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Government of Andhra Pradesh closed or stopped this website because they want money for every record. So, visit Meeseva Center.

                                                       This is very Bad

Andhra Pradesh government launched apland.ap.nic.in website  in 2011 mainly to get  Adangals, Pahani, ROR – 1B, FMB, Tippan in PDF (Portable Document Format) format from anywhere through internet. But this website is not performing as expected because of two things:

I)  No proper details for the users  to access the website.

First after selecting the District, Mandal and village you have to click on the Left side given opctions.

1) If you have  SSID (Social Security Identification) number then you can find details of your name and Father name easily by entering number in the Box Provided.

2) If you don’t have SSID number then you can select your District, Mandal and village name on the check box provided to know your number if the data base updated with your number.

and you can also find the statistics of village as how many Pahani issued, pahani amount, maps issued, maps amount,ROR-1B issued,ROR-1B issued amount by clickung on the statistics on home page.

II) This website often shows SERVICE UNAVAILABLE due to Power cut or due to Server Problem No one Knows.


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