House Building Loan to Andhra Pradesh Government Servants 2013 1

Finance (A&L) Department have allotted funds for Andhra Pradesh House Building purpose to the Government Servants towards 1st  quarter of the Financial Year 2013-14 to the Backward Classes Welfare Department as shown below:-

Mode of


Backward Classes Welfare Department, Secretariat / Heads of Departments.

District / Regional Offices








The above amounts have been reallocated among Backward Classes Welfare Department, A.P. Secretariat/HOD and District/Regional Offices as indicated below:-

Mode of Advance / Name of the Quarter

Backward Classes Welfare Department, Secretariat.

Director, Backward Classes Welfare, A.P., Hyderabad.

A.P. Commission for Backward Classes, Hyderabad.

District / Regional Offices.




Advance /

1st Quarter





All the sanctioning authorities to whom the funds are allotted shall, keep the following principles in view, while sanctioning the loans towards House Buildings Advance to the eligible Government Employees, working under their Administrative control:-

i) Keeping in view of the scheme introduced for HBA through Banks the present release should be stipulated to be used for only for meeting second and balance installments to those who have already been sanctioned HBA and 1st installments.  Fresh sanctions should be restricted to among the balance amount available Employees should be encouraged to approach the notified banks for HBA, which is in terms of conditions of HBA Rules.

ii) The Budget released shall be utilized by following strictly all  quarterly regulations.

iii) The Heads of Departments should not utilize the amount allotted to the employees of District/Regional Offices for sanction of House Building Advance to the employees of Secretariat and Heads of Departments.

iv) Instructions issued regarding allotment in respect of Class-IV employees should be kept in view.

v) The sanctioning authority shall ensure that prompt follow up action is also taken up after sanctioning the advance in  getting the formalities completed by the loaners.

vi) It shall also be ensured that the cases for sanction of advances for Repairs/Ready Building House shall be considered only after meeting the requirement of committed cases in full

vii) No HBA for house construction/Ready Built House purpose should be sanctioned to those Government employees who were allotted House by HUDA/A.P. Housing Board, Co-Operative Societies etc.

All the sanctioning authorities shall ensure that the amount allotted there is in properly sanctioned and utilized for the purpose for which they are sanctioned, duly following the rules/orders in force and arrange for prompt recovery of the loans sanctioned to the employees, as per rules on the subject.

All the Heads Departments, concerned shall furnish a report to Government, showing the expenditure figures incurred under Heads of Departments and District/Regional Offices after utilization of the amounts, failing which further allotment of funds/release will not be made.

The expenditure on account of sanction of Loans towards HouseBuilding purpose shall be debited to “7610-Loans to Govt. Servants- M.H. 201 House Building Advance – SH (05) – Loans to Other Officers 001 – Loans to Other Officers”.

This order does not require the concurrence of Finance (A&L) Department, under the rules or orders on the subject.


G.O.Rt.No.161 Dated:23.04.2013
G.O.Rt.No.1955, Finance (A&L) Department, Dated:09.04.2013

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