Filling up of posts of Panchayat Secretaries through General Recruitment in respect of Contract

Consequent to 73rd Constitutional Amendment the local self Governments have attained a place of considerable importance as far as public interface is concerned and the Gram Panchayats are the cutting edge of the structure.Important functions such as construction and maintenance of drinking water systems, internal roads, drainage, sanitation, street lights, relief, etc., are already entrusted to Gram Panchayats. Further measures are underway to devolve more functions to Panchayat Raj Institutions. Under these circumstances, it becomes imperative to provide basic administrative support to Gram Panchayats.

Accordingly in the G.O.Ms.No. 379 Dated:14-08-2013 , Government had created the post of Panchayat Secretary in each Gram Panchayat combining the Revenue and Panchayat functions under the administrative control of the Gram Panchayat. At the time of creation of Panchayat Secretary there were 21,943 number of Gram Panchayats in the State. Out of them only 1319 Gram Panchayats were notified Gram Panchayats which had a post of Executive Officer to assist the Gram Panchayat in its day to day administration for maintenance of accounts and other administrative assistance. The remaining 20,624 number of Gram Panchayats had no full time functionary to assist the Sarpanch in local administration. Thereafter, the non notified Gram Panchayats numbering 20,624 were also notified as required under APPR Act, 1994 so as to enable to post a full time functionary in the said Gram Panchayats. Consequently, Government have issued orders for appointment of 1334 Panchayat Secretaries on contract basis from open market with a minimum qualification of Graduation under rule 9 of A.P. State and Subordinate service Rules, 1996 vide G.O.

Subsequently, in 2006 Government found 2087 vacancies of Panchayat Secretaries and issued orders vide G.O. third read above for filling up of the said vacancies with Intermediate as minimum qualification with the same terms and conditions as stipulated vide G.O. In both the circumstances a consolidated remuneration of Rs.2000/- PM was fixed for Contract Panchayat Secretaries. A District Level Committee consisting of the District Collector, Chief Executive Officer., ZP and District Panchayat Officer was constituted to select the Panchayat Secretaries based on the marks obtained in the prescribed Educational qualification, and by following Rule of Reservations in each District.

Government have issued orders regrouping the posts of Panchayat Secretary from seven categories into four grades. In G.O., the A.P. Panchayat Raj Subordinate Service Rules, 2010 were issued, wherein there is a provision for direct recruitment for the post of Panchayat Secretary Gr.IV with the qualification of pass in Degree.

The following is the status of Number of Posts, vacancies in these categories:



Category of Gram

Panchayat Secretaries

No. of posts sanctioned. No.of posts filled up No.of vacancies


Panchayat Secretary Gr.I 2166




Panchayat Secretary Gr.II 1546




Panchayat Secretary Gr.III 3849




Panchayat Secretary Gr.IV 4834







A.P. Contract Gram Panchayat Secretaries Association has requested the Government to regularize their services contending that

(i) they have been recruited by following all the conditions of service rules albeit on contract basis.

(ii) their recruitment was done by issuing notification by the
District Selection Committee;

(iii) the recruitment was done with proper communal reservation as per the rules; and

(iv) the local area norms under Presidential Rules were also fulfilled.”

7. However, it may be noted that 1334 Contract Gram Panchayat Secretaries recruited during the year 2003 was as per the prescribed qualification i.e., Graduation, but the 2006 recruitment was based on the relaxed qualification of intermediate only. Many of the Gram Panchayat Secretaries recruited in 2006 have by now acquired graduation leaving only 208 Panchayat Secretaries with just Intermediate qualification.

Government have re-examined the entire issue of filling up of the posts of Panchayat Secretary Gr.IV and decided to adopt the pattern that was followed by the Medical and Health Dept. while filling up of the post of Staff Nurses etc., in the State on regular basis vide G.O.Ms.No.287, Medical & Health Dept., dt. 19-10-2010. Accordingly, the Commissioner, PR&RE has submitted a proposal in this regard.

After examination of the matter, Government hereby adopt the pattern that was followed by the Medical and Health Department while making the recruitment of staff nurses as envisaged in GO Ms.No.287, M&H (J2) Department, dt. 19.10.2010 for General Direct Recruitment of 2261 vacancies of Panchayat Secretary Gr.IV. Towards this end Government hereby constitute the District Selection Committees in each District consisting of the District Collector as Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer, ZP and the District Panchayat Officer, as Members, so as to complete the task of filling up of 2261 vacancies of Panchayat Secretaries Gr.IV.

Government of Andhra Pradesh have decide and order to consider all the eligible and qualified Contract Gram Panchayat Secretaries for the General Direct Recruitment with a relaxation in the age, provided their age on the day they entered into the Contractual service was with in the limits prescribed in the rules i.e. above 18 years but less than 36 years. In all other respects they should comply with the prescribed service conditions.

Normal rules of reservation applicable for the post would also be complied with during the selection process. 75% weightage would be based on the marks obtained in the qualifying examination i.e. marks obtained in Degree examination. Of the remaining 25%, a weightage of 15 % would be awarded for the service as Gram Panchayat Secretaries @ 3 marks per every year of service and 10% for the seniority after the date of acquisition of educational qualification @ 1 mark for each year of waiting after acquiring Degree qualification.

The District Selection Committees should issue recruitment notification expeditiously and complete the process of selection with in three months time.

13. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (SMPC) Dept. vide their U.O.No.20695/390/A4/SMPC-I/13 Dated. 8.8.2013.
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Panchayat Secretaries recruitment  contract 2013

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