Housing Department AP – Organization, Functions and Duties

Sl.No. Name of theOrganization Address Functions




L-Block, 4th

Floor, A.P Secretariat, Hyderabad –

500 022.

Administrativecontrol    over        the following    Heads  of Departments/ Corporations / Bodies

1) Commissioner of Weaker Section Housing Programme Hyderabad. 2) The MD, A.P.State Housing Corporation, Limited,   Hyderabad.

3) The VC & HC., A.P. Housing Board, Hyderabad, 4) The MD, A.P Rajiv Swagruha

Corporation Limited, Hyderabad.

Duties as specified inSecretariat Office Manual and A.P Business Rules

and Secretariat Instructions issued from time to time. The basic objective of department is to implement various schemes of rural and urban housing of State Government &

Government of India with an  over all objective of providing housing to all. These programmes are implemented through organizations of this department viz. Commissioner Weaker Section Housing Programme, A.P.State Housing Corporation Limited, A.P.Housing Board and A.P.State Rajiv Swagruha Corporation Limited.


Designation Duties allotted



Secretary to


Deals with all the subject  matters relating to Housing Department.Exercising over all control over the Organizations under this department

1.   Commissioner Weaker Section Housing Programme.

2.   A.P.State Housing Corporation Limited.

3.   A.P.Housing Board.

4.   A.P.Rajiv Swagruha Corporation Limited.

Official  head  of  theDepartment. Responsible for careful bservance of the   Business   Rules and           Secretariat Instructions   in   the transaction          and business in  the Department

Deputy Secretary

to Government (Senior Level Officer)

Deals   with   all   the   subject matters   relating   to   Housing Department The Deputy Secretary              to Government occupies a position with            subjects allotted to him and works under    the control of the Principal Secretary


Secretary to Government (Junior Level Officer)

Deals with the  subject mattersof OP, RH & U&IAY Section

The Assistant

Secretary to Government exercise control over the Sections placed in charge with regard to

dispatch of business and in regard to maintaining discipline in the sections.



ASO U&IAY Section

Formulation and Sanction of Urban Housing Programme. Allocation  of  houses  to Districts. All matters relating to Mobilisation of Finances and release of subsides. Maintaince of Financial Accounts and Balance   Sheet.   Recovery   of loans from the beneficiaries of Urban Development Housing programme. Repayment of loans to  institutions and Government. Establishment matters of Ministerial Service including disciplinary cases related to Draughtsman (Civil) and equivalent  cadre.  





Sanction of Special Housing i.e,Centrally Sponsored Schemes such as Beedi Workers, Handloom Weavers, Silk Weavers, Fishermen and Artisans etc. monitory the progress and progress report sanction of LIC, GIC, HUDCO loans from Financial Institution. Release of subsidies to Rural and Spl. Housing Programmes. Recovery of Loans and beneficiary.  Repayment  of Loans with interest to Financial Institutions and Government in respect of Rural Housing and Spl.Housing programmes (Centrally Sponsored). Maintance of Financial and Accounts and balance Sheet etc.  






Formulation   and   sanction   ofWeaker Sections Housing Programme. Allocation of Houses to Districts and monitoring of progress and furnishing of progress reports to State  /  Government  of  India. Non Service matters pertaining to A.P. State Housing Corporation Limited.  







All  service  matters  relating  toestablishment of A.P.Housing Board     and All matters pertaining to Rajiv Swagruha Corporation Ltd,. Amendments to A.P.Housing Board Act, matters   pertaining to DILL Company  






A.P.Housing  Board  rules  and Regulations. Allotment of lands and quarters of APHB to the public and other matters related.




Plan  budget  of  APHB,  PAC, LAQs, Assurances   and other Legislature matters of A.P.Housing Board and   LIC payments, waiver of penal interest of MIGH Loans, Land acquisition fees, tenders   and Rajiv Gruhakalpa Scheme..               -Do-



Budget preparation and presentation in respect of all Housing Programmes, Coordination of all matters relating to A.P. Legislative Assembly, viz., PAC / PUC , Assurances LAQs etc., Public Appeal Grievances Bureau Cases,  Other   general   matters not  allotted   to   any  sections. Draft Audit paras and other correspondence with AGAP pertaining to all Housing programmes monitoring the furnishing of Answers / Notes to the LAQs Assurances subordinate Legislation matters and furnishing of consolidated reports on meeting regarding draft   paras of AG, PAC etc., (The relevant files on the subjects  shall  be  furnished  by the  concerned  sections  to whom the subjects allotted). C.M.s Assurances / Announcements.  







Implementation of Housing Policy, including Nirmithi Kendra’s. Policies on Technology building materials procurement of cement etc., and related matters Co-ordination with other Departments, regularity authorities etc., collection and furnishing of Annual / Halfyearly / Quarterly and monthly reports to Govt. of India / Convening of meetings on Plan Schemes like DCC meetings etc. Correspondence with the Government of India. RTI  Act,  file  disposal, Collectors Conference monthly Governor’s  report  to  President of India Secretaries Conference.  




PS to Secretary The  Stenographers  working  as Private Secretaries to Principal Secretary / Secretary to Government  do  short  hand work for them.



To  do  shorthand  work  taking dictation to the officer attached and oral typing etc, also such other items   of work as are entrusted by them.


