JNTU Hyderabad Answer sheet scam – 13 arrested

Task force of Andhra Pradesh today arrested 13 members including staff members of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Exam Answer sheet scam.

Task force Police said the racket could be major one, involving a large number of Engineering College students from various colleges in Andhra Pradesh comes under JNTU.

Task Force exposes Answer sheets scam in JNTU Hyderabad

What is this Answer sheet scam ?

The students appering for exam will go and submit their plain or empty ansewr sheets with in half an hour and come back home. Then actual examination will start at home where they are supplyed answer sheets from previous examinations or unused were used to replace original answer sheets during the Examiantions.

This scam was reviled by task force by catching the motor vehicle where the students exchange their examination papers. Is is expected that there are more then 15 Engineering Colleges staff and students were involved in this scam.

The driver and student Jai ram among with 11 arrested. For one paper they will charge 4000 to 5000 thousand.

DCP Jayalakshmi told newsmen that 13 persons majority of students were held along with several bundles of blank answer sheets of several colleges besides cash of Rs.60, 000.

The answer paper scam rocked Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology, more popularly called the JNTU in Hyderabad. It is learnt that the answer sheets were sent to the house of engineering students in advance that were later attached with the question paper on the day of exam

The colleges that’s facing the charge are several including Aryabhatta Engineering college, Arora . It is alleged the answer sheets brought in by students from home are being attached at the time of writing the exam at the centre. DCP said thirteen persons including a college staff were arrested at Champapet following information from students detained at the colleges

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