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Complaint Lodged by DSP Against Stephen Raveendra IPS

Complaint Lodged by DSP Against Stephen Raveendra IPS

In a recent development in Hyderabad, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) lodged a formal complaint with Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy against senior IPS officer Stephen Raveendra. The complaint alleges that Raveendra, while serving as the Cyberabad Commissioner of Police in 2021, unjustly suspended DSP M. Gangadhar, who was then working as the Station House Officer (SHO) in Narsingi. The suspension purportedly aimed to influence certain individuals involved in land encroachment activities in Janwada village.

Fabricated Allegations and Delayed Inquiry: DSP’s Claims

DSP Gangadhar’s complaint sheds light on the alleged fabrications behind his suspension. He claims that the suspension was orchestrated to favor land grabbers who sought to encroach upon a specific parcel of land. Moreover, Gangadhar accuses Raveendra of deliberately delaying the departmental inquiry initiated against him. This delay, according to Gangadhar, was a strategic move to obstruct his promotion within the department.

Upholding Accountability: The Need for Swift Investigations

The complaint lodged by DSP Gangadhar underscores the significance of accountability within law enforcement agencies. It highlights the necessity for impartial and timely investigations into allegations of misconduct or abuse of power. Furthermore, it raises concerns regarding the potential repercussions of delayed inquiries on the careers and reputations of officers.

Unfair Suspension Sparks Controversy

In a recent development, Command Control DSP Gangadhar has lodged a formal complaint with Telangana Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy, accusing Home Guards IG Stephen Ravindra of unjustly suspending him. This move has ignited a contentious debate within the law enforcement community of the state.

Allegations and Claims

Gangadhar asserts that his suspension, orchestrated by Stephen Ravindra during his tenure as the circle inspector of Narsinghi police station, was grounded on false premises. He contends that Ravindra alleged his involvement in a land dispute without conducting a thorough inquiry. Gangadhar maintains that Ravindra’s actions, in collaboration with alleged land grabbers, impeded his chances of promotion within the department.

Legal Ramifications

Despite directives from the High Court mandating Gangadhar’s opportunity for promotion, he alleges that Ravindra willfully disregarded these orders. Moreover, Gangadhar claims that Ravindra’s alleged mistreatment extends beyond him, citing harassment of other subordinates during Ravindra’s tenure as Cyberabad police commissioner in the BRS government.

Formal Complaint and Response

Gangadhar has escalated the issue by forwarding copies of his complaint to Chief Secretary A Santi Kumari, DGP Ravi Gupta, and relevant departments overseeing home affairs and personnel training. The complaint signals a growing dissatisfaction with Ravindra’s leadership style and decision-making within the law enforcement community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What prompted DSP Gangadhar to lodge a complaint against former CP Raveendra?

A: DSP Gangadhar alleges that he was unjustly suspended by former CP Raveendra under fabricated allegations, prompting him to lodge a formal complaint against Raveendra.

Q: What are the accusations against former CP Raveendra?

A: The accusations against former CP Raveendra include orchestrating a suspension to favor land grabbers and intentionally delaying the departmental inquiry against DSP Gangadhar.

Q: Why is the timing of inquiries crucial in law enforcement matters?

A: Timely inquiries are essential in ensuring accountability and maintaining the integrity of law enforcement agencies. Delayed investigations can obstruct the pursuit of justice and adversely affect the careers of implicated officers.

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