Training for Officials of State Government of Andhra Pradesh under Capacity Building Scheme of NeGP

The revolution in information and communication technologies is changing the way Government interacts with citizens and business entities. To transform Government departments and agencies from department-centric mode of working to a citizen-centric way of working, the National e-Governance Programme was conceived with the vision to make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency & reliability of such services at affordable costs to realize the basic needs of the common man.

In line with the recommendations of the National Task force on Information Technology and Software Development, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) jointly with the Department of Administrative Reforms (DAR&PG) pursued the setting up of the National Institute of Smart Government (NISG). NISG was planned to serve as an institutional mechanism for leading private sector competencies and resources including financial resources into e Governance projects in order to accelerate effective governance in an efficient manner.

With the Increased usage of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) by Governments across the country, e-Government has become an important part of the Governments’ agenda of governance. Although remarkable results have been achieved by many States in the implementation of e-Gov projects, the success rate of e-Gov projects is still very limited. Currently there is a dearth of qualified people within the Government who can make the e-Gov Projects successful. For transforming the Governments’ vision into reality, it is required to take up comprehensive Capacity Building initiatives focusing at all levels.

The State of Andhra Pradesh is the first State in India to start training of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) across various departments for the success and sustainability of e-Gov projects.

It is essential to train in-house resources from within the government departments; to lead e-Governance in respective departments/ministries, in a mission mode and review government system, processes and analyse the issues and needs of citizens and formulate strategies for long/short term ICT interventions for better service delivery and good governance. The overall goal is to accelerate the implementation of e-Governance initiatives in India at all levels of Governments i.e. Central/State/UT(s) and achieve the objectives of NeGP.

With this background, NISG has designed an intensive training program called
‘Chief Information Officers (CIOs)’ Training Program. These training programmes are aimed at facilitating deep understanding of factors that result in sustained success of eGov projects.


7. a. The total duration of the program would be 4 weeks including 1 week national study tour to one of the States in India & 1 week international study tour to one of the countries to see successful implementation of e-Government Projects.

7.b. This training would primarily address development of requisite competencies in the key MMPs in the following areas of ICT related initiatives:

i. G2C Services focusing – eDistrict, ePancyayat, eMunicipalities.
ii. Taxation projects – Commercial tax, Income tax, Central excise & customs iii. Common infrastructure- CSC IT infrastructure, State Portal, SSDG
iv. Project implementation stage – MCA21, Passports v. Integrated projects – eProcurement, eBiz etc.

These projects are at different phases of project development and implementation and therefore the understanding required to be developed amongst the officials would have variations across the eGov project’s life cycle.

7.c. The Course design would primarily address the following areas:

a. E-Governance strategy and leadership b. Program and Project management
c. Government Process reengineering d. Regulatory framework
e. Change management and capacity building
f. Information Security Management & Enterprise Applications g. Soft skill areas

Course resource material for participants As per the category of CIOs courses, the current course curriculum related resource material will be structured and detailed. The course shall primarily consist of the following:-

• Common content, including core areas related to e-Governance.
• MMP wise International and Domestic best practice documentation.
• Case studies for classroom discussions and teaching.
• Key topic wise assignments

Total program fee proposed by NISG to be met under Capacity Building Scheme of NeGP is given as below

Expenditure Head With Foreign Tour (Rs. In lakhs)
NISG Program Management Cost 16.41
Extra Logistic Cost 27.86
Extra Logistic Cost for National study tour


International Study Tour 41.00
NISG Professional Fee 10.58
Total Program fee (Per batch of min 25 Participants 101.05(@ 4.042 per participant)
Cost per each additional participant


The Government after careful examination of the matter agree to the above proposal and constitutes a committee with the following composition to co-ordinate on the training content & selection of participants:-

1. Principal Secretary to Government, Finance (R&E) Department
2. Principal Secretary to Government, GA(GPM&AR) Department

3. Director, General, CGG Member

4. Secretary to Government, IT&C Department Member and  Convener

The entire expenditure for the programme will be met from funds received under Capacity Building Scheme of NeGP from Government of India.

This order is issued with the concurrence of Finance Department vide their
U.O.No.10036/215/A2/Expdr.GAD-II/12, Dated: 26.10.2012.

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