Andhra Pradesh State Property Tax Board – Work Plan 2013-14


For the Financial Year 2013-14, the Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department has prepared a Result Framework Document (RFD) for the Financial Year 2013-14, incorporating key objectives, success indicators and Targets for the Department, during Financial Year 2013-14.
One such objective in the Result Framework Document (RFD) is strengthening the Financial Position of the Urban Local Bodies. Under this particular objective, there are 2 key success indicators which have a bearing on Property

Tax in Urban Local Bodies:-

(a) collection of Taxes and Non-Taxes to a Projected Target of 90% during Financial Year 2013-14 and 92% during Financial Year 2014-15.

(b) coverage of Properties to Property Tax to a tune of 80% during Financial Year 2013-14 and 85% during Financial Year 2014-15.
As per the Andhra Pradesh Municipalities Act, 1965, Andhra Pradesh Municipal Law Amendment Act, 2012 as amended by Act No.6 of 2012, the following is the primary objective of the work plan of the Board under section 85-H (VIII) and (IX):-

(i) to make arrangements for assessment or revision of Property Tax relating to at least 25% of the aggregate number of estimated properties across all Municipalities in the State by 31st March, 2015; and

(ii) to prepare a work plan to achieve the above and publish the work plan in the Andhra Pradesh Gazette.

Action Plan of the Andhra Pradesh Property Tax Board (Financial Year 2013-14) for ensuring 100% coverage of Properties (properties to be assessed with Property Tax under Municipal Law) to Property Tax during Financial Year 2013-14 in Urban Local Bodies

Sl. No.




1.1 Preparation of IT Module by e-Suvidha for self assessment by property owners for assessment to property Tax (April – July 2013)

1.1.1 The Module will have in built controls to reject applications in case of Buildings constructed in prohibited areas such as tank beds and sikham lands and other objectionable lands identified by Revenue Department etc.,

1.1.2  The module shall also provide for change in usage of building by the property owners. Ex-residential to Commercial

1.1.3  A wide publicity campaign will be taken up by the Urban Local Bodies for promoting this self assessment IT Tool by property owners through print media and displays (August & September, 2013)

First Half Year of Financial Year


Sl. No.



1.1.4  Similarly, upon receipt of the online application, the Urban Local Body shall be given a specific time frame (tentatively 15 days) for disposing of the application and issue of assessment number & Special notice or rejection.

1.2 Further, Urban Local Bodies shall take up special drives for identification of un-assessed Properties- duly taking Building permissions & occupancy Certificates given by Town Planning Section during last five years and test check by supervisory officers (October to November, 2013)

1.3  The Urban Local Body staff will also have to use the same module for bringing in new assessments to the tax net.  Therefore, the Self Assessment Module needs to have linkages to the existing Property Tax Module at e-Suvidha where the Current Demand for majority Urban Local Bodies is centrally generated.

1.3.1  Disposal of revision petitions shall be given due focus once the new demand is raised and the IT module shall also include this item, as one of the functionally


2.1  Introduce GIS Based Property Tax System successfully in one Municipality from each Grade in the State (7 ULBs)

2.2 Review the implementation of the Property Tax Self Assessment Module and ensure its sustainability with necessary and mid course corrections put in place for the next Financial year

To be implemented by March, 2014 (second half year action point)

Orders were issued establishing Andhra Pradesh State Property Tax Board and appointed the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration to discharge the functions of the Chairman of Andhra Pradesh State Property Tax Board till a regular Chairman is appointed.

The Chairman of the Board has submitted the work plan of Andhra Pradesh State Property Tax Board for the year 2013-14, as stipulated under condition No.7.b, of the 13th Finance Commission for approval and publication in the State Gazette.

  • The Government have examined the proposal and hereby approve the Work Plan of the Andhra Pradesh State Property Tax Board for the year 2013-14 and the same is annexed to this order.

G.O.Ms.No. 132    Dated the 28th day of March, 2013.                                                                                         Read the following:-

1.    G.O.Rt.No.107, MA&UD (TC.1) Department Dated 26.03.2010

2 From the Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, Letter No.4512/2013/F1, dated 16.03.2013

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