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Amrapali Kata GHMC Commissioner Surprise Inspections in Hyderabad

Amrapali Kata GHMC Commissioner Surprise Inspections in Hyderabad

Amrapali Kata GHMC Commissioner Surprise Inspections in Hyderabad, GHMC Commissioner Amrapali Kata’s Surprise Sanitation Inspections in Hyderabad

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Commissioner Amrapali Kata recently conducted unannounced inspections to evaluate the sanitation conditions in various parts of Hyderabad. This initiative underscores her commitment to ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for the city’s residents. The surprise inspections covered several key areas, including the Rythu Bazar regions of Kukatpally JNTU and Moosapet Bharat Nagar.

Swift Action on Garbage Removal

During her tour, Commissioner Amrapali Kata instructed local authorities to prioritize the immediate removal of garbage from streets, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a clean environment. She specifically highlighted vulnerable points where waste accumulation is frequent, directing officials to give special attention to these areas to prevent further sanitation issues.

Engaging with the Community for Cleanliness Awareness

Commissioner Kata engaged with students, stressing the crucial role they play in promoting cleanliness. She encouraged them to actively participate in the Swachh Hyderabad mission by properly disposing of waste through Swachh Auto Tippers (SATs). By doing so, students can help ensure that garbage is transported to designated collection stations efficiently. This engagement aims to foster a culture of cleanliness and environmental responsibility among the youth.

Directive to Secunderabad Zonal Commissioner

In addition to her sanitation inspections, Commissioner Kata directed Secunderabad Zonal Commissioner Ravi Kiran to expedite the allotment process for newly constructed shops at the Narayanguda crossroad. This directive is part of her broader efforts to streamline municipal operations and improve urban infrastructure.

Inspection of Garbage Removal Operations

While inspecting sanitation operations on Shankar Mutt Road, Commissioner Kata spoke with an RFC vehicle driver to understand the current garbage removal procedures. This hands-on approach allows her to identify potential gaps in the sanitation process and implement necessary improvements.

Preparation for General Body Meeting

Commissioner Kata has mandated that all senior GHMC officials come fully prepared for the upcoming general body meeting scheduled for July 6 at the GHMC head office. This preparation is crucial for addressing key issues and ensuring effective decision-making during the meeting.

Agenda and Departmental Meetings

Commissioner Kata convened a meeting with officials from various departments to discuss the agenda for the standing committee and council meetings. These discussions are essential for aligning departmental goals and ensuring coordinated efforts towards urban development and sanitation.

New Appointments in GHMC

Several new appointments were announced to bolster the GHMC’s administrative framework. N Ravi Kiran, currently the Zonal Commissioner for Secunderabad, has been given the additional charge of Additional Commissioner for Sanitation and Transportation. S Pankaja has been appointed as the Additional Commissioner for Health, while K Sathyanarayana, who handles Legal and Electrical subjects, will now also oversee advertisements.

Focus on Cleaner Hyderabad

The inspections conducted by Commissioner Amrapali Kata reflect a proactive approach to urban sanitation. By engaging with the community, directing officials, and making strategic appointments, she aims to create a cleaner and more organized Hyderabad. Her efforts are a testament to the GHMC’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all residents through improved sanitation and infrastructure management.

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