiwala, Krishnamurti Pankaj Shiwal

Maharashtra also celebrates the achievements of Shubham Sengupta, Umayma Malbari, Mane Neha Kuldeep, Amina Arif Kadiwala, and Krishnamurti Pankaj Shiwal, each securing a 99.997129 percentile, further proving the state’s academic prowess.

Kerala’s Top Performers: Devadarshan R Nair, Abhishek V J, Sreenand Sharmil

Kerala’s educational excellence is reflected in the achievements of Devadarshan R Nair, Abhishek V J, and Sreenand Sharmil, each scoring a 99.997129 percentile, bringing pride to their state.

Andhra Pradesh’s Academic Leaders: Kasturi Sandeep Chowdary, Gattu Bhanuteja Sai, Poreddy Pavan Kumar Reddy, Vadlapudi Mukhesh Chowdary

Andhra Pradesh is represented by top performers Kasturi Sandeep Chowdary, Gattu Bhanuteja Sai, Poreddy Pavan Kumar Reddy, and Vadlapudi Mukhesh Chowdary, each achieving a 99.997129 percentile.

Other Notable Achievers

  • Haryana: Khushboo, Prateek, Krish, and Anjali, each with a 99.997129 percentile.
  • Gujarat: Ved Patel, Darsh Paghdar, Rishabh Shah, and Kriti Sharma, all achieving the top percentile.
  • Karnataka: Sam Shreyas Joseph, Arjun Kishore, and Kalyan V, securing the highest ranks.
  • Jharkhand: Kahkasha Parween and Manav Priyadarshi, both from the OBC (NCL) category.
  • Chandigarh: Taijas Singh with a top percentile score.

Celebrating Diversity in Achievement

The JEE Main 2024 toppers list is a celebration of diversity and excellence across India. Students from various states and categories have showcased their brilliance, setting a high standard for future aspirants. Their success stories serve as an inspiration, demonstrating that with dedication and hard work, academic excellence is within reach for everyone.


The top achievers of JEE Main 2024 have set a benchmark in academic excellence, reflecting the diverse and dynamic talent pool across India. Their accomplishments highlight the importance of hard work, perseverance, and the support of a robust educational system. As these students move forward in their academic and professional journeys, they are sure to inspire countless others to strive for excellence.

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