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Telangana Government Upgrades ITIs to Advanced Technology Centres to Meet Industry Demands

Telangana Government Upgrades ITIs to Advanced Technology Centres to Meet Industry Demands

The Telangana government is taking significant steps to modernize its Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) by upgrading them into Advanced Technology Centres (ATCs). This ambitious initiative aims to equip the youth with advanced skills to meet the evolving needs of the industrial sector. The project, valued at Rs 2,324.21 crore, marks a pivotal move towards fostering a highly skilled workforce in the state.

Foundation Stone for ATCs Laid by Chief Minister

On Tuesday afternoon, Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy will lay the foundation stone for the ATCs at Mallepally ITI. This event signifies the commencement of the transformation of ITIs into ATCs. The primary objective is to enhance the skill set of the youth, aligning their capabilities with the industrial requirements for skilled manpower. This initiative reflects the Chief Minister’s commitment to making Telangana a hub for skilled labor, thereby boosting employment opportunities.

Strategic Partnership with Tata Technologies Limited

To ensure the success of this project, the Telangana government has entered into a strategic 10-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tata Technologies Limited (TTL). Under this agreement, 65 ITIs across the state will be upgraded to ATCs. This collaboration is set to revolutionize vocational training by introducing state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology.

Comprehensive Training Programs

The upgraded ATCs will offer extensive training programs. TTL has deployed 130 experts to provide specialized training. Annually, these centers will train 5,860 individuals in six long-term courses. Additionally, 31,200 people will benefit from short-term courses each year. Over the past decade, ITIs have trained 1.5 lakh individuals. With the upgrade to ATCs, it is projected that four lakh people will be trained in the next ten years.

Significant Financial Investment

The total cost of upgrading ITIs to ATCs is Rs 2,324.21 crore. The state government will contribute Rs 307.96 crore, which is 13.26% of the total cost. TTL will provide the remaining Rs 2,016.25 crore, accounting for 86.74% of the investment. This substantial financial commitment underscores the importance of the project and the anticipated positive impact on the state’s workforce.

Role of ATCs as Skill Development and Technology Hubs

The ATCs will serve dual purposes. They will function as training centers offering various courses to enhance the skill sets of the youth. Simultaneously, they will act as technology hubs, providing support to aspiring entrepreneurs in small, micro, medium, and large-scale industries. This dual role ensures that the ATCs contribute significantly to the overall economic development of Telangana.

Employment Opportunities through TTL

In addition to training, TTL will also facilitate job placements for individuals who complete courses at the ATCs. This partnership is expected to create numerous job opportunities, further driving the state’s employment growth.


The Telangana government’s initiative to upgrade ITIs to ATCs is a forward-thinking move aimed at addressing the growing industrial demand for skilled manpower. By partnering with Tata Technologies Limited and making a substantial financial investment, the state is set to transform its vocational training landscape. This project not only promises to equip the youth with advanced skills but also positions Telangana as a key player in the industrial sector, fostering economic growth and employment opportunities.

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