Enhanced Diet Charges – Providing free diet to newly delivered mothers under JSSK scheme

Orders were issued for Strengthening In-Patient Services in the Government Hospitals and Medical Institutions and providing Enhanced Diet Charges to In-patients and duty doctors as per the rates mentioned.

As per the Government of India guidelines, “Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram” (JSSK) was launched in A.P on 22.10..2011 for providing the free entitlements of 1) Drugs & Consumables 2) Diagnostics 3) Diet 4) Blood and 5) Transport to all pregnant women and sick new born children upto 30 days after birth. Under JSSK Scheme, free diet is to be provided at a cost of Rs.56/- per day for every newly delivered mother for 3 days stay at Govt. health institutions and for 7 days for Caesareansections. As per the JSSK guidelines, it is proposed to provide high protein, nutritious diet exclusively for newly delivered mothers only from JSSK funds. Accordingly, the following diet has to be provided for newly delivered mothers:-

The Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare  has  requested  to  issue  orders  for  providing  above  diet  to  the  newly delivered mothers under JSSK scheme. Government after examination have decided to provide the following diet menu for newly delivered mothers under JSSK Scheme:-

Menu for newly delivered mothers under JSSK

Breakfast (7.30 AM to 8.30 AM) (any one of the items for breakfast) Quantity
Idly (150 gms) with Sambar / Chatnee (100 ml) 3 Nos.
Pongal / Kichidi / Upma (with 100 gms ravva and 10 gms Black gram dal + chatnee /

Bread 100 gms + Milk with 10 gms. Sugar

300 gms


250 ml

Lunch (12.00 Noon to 1.00 P.M)  
Cooked Rice / 6 Phulka (6.inch.Dia) 450 gms
Green Leafy Vegetable Dal (1/2 cup) 150 gms
Vegetable Curry (1 cup) 100 gms
Sambar (with 45 gms redgram Dal) 150 ml
Curd / Butter Milk (200 ml) 100 ml
Dinner (6.00 PM to 8.00 P.M)  
Cooked Rice / 6 Phulka (6.inch.Dia) 450 gms
Vegetable Curry 100 gms
Sambar (with 45 gms redgram Dal) 150 ml
Egg boiled 1 no.
Curd / Butter Milk (200 ml) 100 ml
Banana/orange/apple/papaya/guava 1 no.
Chikkies/laddus  (ground  nut  50  gm+jaggery

25gms mixture)

1 piece per day

The Superintendents of the Teaching/Maternity Hospitals, Superintendents of the District Hospitals/Area hospitals, In-charge Medical Officers of CHCs & Medical Officers of PHCs shall provide above mentioned free diet to newly delivered mothers under JSSK scheme and maintain separate registers for provision of diet under JSSK scheme. The other terms and conditions of G.O.Ms.No.325 hold good.

The  implementing doctors shall maintain separate registers for utilization of funds under JSSK scheme for providing free diet to the newly delivered mothers.

The CH&FW shall take further necessary action accordingly.

G.O.Rt.No. 309    Dated: 26.02.2013Read the following:

1) G.O.Ms.No.325, HM&FW (M1) Deptt., dated.6.4.1999.

2) G.O.Rt.No.1591 HM&FW (D2) Dept., dt.08.09.2011

3) Note from the CH&FW, dated: .02.2013.

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