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The draft variation to the Tanuku General Town Planning Scheme to the   Master   Plan   which  was   sanctioned   in  G.O.Ms.No.480  MA.,  dated:19.09.2000 was issued in Government Memo. No.10707/H1/2012-2, Municipal Administration   &   Urban  Development   Department,  dt.:03-09-2012  and published in the Extraordinary issue of A.P. Gazette No. 500, Part-I, dated:13-09-2012.  No objections and suggestions have been received from the public within the stipulated period.   The   Director of Town & Country Planning, Hyderabad  in his letter dated:26-10-2012 has stated  that the Commissioner,Tanuku Municipality has informed that the applicant   has paid an amount of Rs.19,500/-   (Rupees   Nineteen   thousand   Five   hundred   only)   towards

Development/ Conversion charges as per G.O.Ms.No.158 MA.,dated:22-03-1996 and also handed over the road affected portion through registered gift deed. Hence, the draft variations are confirmed


In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (a) of Sub- Section (2) of Section 15 of the Andhra Pradesh Town Planning Act, 1920, the Government of Andhra Pradesh hereby makes the following variation to the Master Plan of Tanuku Town, the same having been previously published in the Extraordinary issue of Andhra Pradesh Gazette No.500, Part-I, dated:  13.09.2012 as required by clause (b) of the said section.


The  site  in  R.S.No.436,  of  Tanuku  Municipality    to  an  extent  of Ac.4.78 cents, the boundaries which are as shown in the schedule below and which is earmarked for No Land Use (Agricultural use) in the General Town Planning Scheme (Master Plan) of Tanuku  sanctioned in GO.Ms.No.480, MA dated: 19.09.2000   is now designated for Residential use by variation of change of land use based on the Council Resolution No.179, dated 12.03.2010 as the proposed site is surrounded by plots which are already converted for residential use and abutting to existing 82’-0’’ to 92’-0’’ wide road and the EE, Irrigation Department has issued NOC for the proposal, subject to conditions imposed by the Irrigation Authorities, as marked “A,B,C,D”  as shown in the revised part proposed land use map GTP No. 36/2012/R which is available in Municipal Office, Tanuku Municipality, subjected to following conditions:

1. That the title and Urban Land Ceiling / Agricultural land ceiling aspect        shall  be  scrupulously  examined  by  the  concerned authorities i.e., Urban Development Authorities / Municipal Corporations / Municipalities before issue of building permission/ development permission.

2.   That the above change of land use is subject to the conditions that may be applicable  under the Urban Land Ceiling Act, 1976 and A.P. Agriculture Ceiling Act.

3.   The  owners  /  applicants  are  solely  responsible  for  any misrepresentation with regard to ownership / title, Urban Land Ceiling Clearances etc.   The owners / applicants shall be responsible for any damage claimed by any one on account of change of land use proposed.

4. The change of land use shall not be used as the proof of any title of the land.

5. The   applicant   shall  obtain   necessary   permission   from competent authority before development of site under reference.

6. The change of land use shall not be used as the sole reason for obtaining exemption from the provisions of Urban Land Ceiling Act, 1976.

7. Any other conditions as may be imposed by the competent authority.

In addition to the above conditions, the following conditions imposed by Irrigation Department also shall be followed scrupulously:

1. The permission (No Objection) accorded is liable for alteration or cancellation at any time without assigning any reasons thereof, as and when public violation arises and due to other contra-versions.

2. The layout should be laid leaving beyond 2 Mtrs. from the adjacent bank of the channel or bodhi which is situated nearby.

3. The applicant should not cause any damage or breaches to the channel bank and if any such damages are noticed to the channel bank or nearby  structures of the Irrigation department the applicant should restore the same with his own cost, and also not to utilize the channel bank as a pathway or should not form any road.

4. After  completion  of  the  layout,  the  applicant  organization should see that the outlets are not entered into the nearby channels and should not cause pollution and contamination to the irrigation water sources in and around the layout area.

5. The applicant has to remit an amount of Rs.10,000/- towards security deposit in the shape of demand draft obtained from any Nationalized Bank in favour of Pay and Accounts Officer, Works and Projects, Eluru which is refundable after receiving satisfactorily completion of work from the Deputy Executive Engineer, Narasapuram and will be refunded without interest. The security deposit amount will be invested in failure of the applicant in adopting the terms and conditions scrupulously.

6. If any deviation of the terms and conditions is observed at later date, the Irrigation department is constrained to proceed as per rule in force and as per law.


North     :   Vacant land in R.S.No.437/P & 384/P. East      :   Vacant land in R.S.No. 435.

South    :   Existing Kondalamma Puntha road to be widened to 100’-0” wide as per Master Plan.

West     :   Approved GTP No.10/10(P) and approved GTP No.1/2008(P)

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