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From TSRTC to TGSRTC Tracing the Transformation of Telangana’s Transport System

From TSRTC to TGSRTC Tracing the Transformation of Telangana’s Transport System

Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC), the lifeblood of public transportation in Telangana, India, has undergone a name change. As of May 23rd, 2024, the corporation will be known as TGSRTC, reflecting the newly approved state code “TG.” This article explores the reasons behind the name change, the history of TGSRTC, and its significance for Telangana’s transportation infrastructure. NO Changes to the TGSRTC Logo.

From TSRTC to TGSRTC: A Shift in Nomenclature

The name change from TSRTC to TGSRTC aligns with the Telangana government’s recent adoption of “TG” as the official state code for vehicle registration plates. This shift from “TS,” implemented during the previous administration, signifies the current government’s commitment to honoring the public’s desire for the “TG” designation. Telangana activists have long associated “TG” with the state’s identity, and its incorporation into the corporation’s name reflects this sentiment.

A Legacy of Service: The History of TGSRTC

TGSRTC, previously TSRTC, boasts a rich history as a leading provider of public bus transportation in Telangana. Following the state’s bifurcation in 2014, the corporation emerged from the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC). Today, TGSRTC operates a vast fleet of over 9,000 buses across the state, serving millions of passengers daily. Notably, the corporation offers free travel for nearly 30 lakh women passengers, a commendable initiative promoting women’s mobility and social inclusion.

The Road Ahead for TGSRTC

The revamped TGSRTC looks towards a future focused on continued service excellence and innovation. The corporation plays a pivotal role in connecting Telangana’s urban centers with rural areas, facilitating commerce, education, and social mobility. As TGSRTC transitions into its new moniker, it is poised to build upon its legacy and cater to the evolving transportation needs of the state’s residents.

Telangana State Road Transport Corporation Adopts New Abbreviation TGSRTC

Introduction of TGSRTC: A New Era for Telangana’s Transport

The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has officially adopted a new abbreviation for the state: TG. This change replaces the previous abbreviation, TS. Consequently, the abbreviation for the state road transport undertaking will now be TGSRTC, reflecting this update.

Implementation Across All Communication Channels

A circular has been issued to all TSRTC staff, directing them to use the new abbreviation, TGSRTC, in all forms of official internal and external communication. This adjustment is not merely administrative but also extends to the public-facing aspects of the corporation.

NO Changes to the TGSRTC Logo and Public Materials

The new abbreviation will be incorporated into the transport corporation’s logo, signaling the change prominently. Comprehensive instructions have been disseminated to update the abbreviation on various materials and platforms, including:

  • Bus Passes and Tickets: All existing stock and future issues will now feature the TGSRTC abbreviation.
  • TIM Rolls: The printed rolls used for ticketing will reflect the new abbreviation.
  • Staff Identity Cards: New and replacement identity cards for staff will display TGSRTC.
  • Signage: All signs at bus stations, depots, workshops, and dispensaries will be updated to reflect TGSRTC.

Comprehensive Adoption and Implementation

This change is intended to be thorough, ensuring that every aspect of the corporation’s identity aligns with the new abbreviation. The initiative underscores a significant rebranding effort aimed at unifying the corporation’s identity across all communication and operational materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does TGSRTC stand for?

TGSRTC stands for Telangana State Road Transport Corporation.

2. Why did the name of the Telangana bus service change?

The name change reflects the Telangana government’s adoption of “TG” as the official state code for vehicle registration plates.

3. How many buses does TGSRTC operate?

TGSRTC operates over 9,000 buses across Telangana.

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