Naming of Telangana Government Schools as Donors Philanthropists

Telangana State School Education Department Acceptance of lands/ buildings/ donations for the purpose of establishment/ construction of Government Schools – Naming of the schools after the Donors/ Philanthropists – Orders – Issued.

SCHOOL EDUCATION (PROG.I) DEPARTMENT G.O.Ms.No. 2 Dated: 24-01-2018 Read the following:-

1) G.O.Ms.No.162,School Education (MC-2) Department, dt.14.11.2004.

2) From the Director of School Education (T), Hyderabad, Lr.Rc.No.130/PS.3-1/SNC/2016, dt.11.03.2016..

The Government of Telangana have issued orders that any Indian Citizen/Non-Resident Indian who comes forward to donate any asset i.e. either land/ building/ money worth Rs.5.00 Lakhs for Primary School; Rs.7.50 Lakhs for an Upper Primary School and Rs.10.00 Lakhs for

High School or above, in favour of Government for the purpose of setting up a school or renovating a school or providing necessary infrastructure to the school, the asset so created with the amount / building or land so donated shall be named after the individual donor or in any name proposed by him, provided that such name is acceptable to Government. Donations of amounts less than Rs.5.00 Lakhs are also welcome and they would be used for either construction of class rooms / compound walls or to carryout certain repairs to the existing buildings as mutually agreed to by the donor and Government.

2) In the reference 2nd read above, the Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad has informed that at present the cost of the construction of the buildings and value of the land have increased enormously. The donation amount is very less in the existing G.O.Ms.162,

School Education (MC-2) Department, dt.14.11.2004 and the amount has to be increased according to the present day market value. Number of proposals are being received for change of school names, in the name of the donors for which there is resistance from the community / public, to change the names of reputed old schools in the favour of donors. Hence, he requested to enhance the amount of donations for Primary Schools from Rs.5.00 Lakhs to Rs.25.00 Lakhs; Upper Primary Schools from Rs.7.50 Lakhs to Rs.50.00 Lakhs and High Schools from Rs.10.00 Lakhs to Rs.100.00 Lakhs and to issue revised orders duly indicating that the donor name would be named only for the Block / Building without changing the name of the School.

3) In the circumstances reported by the Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad in the reference 2nd read above, Government hereby decided to enhance the following amount of donations for each category of

Schools duly indicating that the donor name will be named only for Block / Building instead of changing the School Name, in modification of the orders issued in the G.O.1st read above :-

Sl.No. Category of School EXISTING As per G.O.162) Revised

1 Primary School 5.00 Lakhs 25.00 Lakhs

2 Upper Primary Schools 7.50 Lakhs 50.00 Lakhs

3 High School 10.00 Lakhs 100.00Lakhs

The Commissioner & Director of School Education, Telangana, Hyderabad, shall take necessary action accordingly.

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