Registration of Andhra Pradesh State Energy Conservation Mission as Society

Realizing the need for Conservation of energy and its efficient use, Government of Andhra Pradesh had constituted a State Energy Conservation Mission vide . SECM has taken up initiative to spread awareness regarding Energy Conservation measures in all sectors. Going by the success achieved by SECM during last one year of its functioning, it has been decided to strengthen the SECM by registering it as a Society and also by strengthening the present structure of SECM State Energy Conservation Fund Rules.


Accordingly, Government hereby order that SECM will be registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act. The composition of the Executive Committee and General Body of the Society will be as per the Annexure. The staff structure of the strengthened SECM will be as follows:




On deputation




On deputation




On deputation


Support Staff


On outsourcing basis (For
accounting, Secretarial
assistance, MIS/ICT/Office
support, etc.)




On outsourcing basis – Having
experience of energy auditing

The SECM in its new form shall be responsible for advising government on Policy & Strategy formulation, Coordination with key government and non-Government stakeholders – Global Organizations & Companies, Bilateral/Multilateral funding agencies for Energy Efficiency (EE) projects, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) etc, for funding and implementation of SECM and Pilot projects, Preparation of Action Plan for rolling out state level schemes, undertaking research and capacity building, and monitoring and evaluation of programmes etc.

4. The State Energy Conservation Mission shall:

(i) Devise effective communication strategies and champion the cause of Conservation of Energy for the creation of necessary awareness and bringing about sustainable behavioral change leading to economical consumption of energy.

(ii) Act as the ‘State Designated Agency (SDA)’ for Energy Conservation in the state, as per Sec 15 (d) of the Energy Conservation Act 2001, in place of NREDCAP to achieve the targeted goal of Energy savings. The Government Order No 145, dated: 30.12.2002, designating NREDCAP as SDA to coordinate, regulate and enforce the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act 2001, stands cancelled.

(iii) Evolve measurable and sustainable department/organization-specific Energy Conservation goals with clear action plan, using the expertise in organizations like APTRANSCO, APDISCOMS, APGENCO, and Government Departments like Agriculture, Industry, MA&UD, Panchayat Raj, School Education, Health, R&B, etc.

(iv) Access appropriate technologies and Energy Efficiency practices from across the world, develop locally suitable projects to reduce consumption in each of the domestic, commercial, industrial & agriculture segments, benchmarking against the best international standards.

(v) Advise the State Government on the implementation of various provisions of Energy Conservation Act, 2001.

(vi) In consultation with the HOD of the respective Department / Organization, shall ensure creation of the Department / Organization-specific Energy Conservation Cell, which acts as a Nodal Agency to coordinate with the CEO of SECM for effective implementation of Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency measures in that Department / Organization.

vii) Access / raise funds from Central and State agencies for activities connected to Energy Conservations

viii) Take up and fund pilot projects and develop state-wide projects for implementation.

(ix) Facilitate/ enforce the efficient use of energy and its conservation on various Government and Government supported organizations covering all areas of energy use.

5. The power utilities as “Corporate Social Responsibility” and also in view of huge potentiality of energy savings which will benefit both stakeholders/consumers as well as power utilities, APTRANSCO, APGENCO & AP DISCOMS will arrange the following amounts of funds to SECM on annual basis.

APTRANSCO – Rs.2 Crore
APGENCO – Rs.4 Crore
AP DISCOMS – Rs.1 Crore each

6. The Engineering, Secretariat & Accounting Staff required to assist the CEO of the Society shall be arranged by the Power Utilities or by outsourcing. Depending on the requirement, CEO of the SECM may request for deputation of officials from APTRANSCO, DISCOMS & NREDCAP and other Departments of Government. APTRANSC0 will provide necessary accommodation and other support to the Society.

7. The SECM will also co-ordinate with District Energy Conservation Committees, headed by the District Collectors, DISCOMS and other Government Departments, Organisations / Agencies.

8. An yearly budget will be prepared by SECM on utilization of the Society’s fund and also a monthly draw down schedule will be prepared which will be approved by the SECM.

9. Accordingly, the Energy Dept, Govt. of AP, shall take necessary action for registering SECM under the relevant AP Societies Registration Act.


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