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Telangana’s Industrial Transformation: From Hyderabad Pharma City to 10 Pharma Villages

Telangana’s Industrial Transformation: From Hyderabad Pharma City to 10 Pharma Villages

The Hyderabad Pharma City project, once envisioned by the previous Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) regime, Telangana’s Industrial Transformation: From Hyderabad Pharma City to 10 Pharma Villages has been officially shelved by the Congress government in Telangana. In its place, the government has decided to embark on a new initiative: establishing 10 pharma villages across the state. This significant shift in strategy, announced by Minister for Industries and IT, D. Sridhar Babu, marks a pivotal moment in the region’s economic development landscape.

The Shift in Strategy

The decision to scrap the Hyderabad Pharma City project and transition towards establishing pharma villages is underpinned by various factors. Minister D. Sridhar Babu highlighted that the move was necessitated by the long-term environmental burden associated with the Pharma City project. Additionally, objections raised by the farming community and ongoing litigation surrounding land acquisition further influenced this strategic pivot.

Establishing Pharma Villages: A New Approach

The concept of pharma villages entails the creation of clusters dedicated to pharmaceutical manufacturing and related industries. By dispersing these villages across different regions, the government aims to foster decentralized growth while leveraging local resources and expertise. The initial focus will be on Vikarabad, Medak, and Nalgonda, with plans for expansion into other areas in subsequent phases.

Key Objectives of Pharma Villages

  1. Promoting Sustainable Growth: The establishment of pharma villages aligns with the government’s vision for sustainable industrial development. By decentralizing pharmaceutical manufacturing hubs, the pressure on specific regions is alleviated, leading to more balanced economic growth.
  2. Empowering Local Communities: Each pharma village presents opportunities for local employment generation and skill development. By engaging with local stakeholders, including farmers and entrepreneurs, the government aims to foster inclusive growth and empower communities across Telangana.
  3. Enhancing Regulatory Compliance: The distributed nature of pharma villages enables better regulatory oversight and compliance management. By decentralizing manufacturing facilities, authorities can ensure adherence to environmental standards and safety regulations more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was the Hyderabad Pharma City project scrapped?

The decision to scrap the Hyderabad Pharma City project was influenced by concerns over its long-term environmental impact, objections from the farming community, and ongoing legal challenges related to land acquisition.

2. What are the primary objectives of establishing pharma villages?

The primary objectives of establishing pharma villages include promoting sustainable growth, empowering local communities through employment generation, and enhancing regulatory compliance within the pharmaceutical industry.

3. How will the shift to pharma villages benefit Telangana’s economy?

The shift to pharma villages is expected to benefit Telangana’s economy by fostering decentralized growth, leveraging local resources and expertise, and mitigating environmental and social concerns associated with large-scale industrial projects.


The decision to transition from the Hyderabad Pharma City project to the establishment of 10 pharma villages reflects a strategic realignment towards sustainable and inclusive industrial development in Telangana. By embracing this new approach, the government aims to create opportunities for economic growth while addressing environmental and social challenges.

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