Group of officials to study source-wise cropped area statistics

Government of Andhra Pradesh constituted a Committee of Secretaries to evolve a uniform procedure of collection of data of irrigated and un-irrigated areas and their reconciliation among user departments. The first meeting of the Committee of Secretaries was held on 07-12-2012.

As per the decisions taken during the meeting, Government has constituted a Group of Officials with the following members to study and finalize the proposed methodology.

1. Sri C.Muralidhar, Engineer-in-Chief, Irrigation, I&CAD – Member
2. Sri P.Venkata Reddy, Dy.Secy, Revenue Dept., – Member
3. Sri G.Pasada Rao, Sr.Scientist, APSRAC – Member
4. Director, Directorate of Economics and Statistics – Member- Convener

The Group of Officials shall have detailed discussions on the proposed methodology, modify according to field requirements:

1.The methodology will involve the field collection of data on crop by a multi-disciplinary team during the crop season as per the frequency determined.

2. Committees at both Mandal and District level with the Officers from the departments concerned should to reconcile and finalize the area statistics both at Mandal & District levels which will be adopted uniformly by all departments.

3. The reconciliation of crop-wise and source-wise area statistics is to be corroborated through remote sensing with APSRAC before finalization by the District Collector and Director, DE&S.

The Group of Officers will study the feasibility of applying the proposed methodology during Rabi 2012-13 on pilot basis and to scale up the same later.

The Group will also study the definition of irrigation being adopted by different Departments and finalize the same for uniform adoption.
The Group shall meet as frequently as possible and invite officers from Agriculture, Horticulture and local experts and undertake field visits during Rabi 2012-13 and shall submit a final report to Government in 3 months.

The Director, Directorate of Economics & Statistics is requested to take immediate necessary action accordingly.

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