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55 Telangana Congress MLA List 15 October 2023

55 Telangana Congress MLA List 15 October 2023

55 Telangana Congress MLA List 15 October 2023, INC and Telangana Congress Party officially approved the list of candidates who will be contesting in the forthcoming 2023 Telangana Legislative Assembly Elections. This crucial announcement has sent ripples across the political landscape of the state. Let’s take a closer look at the key candidates and constituencies. Out of 55 Telangana Congress List, N Uttam Kumar Reddy Family Got 2 Tickets and Mynampally Hanumantha Rao Family got 2 Tickets in Congress First List. Cast Wise Reddy Community got 17 seats out of 55, BC Community got 11 seats out of 55, and Velama Community got 7 seats out of 55.

Dominance of the Reddy Community in Telangana Congress Candidate List: A Political Trend

In the dynamic political landscape of Telangana, the Congress party has recently unveiled its list of candidates, and it’s evident that the influential Reddy community has claimed a significant share of the spotlight. With deep-rooted influence in both business and politics in the state, the Reddy community’s prominence is further underlined by the presence of the state party president, Revanth Reddy, who joined the party in 2017.

Reddys in Telangana: A Political Force to Reckon With

Comprising nearly 6% of the state’s total population of four crore, the Reddys in Telangana have consistently played a pivotal role in shaping the political landscape. The decision to allocate a higher number of seats to this community is part of a longstanding trend that has not only enabled the Congress to consolidate its power but also secure substantial majorities during election years.

Acknowledgment by Bharat Rashtra Samithi

In a significant acknowledgment of the Reddy community’s influence, the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), led by Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao, who hails from the Velama community, has also allotted a notable number of tickets to the Reddys. A total of 40 tickets have been offered to this community by the BRS, underscoring their political clout.

Diverse Representation: OBCs and Minorities

Following the Reddys, party insiders have revealed that the Other Backward Castes (OBCs) will be the second-largest group to receive around 20 tickets. Furthermore, approximately 10 seats have been reserved for minorities in the old city. In a progressive move, women are expected to secure approximately 7-8 tickets, aligning with the approach of the ruling BRS.

Diverse Representation: Velamas and Kammas

While the Velama community has been allocated approximately 4-5 tickets, the Kammas have not been overlooked. As arch-rivals of the Reddys, they too may receive tickets, highlighting the Congress party’s commitment to a diverse representation.

Congress’s Optimism in the Upcoming Elections

Despite its previous performance, the Congress party remains optimistic about its prospects in the upcoming December elections. In 2018, the party secured just 19 seats, while in 2014, the year Telangana was formed, they won 21 seats. In contrast, the BRS, formerly known as TRS, claimed a much higher share with 88 seats in 2018 and 63 seats in 2014.

In conclusion, the dominance of the Reddy community in the Congress candidate list for Telangana is a reflection of the community’s enduring influence in the state’s political landscape. As the election season approaches, all eyes will be on the Reddys and their impact on the political fortunes of the Congress party.

AICC PRESS RELEASE ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS - 2023 TELANGANA The CEC has sanctioned the following candidates for the ensuing elections to the Legislative Assembly of Telangana 
SI. No. No & Name of Consituency Candidates Selected 1 3 Ballampalle - SC Gaddam Vinod 2 4 Mancherial Kokkirala Prem Sagar Rao 3 9 Nirmal Kuchadi Srihari Rao 4 11 Armur Prodduturi Vinay Kumar Reddy 5 12 Bodhan P. Sudarshan Reddy 6 19 Balkonda Sunil Kumar Muthyala 7 21 Jagtial T. Jeevan Reddy 8 22 Dharmapuri - SC Adluri Laxman Kumar 9 23 Ramagundam M.S. Raj Thakoor 10 24 Manthani Duddilla Sridhar Babu 11 25 Peddapalle Chintakunta Vijaya Ramana Rao 12 28 Vemulawada Aadi Srinivas 13 30 Manakondur -SC Dr. Kavvampally Satyanarayana 14 34 Medak Mynampally Rohit Rao 15 36 Andole - SC C. Damodar Rajanarsimha 16 38 Zahirabad - SC Agam Chandra Sekhar 17 39 Sangareddy Thurupu Jagga Reddy 18 42 Gajwel Thumkunta Narsa Reddy 19 43 Medchal Thotakura Vajresh Yadav 20 44 Malkajgiri Mynapally Hanumathrao (Velma) 21 45 Qutbullapur Kolan Hanmanth Reddy 22 47 Uppal M. Parameshwar Reddy 23 53 Chevella - SC Pamena Bheembharat 24 54 Pargi T. Ram Mohan Reddy 25 55 Vicarabad - SC Gaddam Prasad Kumar 26 57 Musheerabad Anjan Kumar Yadav Mandadi 27 58 Malakpet Shaikh Akbar 28 62 Sanathnagar Dr. Kota Neelima 29 63 Nampally Mohammed Feroz Khan 30 64 Karwan Osman Bin Mohammed Al Hajri 31 65 Goshamahal Mogili Sunitha 32 67 Chandrayangutta Boya Nagesh (Naresh) 
AICC Parl Board 
File: Cand Tel 2023

