APPSC – Reclassification of categories of posts under Group I (A), Group I (B) & Group II services

The Program of selection of candidates was envisaged. Based on the standard of the examination, the posts were grouped into Group-I, Group-II, Group-III & Group-IV services etc. The recruitment are being made through written examination followed by an interview wherever necessary as per the program issued from time to time.

Orders have been issued clubbing all twenty categories of posts into one Group-I services.

Orders have been issued clubbing all categories of posts under Group-II (A) and Group II (B) services as Group-II services.

In G.O.Ms.No. 420, G.A. (Ser.A) Dept., dated 27.07.2011, the conduct of interview system for all the services except the Group-I services and certain posts under Gazetted categories as indicated therein, has been dispensed with and accordingly selections are being made to the various categories of posts under State Government services.

In the meantime, the Chairman I/c, A.P. Public Service Commission in his letter dated 30.04.2011 has proposed certain recommendations / suggestions to bring reforms in the functioning of Commission. Accordingly, Government have constituted a Committee in G.O. to submit a report on the suggestions / recommendations made by the Commission. The Committee, after holding detailed discussions at its meeting from time to time and considering the suggestions in the 1st and 2nd cited has submitted its
report in the reference. One of the recommendations, among others, is merger of Executive posts in Group-II services into Group-I services and to conduct a common examination for selection of these posts.

The Committee has observed that the Degree qualification has been prescribed both for Group-I services as well as Executive posts in Group-II services. The Executive posts in Group-II services are also important focal posts and hrees posts require public interface and good communication skills. The Group-I service examination has objective papers for the Preliminary Examination and descriptive format for Main Examination as opposed to only objective type for Group-II services. It has therefore been felt that Group-I examination format would be a better test of candidates’ knowledge, analytical ability and communication skills. This is a pattern being followed by UPSC for the Central Civil Service examination. The Committee has therefore recommended to merge the existing Executive posts under Group-II Services with Group-I Services and a new Group I (B) Service may be formed and to hold the common examination for Group-I (A) and Group-I (B) on the pattern of Central Civil Service Examination which is being followed by Union Public Service Commission. On the basis of marks obtained, the more meritorious candidates may be assigned to Group-I (A) Service and the persons lower down in the rank list may be assigned to the new Group-I (B) Services and therefore a new Group-I (B) Service may be formed.

7. Government have furnished the report of the Committee to the A.P. Public Service Commission in the reference. The Commission has forwarded a report.

(A. . Government after careful examination of entire matter have accepted the recommendation of merging the Executive posts under Group-II Services into Group-I Service and formation of a new Group-I (B) Service.

(A. . Accordingly, in supersession of orders issued in G.O. the following amendment is issued to G.O.Ms.No. 103, G.A. (Ser.A) Dept., dated 03.02.1967.

In G.O.Ms.No. 103, G.A. (Ser.A) Dept., dated 03.02.1967 in para (7) for the items specified under Group-I and Group-II (A) & Group-II (B), the following shall be substituted, namely:

Group – I (A)

1. Deputy Collector (A.P. Civil Services, (Executive Branch))

2. Deputy Superintendent of Police – Category. II (A.P. Police Service)

3. Commercial Tax Officer (A.P. Commercial Tax Services)

4. Regional Transport Officer (A.P. Transport Service)

5. Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies (A.P. Co-operative Services)

6. District Panchayat Officer (A.P. Panchayat Services)

7. District Registrars (A.P. Registration Services)

8. Divisional Fire Officer (A.P. Fire Services)

9. Deputy Superintend of Jails (Men) (A.P. Jails Service)

10. Assistant Commissioner of Labour (A.P. Labour Service)

11. Assistant Excise Superintendent (A.P. Excise Service)

12. Municipal Commissioner – Grade II (A.P. Municipal Administrative Service)

13. District Social Welfare Officer (A.P. Social Welfare Service)

14. District Backward Classes Welfare Officers including Assistant Director (A.P. Backward Classes Welfare Service)

15. District Tribal Welfare Officer (A.P. Tribal Welfare Service)

16. District Employment Officer (A.P. Employment Service)

17. Lay Secretary & Treasurer Grade II (A.P. Medical & Health Services)

18. Assistant Treasury Officer / Assistant Accounts Officer (A.P. Treasuries & Accounts Service)

19. Assistant Audit Officer (A.P. State Audit Service)

20. Mandal Parishad Development Officer (A.P. Panchayat Raj & Rural Development Service)

Group – I (B)

1. Municipal Commissioner Gr. III (A.P. Municipal Administrative Sub-Service)

2. Assistant Commercial Tax Officer (A.P. Commercial Tax Sub-Service)

3. Deputy Tahasildar (A.P. Revenue Sub-Service)

4. Sub-Registrar Gr.II (A.P. Registration Sub-Service)

5. Junior Employment Officer (A.P. Employment Sub-Service)

6. Assistant Registrar (A.P. Co-operative Sub-Service)

7. Assistant Labour Officer (A.P. Labour Sub-Service)

8. Extension Officer (Rural Development) (A.P. Panchayati Raj Sub-Service)

9. Excise Sub-Inspector (A.P. Excise Sub-Service)

10. Executive Officer Gr.II (A.P. Panchayat Raj Sub-Service)

N.B.: – 1) the posts at Sl.No. 1 to 10 under Group-I (B) are classified as Zonal posts.

2) A common Examination shall be conducted for Group-I (A) and Group-I (B) Services.

3) On the basis of marks obtained, the more meritorious candidates will be assigned to Group-I (A) service and the candidates lower down in the rank list shall be assigned to the Group-I (B) service.

Group – II Services

1. Senior Accountant (A.P. Govt. Life Insurance Sub-Services)

2. Auditor (A.P. Pay & Accounts Sub-Service)

3. Senior Accountant (A.P. Treasuries & Accounts Sub-Services)

4. Senior Auditor (A.P. Local Fund & Audit Sub-Service)

5. Assistant Section Officer (A.P. Secretariat Sub-Service)

6. Assistant Section Officer (A.P Legislature Sub-Service)

7. Assistant Section Officer (Finance Department, A.P. Secretariat Sub-Service)

8. Assistant Section Officer (Law Dept., A.P. Secretariat Sub-Service)

9. Assistant Auditor(A.P. Pay & Accounts Sub-Service)

10. Typist-cum-Assistant (A.P. Secretariat Sub-Services)

11. Typist-cum-Assistant (A.P. Legislature Sub-Services)

12. Typist-cum-Assistant (Finance Department, A.P. Secretariat Sub-Services)

13. Typist-cum-Assistant (Law Dept, A.P. Secretariat Sub-Services)

14. Assistant-cum-Typist (Heads of Departments, A.P. Ministerial Services)

15. Junior Assistants (Heads of Departments, A.P. Ministerial Services)

16. Junior Accountant (Directorate, A.P. Treasuries & Accounts Sub-Service)

17. Junior Accountant (A.P. Govt. Life Insurance Sub-Service)


N.B.: – Classification of Posts:

a) State-wide posts: Sl.No. 2 and 5 to 17

b) Posts at Sl. No. 1, 3 and 4, existing with the same nomenclature in the office of the Heads of Departments and District Offices. The posts are zonal, when included in the cadre strength other than HOD and State-wide when the post is included in the cadre strength of HOD posts.

c) The posts 1 to 17 under Group-II Services are identified as Non-Executive posts and selections will be made on the basis of written examination only.

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