( Typist – Cum – Assistant)

To   attend   the   work   in   the sections
Record Assistant To  stich  the  disposals  of  the sections  attached  to  him  and send disposals to CRB.
Record Assistant To  stich  the  disposals  of  the sections  attached  to  him  and send disposals to CRB. Maintenance of record room.

Roneo Operator /


Look  after  the  roneo  /  xerox work of given by the sections.
Jamedar To attend the work in the Peshi of Deputy Secretary.
Attender To attend the work in the Sections.
Attender To attend the work in the Sections.
Attender To attend the work in the Peshi of Principal Secretary.
Attender To   attend   the   work   in   theChambers        of        Principal


Record Assistant To  stich  the  disposals  of  the sections  attached  to  him  and send disposals to CRB. Maintenance of record room



To dispatch the outward tappal to the near by Offices
Driver To    drive    the    Government Vehicle allotted to him.


Norms set for Discharge of Functions

{Section 4 (1) (b) (iv)}

The Business of the Government will transact in the Department as per the Business rules and in terms of Secretariat Office Manual, duly obtaining the required budget allocation wherever necessary by placing necessary proposals to the Legislature through Finance Department for the various schemes that are sanctioned and that are to be taken up based on the priority for the benefit of the State.

The Department submits memorandum to the Council of Ministers for clearance of various proposals and schemes, which need  such approval.   It interacts with the Government of India for clearance of various proposals regarding schemes to be implemented by State Government.

The usual Office hours are from 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM

The service delivery time frame for the services rendered by the department are given below:

i)         Citizen related:

a) Routine matters :   days b) Other than Routine matters:   10 days

ii)        Reference / letters from other departments (Inter departmental):

a) Routine matters:

Adverse media reports received from CM’s Office, GAD etc  : 2 days News item received from GA (PA & GB) : 5 days News items received from DIPR                                              : 3 days

b) Other than Routine matters                                                       :10 days c) Service matters & Administrative matters:

References received from Vigilance Commission (with advice) :10  day

iii)       Intra – departmental matters (with in the Department):

a) Routine matters: Files referred to the other sections for indicating   :3 days the state of the case or for information

b) Other than Routine matters  5 days c) Service matters                                                               :10  days


Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manual and Records, for Discharging


{Section 4 (1) (b) (v) & (vi)}

The Rules regulations, instructions, manuals and records held by the department at Secretariat for use by its employees while dishcarching functions are as hereunder:-

1.         Secretariat Office Manual

2.         Fundamental Rules

3.         A.P.Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1991

4.         The Andhra Pradesh Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964

5.         The Andhra Pradesh State and Subordinate Service Rules

6.         Rules for the Grant of Miscellaneous Loans and advances to Governmen


7.         The Andhra Pradesh integrated Medical Attendance Rules, 1972

8.         The   Andhra   Pradesh   Government   Business   Rules   and   Secretariat instructions

9.         The Andhra Pradesh Secretariat Subordinate Service Rules

10       The Andhra Pradesh Ministerial Service Rules

11.       The Andhra Pradesh Last Grade Service Rules

12.       The Andhra Pradesh General Provident Fund Rules

13.       The Andhra Pradesh Employees Group Insurance Rules

14.       A.P.Travelling Allowance Rules including L.T.C

15.       The Andhra Pradesh Government Life Insurance Rules

16.       A.P.Lokayukta & Upalokayukta Act, 1983

17.       The Andhra Pradesh payment of salaries and pension and removal of

Disqualifications Act, 1953

18.       Framing of Ad hoc Rules in respect of Temporary posts

19.       Instructions in regard to action to be taken in cases where Government servants are involved in misappropriation of Government money or convicted on criminal cases

20.       Instructions   in   regard   to   appointment   of   son/daughter/spouse   of Government  servants  who  die  in  harness  while  in  service  /  retire  on medical grounds

21.       Instructions in regard to transfer of Government employees from one place to another

22.       Instructions in regard to General office procedure

23.       Instructions in regard to maintenance and security of personal files

24.       A.P.State Housing Corporation Limited:


a)  Service Rules for the Corporation employees issued in G.O.Ms.No.33, Housing (RH) Department, Dated 26.05.1998 and instruction of the Government issued in different G.O.s from time to time

b  Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of APSHCL

c)  Functionary Manual

25.       A.P.Housing Board:

a)  A.P.H.B Act 1956

b)  All Government orders issued from time to time.


{SECTION 4 (1)(b) (xii)}

The following is the information on nature of subsidy eligbility criteria and officer competent to grant subsidy under various programmes


Name of



Nature/Scale of


Eligibility criteria for grant of subsidy

Designation of Officer to

grant subsidy

Unit Cost Subsidy SelectionAuthority SanctioningAuthority







RuralPermanent Housing (RPH) Rs.45,000 Rs.13,200 BelowPoverty Line families Byconducting a survey with saturation concept DistrictCollector
Indira AwaasYojana (IAY) (GOI) Rs.45,000 Rs.45,000 BelowPoverty Line families

freed bonded labour Priority for victims of Natural Calamities and Atrocities

GramaSabha DistrictCollector


Rs.55,000 Rs.6,000 BelowPoverity

Line families

Byconducting a survey with saturation concept DistrictCollector

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