Shifting of Polluting Industries & Non – Guidelines on utilization of the land falling within Industrial Estates

A Meeting was convened on 24.03.2012 with the representatives of Industry Associations and Industrial Area Associations to discuss the issues related to the shifting of polluting industries from Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) areas to outside the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and some decisions were taken regarding Shifting of industries from GHMC areas to outside the Outer Ring Road (ORR), Development of New Industrial Areas outside Outer Ring Road (ORR), Land use conversions in the existing Industrial Areas and Status of Industrial Area Local Authorities (IALA).

In pursuance to the decisions taken in the meeting held on 24.03.2012, a Committee was constituted chaired by the Commissioner of Industries, A.P., Hyderabad to identify the polluting industries located inside Outer Ring Road (ORR), vide G.O.

After examination of the matter, Government of Andhra Pradesh have taken a decision to shift the polluting industries (compulsory) and non-polluting industries (optional) from within the Outer Ring Road (ORR) to outside Outer Ring Road and  to issue the  following guide lines on utilization of land after shifting of Industries:-

(1)  Development of New Industrial Areas Outside Outer Ring Road:

(a)       45 locations have been identified outside the Outer Ring Road (ORR) which will be notified as Industrial use areas in the Master Plan of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA). These areas can be developed either by the A.P. Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC) or by Private Developers into Industrial Estates in a phased manner;

(b)       Preference to be given by A.P. Industrial Infrastructure Corporation to develop product specific estates to provide suitable and relevant infrastructure in these Estates;

(c)        Adequate infrastructure including buildings with plug-and-play facilities may be developed by the A.P. Industrial Infrastructure Corporation; and

(d)       All around these proposed estates, buffer green belt Zone at least 500 Meters width will be developed to prevent future environmental problems in the adjacent areas.

(2)  Land use conversions in the Existing Industrial Areas:

(a)       Multiple land use is not permitted in the existing industrial areas till all the industries are shifted from the industrial area; and

(b)       Where existing industries have shifted from Industrial areas to outside ORR, plots of 10 acres or more abutting the High-ways may be allowed to develop commercial and residential lay outs after they provide minimum 100 Meters, green-belt zone to separate the industries that may exist on the remaining three sides.

(3)  Status of Industrial Area Local Authorities (IALA):

(a)  The Industrial Area Local Authority in the existing industrial area will be  continued till at least 50% of the area is under occupation of Industries;

(b)  In the Industrial Area Local Authority, only industry members should have voting rights;

(c) Industrial Area Local Authorities and Industry representatives to be given opportunity to represent their case at the time of revision of Property Tax; and

(d) Whenever necessary and feasible, Industrial Area Local Authorities to be permitted to develop and run Common Affluent Treatment Plants (CETP) by providing assistance under Industrial Infrastructure Development Fund (IIDF).

The Vice Chairman & Managing Director, AP Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd., (APIIC), Hyderabad/ Metropolitan Commissioner, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority /   Member Secretary, AP Pollution Control Board shall take necessary action accordingly.

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