Mini Hydel Projects on canals, rivers – Standing Committee

Government have constituted a Standing Committee for technical evaluation of giving No Objection Certificates for establishing and running of Mini Hydel Projects on canal systems/Rivers etc., in the State which would specifically go into various aspects as mentioned therein.

2. Government after careful examination of the matter decided to re-constitute the Standing Committee formed to consider the entire gamut of issues relating to impact on irrigation involved in the establishment and maintenance of Mini Hydel units with the following Members:

1). Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation) – Chairman
2). Concerned Chief Engineer of the Project – Member
3). Chief Engineer, CDO – Member
4). Managing Director, NREDCAP/ Representative – Member
5) Director (Hydel), A.P. GENCO – Member
6) Chief Engineer, Hydrology – Member/Convener

3. While considering the requests for No Objection Certificate for the Mini Hydel Projects, the Committee shall specifically go into various issues relating to the following aspects:

(i). Structural and related Hydrological aspects of the MHS
(ii). Any impact on upper and lower riparian rights due to MHS
(iii). Future proposals on the canal/river systems Vis – a – Vis proposed
(iv). Floods and drainages/navigation issues of the water body.
(v).Impact on the committed irrigation/other water drawal for public

4. All proposals including DPRs will be submitted to the Engineer-in-Chief (Irrigation) henceforth. All proposals pending with the Chief Engineers/the Chief Engineer, CDO, also will be referred to Engineering-in-Chief (Irrigation) for further action.

5. All proposals will be disposed of within sixty (60) days from the date of submission to the Engineer-in-Chief (Irr), Hyderabad. Proposals already pending with the Committee will also be cleared within next 60 days from the date of issue of this order. NOC given will be valid for two years from the date of the order, and structural clearance from the Chief Engineer, CDO, has to be
obtained and work has to be started within the period failing which fresh NOC requires to be obtained.

6. The basic structure on water bodies of irrigation system along with design of MHS will make part of the guidelines for preparation of DPRs and the committee should ensure its compliance.

7. The Committee would then technically evaluate the proposals for issue of No Objection Certificate and give their recommendations to the Government with in the time frame as ordered above.
G.O.Ms. No. 58, I & CAD (PW: QC-IWS) Department, dated:25.4.2000.

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