We are committed to welfare development of Women – Kiran Kumar Reddy

The Chief Minister Mr N Kiran Kumar Reddy greeted the women on the eve of International Women’s day. He said many of the welfare programmes initiated by his government so far were centred on women. The Chief Minister said development of a nation or a State is fully depend upon the development of women and their empowerment. “I wholeheartedly congratulate the women on the eve of the International Women’s Day and assure that I shall work for their welfare and social security”, the Chief Minister said in a message. The Chief Minister said his schemes for the welfare and development for women like “Stree Nidhi bank” has now been replicated by the Government of India.

He said his Government earmarked Rs.1500 crs as seed capital for the stree nidhi bank. All the welfare programmes in general and women-oriented programmes in particular are being implemented under the guidance and blessings of UPA Chairperson Smt. Soniaji. Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy said he has launched the Rs 103-cr Indiramma Amrutha Hastam in Ranga Reddy district for providing nutritious food for pregnant and lactating women and said that the scheme would reduce the maternal and infant mortality rates attributable to lack of proper nutrition. He said the scheme would benefit nearly 3.5 lakh pregnant women in 103 high-risk ICDS project areas.

The Chief Minister said that Andhra Pradesh leads the entire country not only in the number of women SHG groups but also in their entrepreneurial skills. Our SHG women have diversified in many industries and went to many foreign countries in pursuit of marketing of their products. The Chief Minister said the SHG women groups in the State are also engaged in procurement of food-grains at the Minimum Support Price and are doing crores of rupees business.

Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy said that the schemes initiated by the State government like “Abhayahastham” was exclusively intended to make women financially independent and secure. This contributory pension scheme for all the SHG women was applauded all over the country and many other States have shown interest to replicate it. Sri Reddy said even the Indiramma housing for weaker sections were given in the name of women so that they would be the owner of these houses. The Chief Minister said there are 1,15,48,174 members in 10,59,101 SHGs exclusively for women. A total of 38,821 Village Organizations (VOs), 1,098 Mandal Samakhyas (MSs) and 22 Zilla Samakhyas have come into existence in 22 districts. As on today, the total Savings and Corpus of SHG Members are Rs.4,054.44 crores and Rs.5,871.91 crores respectively.

During this financial year 2012-13, up to February, 2013 Rs. 8248.69 crores of bank loans are given to 3, 40, 249 SHGs under Bank linkages programme. Under Pavala Vaddi incentive, Rs.895.37 crores is given to 19,83,319 SHG groups during 2011-12, thus totaling to Rs.1983.91Crores since inception of the scheme. The Government of AP has announced an improved incentive scheme for the SHGs repaying installment promptly from the present Pavala Vaddi to 0% interest (Vaddi LeniRunalu) effective from 1.1.2012 as per the eligibility criteria for those SHGs whose borrowings not exceeding Rs.5.00 Lakhs. Under VLR Rs.478.78 crores were disbursed so far. The Chief Minister said 1,099 Mandal Mahila Samakhyas (MMS) of SHGs in association with Government of Andhra Pradesh have promoted ‘STHREE NIDHI’ Credit Co-operative Federation Ltd to address the issues of inadequate finance and to ensure timely availability of credit, preferably within 48 hours, for meeting emergent and other needs of the poorest of the poor. Up to end of February, 2013 Rs.637.61 crores were disbursed to 4,08,078 members of 1,23,278 SHGs in 19,728 V.Os in 1013 mandals.

The SHG-based Community Managed Social Action Committee consisting of only women have so far settled 37,659 cases out of 47,046 cases referred to it. As compensation, Rs.39.37 crores have been paid to the victims through the mediation and conciliation process. Andhra Pradesh is well ahead of other States in promoting women’s education and so far 743 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas have been established spread over 21 districts in the State. We have also started government model schools for girls separately. Andhra Pradesh is also well ahead in Government schools and jr colleges for girls. The Government of Andhra Pradesh is implementing Girl Child Protection Scheme to address the issue of gender discrimination and 5,15,597 girls have been covered under the Scheme since 2005-06. Under this scheme, single girl child is entitled to receive Rs.1.00 lakh after completion of 20 years of age. In case of two girl children, both of them are entitled Rs.30,000/-each, after completion of 20 years. Government has paid Rs.272.84 crores towards premium under GCPS. Under the Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls – SABLA, 6,18,975 calories and 18-25 gms of Protein per day for 300 days in an year and an amount of Rs.5/- is being spent per day per Adolescent Girl. Under State Milk Mission (Mini Dairies) programme, it is planned to be established by SHG groups which are called “Paala Pragathi Kendrams” with an outlay of Rs.5332 crores to be spent in 4 years starting from 2011-12 with Rs. 5 lakhs per unit. In each village 4 PPKs are to be established. During the current financial year up to the end of February, 2013, 1755 PPKs are established by benefitting 10,421 families.

He said even schemes like Rajiv Aarogyasri, 108 and 104 services were mainly intended to help the women in general and the pregnant women in particular. After the introduction of 108, 104 and Rajiv Aarogyasri schemes, hospital deliveries in the rural have considerably picked up and mortality rate has come down. The Chief Minister reiterated that his Government is totally committed to the cause of women and violence against women will not be tolerated under any circumstances in the State.

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