Prohibition & Excise Policy July 2012 to 2013 for disposal of retail liquor outlets

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Government of Andhra Pradesh issued new Government order Ms 390 and MS 391 today (18-06-2012) for Prohibition & Excise Policy July 2012 to 2013 in which  Given below population how much cost

Sl.No PopulationSlab


Licence Fee  per shop

(Rs. Lakh)

Sl. No PopulationSlab


Licence Fee per shop (Rs. Lakh)

1 Up to 10,000 32.50


Above 3 lakh upto 5 lakh 46.00
2 Above  10,000 up to 50,000 34.00


Above 5 lakhupto 20 lakh 64.00
3 Above  50,000 upto3 lakh 42.00


Above 20 lakh 104.00


The period of license shall be one year and shall be considered for renewal only for the second year (2013-14) subject to payment, as per Rules, of licence fee to be fixed by the Government for the second year (2013-14) at the appropriate time and the licensee not incurring any disqualification as per rules. There will however be no right of subsequent renewal beyond the second year (2013-14).The number of retail shops shall be retained at the present level (6596).

In addition a licensee will be required to pay Privilege Fee @ 8% plus applicable VAT on the invoice value of liquor purchased during the licence year in excess of 6 times the annual licence fee. However no retailer margin will be allowed on such Privilege Fee component.

(1) The application(s) in Form A-3(A) shall be  submitted by the applicant(s) in a envelope addressed to the licensing authority on or before the last date and time notified for receipt of applications along with the following:

(i)  Demand Draft obtained from a scheduled bank drawn in favour of the Licensing authority for Rs.25,000/-(Rupees twentyfive thousand only) being non-refundable application fee.

(ii)  Two recent pass port size photographs.

(iii) Demand Draft for an amount equal to 10% of the licence fee subject  to a maximum of Rs.5,00,000/-towards earnest money deposit drawn in favour of the Licensing Authority to be adjusted against the licence fee payable if the shop licence is granted on selection of the applicant or returned if the same is not granted or refused due to any reason.

(iv) Declaration in Forms A-1 and A-3 and Affidavit in Form  A-2

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2012REV_MS390                                                                           2012REV_MS391


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