Payment of salaries and pension to the Municipal Employees Teachers

Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration, Hyderabad has stated that there is an ambiguity in the G.O.’s first, Second and 15th read above, i.e. in one hand, the Pre-audit system was omitted and in another treasury officer shall admit the salary bills as recommended by the State Audit Department every month, which means the Audit Department has to scrutinize the bills and make recommendation, which amount to pre-audit. He has, therefore, requested to issue suitable amendment to para 2.6 of the operational guidelines issued in G.O.1st read above.

Government of Andhra Pradesh after examination, hereby make the following amendment to the guidelines issued in G.O.Ms.No.300 M.A.& U.D (G1) Deptt dated.2.5.2009.
“In Para 2.6 of the said G.O for the words. “ The Treasury Officers shall admit the salary bills as recommended by the State Audit Department”, the following words shall be substituted, namely.

“The above process of verification of cadre strength by the State Audit Department is one time exercise and after initial verification and first bill admittance by the Treasury on par with Government employees, the Urban Local body shall submit the bills direct to the Treasury hence forth”.

G.O.Ms.No. 48 Dated.08.02.2013. Read the following:- O R D E R:-

1.G.O.Ms.No.300 M.A.& U.D (G1) Deptt dated.02.05.2009.
2. G.O.Ms.No.405 M.A.& U.D (G1) Deptt dated.02.06.2009.
3. From the Director State Audit Department Lr.No.8674/A2/2009, Dt.10.9. 2009
4. Government Memo.No.16109/G1/2008 M.A. Dated.09.10.2009.
5. From the DMA Lr.Roc.No.14015/2009-J2, Dated.19.10.2009 addressed to the Director of School Education.
6. From the Sate Audit Department, Hyderabad Lr.No.8674/A2/2009, Dated.26.10.2009 & 27.10.2009.
7. Government Memo.No.16109/G1/2009 M.A.Dated.30.10.2009.
8. From the Director State Audit Department Lr.No.48674/A2/2009, Dt.7.12.2009.
9. Government Memo.No.16109/G12008 M.A.Dated.23.12.2009.
10. From the Director State Audit Department Lr.No.28674/A2/2009 Dt.11.01.2010.
11. Government Memo.No.16109/G1/2008-47, M.A.Dated.22.01.2010.
12. From the DMA Lr.Roc.No.20520/2010/J2, dated.04.07.2011.
13. Government Memo.No.16109/G1/2008 M.A.Dated.14.10.2011.
14. From the DMA Lr.Roc.No.20520/2010/J2, Dated.13.12.2011.
15. G.O.Ms.No.200 M.A.& U.D (G1) Department dated.10.05.2012.
16. From the President, Gen.Sec.A.P. Municipal Ministerial Employees Association, Hyd, Representation dated.25.05.2012.
17. From the C&DMA Lr.Roc.No.20520/2010/J2, dated.26.05.2012.

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