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తెలంగాణ గృహ జ్యోతి పథకం అద్దెదారుకు అర్హత Telangana Gruha Jyothi Scheme Tenant Eligibility

తెలంగాణ గృహ జ్యోతి పథకం అద్దెదారుకు అర్హత Telangana Gruha Jyothi Scheme Tenant Eligibility

The Telangana Gruha Jyothi Scheme has been a beacon of hope for many residents of the state, promising 200 units of free electricity monthly, courtesy of the Telangana Electricity Distribution Company (TSSPDCL). With the scheme gaining traction, questions arise regarding the eligibility of tenants under this initiative. Let’s delve into the details to address these concerns.

Understanding Tenant Eligibility

As the scheme caters primarily to the residents of Telangana, tenants residing in the state have expressed apprehension about their eligibility status. However, TSSPDCL has moved swiftly to dispel any misconceptions.

Clarification by TSSPDCL

Contrary to rumors circulating on social media, which suggested that only permanent residents would benefit from the Gruha Jyothi Scheme, TSSPDCL has unequivocally stated otherwise. Tenants who have made Telangana their home for an extended period are indeed eligible to avail themselves of this scheme.

The Gruha Jyoti scheme, aimed at providing 200 units of free electricity to eligible families, extends its coverage to tenants if they meet the eligibility criteria. Officials from the power department emphasized that eligibility hinges on who settles the bill for the domestic connection, affirming that tenants fall within the scope of the scheme.

Addressing concerns sparked by media reports suggesting otherwise, the TS Southern Power Distribution Company Limited clarified on the X platform that tenants are indeed eligible for the proposed Gruha Jyoti scheme.

With approximately one crore domestic power connections serviced by the two discoms in the state, the framework and procedures for Gruha Jyoti are currently under development. The government will make a final determination on the eligibility criteria. Subsequently, utilities will proceed to gather Aadhaar details of home occupants.

“The primary eligibility criterion is possession of a white ration card. Those lacking this document can apply for one following government guidelines. The process of adding beneficiaries to the scheme will be ongoing,” remarked an official from the energy department.

Wide-Ranging Eligibility

The eligibility criteria encompass various categories of tenants, ensuring inclusivity across diverse segments. These include:

  • Residents: Individuals occupying rented accommodations.
  • Lodgers: Those residing in rented rooms or spaces within a property.
  • Leaseholders: Individuals holding lease agreements for their residences.
  • Institutional Tenants: Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions leasing properties.
  • Industrial Tenants: Manufacturing plants and other industrial establishments.
  • Commercial Tenants: Hotels, shops, and other commercial ventures leasing spaces.

Anticipated Eligibility Criteria

While the specifics of the eligibility criteria are yet to be officially released by the Telangana government, TSSPDCL assures tenants that they need not fret. The government’s overarching objective is to extend the benefits of this welfare scheme to as many citizens as possible, ensuring equitable access across the state.


The Telangana Gruha Jyothi Scheme stands as a testament to the government’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens. By affirming the eligibility of tenants and emphasizing inclusivity, TSSPDCL and the government are poised to bring about positive change in the lives of countless individuals. As the scheme unfolds, tenants eagerly await further details on eligibility criteria, confident in their ability to partake in this transformative initiative.

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