Ramanpadu Drinking Water Scheme

A 64 Kilo Meter Ramanpadu drinking water pipeline project started in the year 1999 for Mahabubnagar town to reduce the drinking water problem of Mahabubnagar Town. This Project is also know as ‘frequent breakdown pipeline project’.

Pumping Motor

After Counter signing by state government HUDCO Realised Rupees 44 cores for this project. About 2 lacks population of the Mahabubnagar town requires 13 million litres of water every day where as Ramanpadu water scheme was design to lift 18 million litres of Krishna water every day.

Ramanpadu is a balincing reserviour under left canal of jurala project. Five pumping stations were built under this scheme water pumping  starts from balancing reservior flows through Erragattu, Palem, Moosapet, Palkonda and was poar into Mettu gadda tank at Mahabubnagar Town.


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