Ballampalle – SC Constituency

Candidate: Gaddam Vinod

Mancherial Constituency

Candidate: Kokkirala Prem Sagar Rao

Nirmal Constituency

Candidate: Kuchadi Srihari Rao

Armur Constituency

Candidate: Prodduturi Vinay Kumar Reddy

Bodhan Constituency

Candidate: P. Sudarshan Reddy

Balkonda Constituency

Candidate: Sunil Kumar Muthyala

Jagtial Constituency

Candidate: T. Jeevan Reddy

Dharmapuri – SC Constituency

Candidate: Adluri Laxman Kumar

Ramagundam Constituency

Candidate: M.S. Raj Thakoor

Manthani Constituency

Candidate: Duddilla Sridhar Babu

Peddapalle Constituency

Candidate: Chintakunta Vijaya Ramana Rao

Vemulawada Constituency

Candidate: Aadi Srinivas

Manakondur – SC Constituency

Candidate: Dr. Kavvampally Satyanarayana

Medak Constituency

Candidate: Mynampally Rohit Rao

Andole – SC Constituency

Candidate: C. Damodar Rajanarsimha

Zahirabad – SC Constituency

Candidate: Agam Chandra Sekhar

Sangareddy Constituency

Candidate: Thurupu Jagga Reddy

Gajwel Constituency

Candidate: Thumkunta Narsa Reddy

Medchal Constituency

Candidate: Thotakura Vajresh Yadav

Malkajgiri Constituency

Candidate: Mynapally Hanumathrao (Velma)

Qutbullapur Constituency

Candidate: Kolan Hanmanth Reddy

Uppal Constituency

Candidate: M. Parameshwar Reddy

Yakutpura Constituency

Candidate: K Ravi Raju

Bahadurpura Constituency

Candidate: Rajesh Kumar Pulipati

Secunderabad Constituency

Candidate: Adam Santosh Kumar

KODANGAL Constituency

Candidate: Anumula Revanth Reddy

Gadwal Constituency

Candidate: Smt. Saritha Thirupathaiah

Alampur – SC Constituency

Candidate: Dr. S.A. Sampath Kumar

Nagarkurnool Constituency

Candidate: Dr. Kuchakulla Rajesh Reddy

Achampet – SC Constituency

Candidate: Dr. Chikkudu Vamshi Krishna

Kalwakurthy Constituency

Candidate: Kasireddy Narayan Reddy

Shadnagar Constituency

Candidate: K. Shankaraiah

Kollapur Constituency

Candidate: Jupally Krishna Rao

Nagarjuna Sagar Constituency

Candidate: Jayaveer Kunduru

Huzurnagar Constituency

Candidate: Nalamada Uttam Kumar Reddy

Kodad Constituency

Candidate: Smt. Nalamada Padmavathi Reddy

Nalgonda Constituency

Candidate: Komatireddy Venkat Reddy

Nakrekal – SC Constituency

Candidate: Vemula Veerasham

Alair Constituency

Candidate: Beerla Ilaiah

Ghanpur (Station) – SC Constituency

Candidate: Smt. Singapuram Indira

Narsampet Constituency

Candidate: Donthi Madhava Reddy

Bhupalpalle Constituency

Candidate: Gandra Satyanarayana Rao

Mulug – ST Constituency

Candidate: Smt. Danasari Anasuya Seethakka

Madhira – SC Constituency

Candidate: Bhatti Vikramarka Mallu

Bhadrachalam -ST Constituency

Candidate: Podem Veeraiah

The field of candidates for the Telangana Assembly Elections 2023 is now complete, and these individuals will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the state. As the election date draws near, the political landscape of Telangana is set for a dynamic and competitive race.

For further updates and in-depth coverage of the upcoming elections, stay tuned.

LOA (L. ENUGOPAL) General Secretary, AICC 15th October, 2023

33 68 Yakutpura K Ravi Raju 34 69 Bahadurpura Rajesh Kumar Pulipati 35 70 Secunderabad Adam Santosh Kumar 36 72 KODANGAL Anumula Revanth Reddy 37 79 Gadwal Smt. Saritha Thirupathaiah 38 80 Alampur -- SC Dr. S.A. Sampath Kumar 39 81 Nagarkurnool Dr. Kuchakulla Rajesh Reddy 40 82 Achampet - SC Dr. Chikkudu Vamshi Krishna 41 83 Kalwakurthy Kasireddy Narayan Reddy 42 84 Shadnagar K. Shankaraiah 43 85 Kollapur Jupally Krishna Rao 44 87 Nagarjuna Sagar Jayaveer Kunduru 45 89 Huzurnagar Nalamada Uttam Kumar Reddy 46 90 Kodad Smt. Nalamada Padmavathi Reddy 47 92 Nalgonda Komatireddy Venkat Reddy 48 95 Nakrekal - SC Vemula Veerasham 49 97 Alair Beerla Ilaiah 50 99 Ghanpur (Station) - SC Smt. Singapuram Indira 51 103 Narsampet Donthi Madhava Reddy 52 108 Bhupalpalle Gandra Satyanarayana Rao 53 109 Mulug - ST Smt. Danasari Anasuya Seethakka 54 114 Madhira - SC Bhatti Vikramarka Mallu 55 119 Bhadrachalam -ST Podem Veeraiah 
For favour of Publication. 

( .L. ENUGOPAL ) General Secretary, AICC 15th October, 2023 
AICC Parl Board 2 File: Cand Tel 2023

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